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  Top Story
Evo Morales Begins 3rd Term as President of Bolivia
Morales is set to govern until 2020, becoming the longest-serving president since Bolivia was founded 190 years ago...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 1/24/2015   Capriles Calls for Opposition Unity, Says 80% of Venezuelans “Want Change”
 1/24/2015   Venezuela Oil Barrel Stays Below $40
 1/24/2015   As Ford Writes Off $800 Million, Venezuela Currency Woes Threaten More Corporations
 1/23/2015   Thousands of Chavistas March in Caracas in Honor of “Martyrs”
 1/23/2015   VenEconomy: Venezuela Remains on the Road to Hell
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 1/23/2015   25 Colombia Military, Police Sanctioned for Spying on Peace Talks
 1/22/2015   Large Hospital, Research Complex to Open This Year in Northern Colombia
 1/22/2015   Peace Could Destroy Environment in Colombia, UN Warns
 1/21/2015   Two Wounded in Shooting Inside Colombia’s Police HQ
 1/21/2015   Drop in Colombia Oil Output “Inevitable” in 2016, Producers Say
 1/24/2015   Texan Gets 11 Years for Ramming Border Patrol While Trafficking Marijuana Across Rio Grande
 1/23/2015   Five Companies Interested in Mexico Bullet-Train Contract
 1/23/2015   Two Mexican Soldiers Die in Ambush
 1/23/2015   Senator Abandons Mexico’s PRD
 1/23/2015   Mexican President Amends Strategy for Michoacan Before Key Elections
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 1/23/2015   Petrobras Says It’s Still Tallying Up Losses from Kickback Scheme
 1/22/2015   Survey: Brazil Manufacturing Sector to Invest Less in 2015
 1/22/2015   Daily: Petrobras to Record $3.8 Billion Charge in Delayed Q3 Results
 1/21/2015   Brazil Hikes Basic Interest Rate to Highest Level Since 2011
 1/21/2015   Brazil Ethanol Industry Hails Plan to Restore Gasoline, Diesel Taxes
 1/24/2015   Journalist Who Revealed Death of Prosecutor Nisman Leaves Argentina in Fear
 1/23/2015   Argentina’s Fernandez Denounces Anti-Government Operation Behind Nisman’s Death
 1/22/2015   Fernandez Says Death of Argentine Prosecutor Not Suicide
 1/22/2015   After 20 Years, Attack on Jewish Center Still Roils Argentina
 1/21/2015   Investigation Keeps Open All Hypotheses about Argentine Prosecutor’s Death
 1/21/2015   Morales Invested as Bolivia’s Indigenous Leader
 1/20/2015   Alleged Robber Dies in Bolivia After Being Beaten, Tied to Tree by Mob
 1/19/2015   Bolivian President Concerned About Energy Executive in Induced Coma
 1/19/2015   Morales: Pope Francis to Visit Bolivia in July
 1/18/2015   15 Dead, 10,400 Families Affected by Rains in Bolivia
 1/23/2015   St. Lucia to Host High-Level Climate Conferences
 1/23/2015   Haitians Desperately Seek Ways to Get into Dominican Republic
 1/22/2015   Jamaica to Discourage Pot Use Among Teens, Pregnant Women
 1/22/2015   Jamaican Senate to Debate Decriminalizing Marijuana
 1/22/2015   Haiti Moves Closer to Holding Long-Delayed Elections
  Central America
 1/23/2015   Convicted Guatemalan Ex-Police Chief to Pay Compensation to Six Victims
 1/21/2015   Guatemala’s Former VP Withdraws from Effort to Head OAS
 1/20/2015   Former Guatemalan Police Chief Gets 90 Years for Spanish Embassy Massacre
 1/19/2015   Police Chief Found Guilty of Massacre at Spanish Embassy in Guatemala
 1/19/2015   Ton of Cocaine Seized on Panamanian Island
 1/23/2015   Suspicions Grow in Chile That Rustlers Killed 2 Police Officers
 1/23/2015   Chile’s Producer Price Index Down 3.3% in 2014
 1/22/2015   Two Chilean Police Found Dead Near Border with Peru
 1/20/2015   Chile Scraps Pinochet-Era Electoral System
 1/19/2015   Chilean Senator Sees as “Cruel” Forcing Birth in Rape Cases
 1/23/2015   Normalization Aimed at Empowering Cuban People, U.S. Says
 1/23/2015   Cuba and U.S. Conclude First Official Talks with Differences on Human Rights
 1/22/2015   Start of Cuba-U.S. Dialogue in Long and Complex Process of Resuming Normal Ties
 1/22/2015   Faceoff Among Exiles over Obama’s Request to Congress to Lift Cuba Embargo
 1/22/2015   Kerry Says Will Travel to Cuba “When It Is Appropriate” to Open U.S. Embassy
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 1/7/2015   China and Ecuador Do Away with Tourist Visas, Sign Broad Range of Agreements
 1/5/2015   Ecuador Cuts $1.42 Billion from Budget Due to Oil Price Plunge
 1/5/2015   Ecuadorean President in China on State Visit
 1/2/2015   Ecuador’s Correa to Visit China
 12/24/2014   In Saraguro, in Southern Ecuador, Christmas Is All About Solidarity
 1/24/2015   Two Bodies Found of People Who Went Missing in Peru Shipwreck
 1/23/2015   Vietnam Arrests Two Peruvians for Robbing Foreign Tourists
 1/22/2015   Peru Exhibit Highlights EFE’s History, Latin America Modernization
 1/21/2015   Peru and Ecuador Establish ‘Roadmap’ to Fight Human Trafficking
 1/20/2015   Spaniards Among 10 People Missing After Shipwreck in Peru
 1/22/2015   Uruguay’s President Predicts Global Mass Market in Legal Pot
 1/21/2015   Uruguay’s Mujica Believes Europe Is “Lashing Out Blindly” in Fight Against Fanaticism
 1/16/2015   Young Hitchhiker Picked Up by Uruguayan President
 1/14/2015   Organizers Abandon Plan for Mass Farewell to Uruguay’s Mujica
 1/9/2015   Class Contradictions Lead to Fanaticism, Uruguay’s Mujica Says
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 1/21/2015   IMF Says Economic “Worries” Predominate in Latin America
 1/21/2015   Paraguay Mayor Stops Man from Jumping to His Death
 1/14/2015   Latin America Steel Industry Cites Threat from Chinese Imports
 1/9/2015   China and Latin America Form Alliance Modeled on Cooperation
 1/8/2015   China Promises Latin America a Decade of Billion Dollar Investments
 1/24/2015   Obama to Cut Short India Visit, Travel to Saudi Arabia
 1/24/2015   Republican Sen. Marco Rubio Preparing for Possible White House Run
 1/23/2015   U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Controversial Execution Procedure
 1/23/2015   “Dreamers” Celebrate “Historic” Victory of Getting Driver’s Licenses
 1/23/2015   Obama Hopes Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage in U.S.
  World (Click here for more)
 1/24/2015   Houthis Remain on War Footing Amid Yemen Power Vacuum
 1/24/2015   At Least 30 Dead in Artillery Fire in Eastern Ukraine
 1/23/2015   In Mauritania, Children Are Still Born into Slavery
 1/23/2015   Tunisia Announces New Government Line-Up Excluding Islamist Party
 1/23/2015   At Least 42 Killed in Syrian Regime Strikes near Damascus
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 1/24/2015   Experts: U.S. Will Lead Global Growth in 2015
 1/23/2015   U.S. Existing-Home Sales Up 2.4% in December
 1/23/2015   Davos Forum Experts Say Inequality Hinders Substantial Growth
 1/23/2015   Sony Delays Its Third-Quarter Results after Cyber-Attack
 1/23/2015   South Korea’s GDP Up 0.4% in Last Quarter, Lowest in Two Years
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 1/23/2015   OPEC Crude Remains Stable Above $43 a Barrel
 1/22/2015   OPEC Crude Basket Slightly Rises to $43.25
 1/21/2015   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $43.04
 1/20/2015   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $43.87
 1/19/2015   OPEC Crude Basket Slightly Rises to $43.40
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 1/11/2015   Beatrice Rangel: Holy Haberdashery!!! Is Fire Building Under the Surface in the Americas??
 1/4/2015   Beatrice Rangel: 2015 -- A Year for Balance in the Americas???
 12/28/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Pope Francis Looks at the Americas In His Christmas Remarks
 12/21/2014   John Kerry: The Benefits of Democracy in Latin America
 12/21/2014   Beatrice Rangel: The Paint Brush Hanging from the Wall in Latin America
  Sports (Click here for more)
 1/24/2015   Barça Routs Elche 6-0 to Stay at Real Madrid’s Heels
 1/24/2015   Real Madrid Struggles but Ekes Out 2-1 Win over Cordoba
 1/24/2015   Colombian Teen Dies After Undergoing Heart Transplant with Falcao’s Help
 1/24/2015   Baseball Great Ernie Banks Dies at 83
 1/23/2015   Real Madrid Confirms Signing of Brazil’s Lucas Silva
  Arts & Entertainment
 1/24/2015   Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx Make “Annie” for Younger Generations
 1/24/2015   Agencia EFE Set to Open 75th-Anniversary Exhibit in Puerto Rico
 1/23/2015   Bob Marley’s Life an Inspiration to Caribbean Musicians
 1/23/2015   Search for Cervantes Enters Its Forensic and Anthropological Phase
 1/23/2015   TV Program Shot in Puerto Rico Vies for Slot on Amazon Channel
  Science, Nature & Technology
 1/24/2015   Protein in Coffee with Effects Like Morphine Discovered in Brazil
 1/24/2015   Unify Launches Circuit, “the New Way to Work” That Integrates Communications
 1/23/2015   Expert Dispels Myths in Guide to Antillean Orchids
 1/23/2015   China Updates Its “Great Firewall” and Intensifies Internet Censorship
 1/23/2015   China Calls Microsoft Outlook Hacking Charges “Groundless Slander”
  Society (Click here for more)
 1/23/2015   Queen Elizabeth II Becomes World’s Oldest Monarch after Death of Saudi King
 1/22/2015   EFE Wraps Up 75th Anniversary Events in Madrid by Awarding Culture Prizes
 1/22/2015   Saudi King Abdullah Dies
 1/21/2015   Kazakhstan Couple Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary
 1/21/2015   Michelle Selects a Michael Kors Suit for Obama Address
  Job Openings in the Americas
 1/15/2015   Director of Operations New York City Office of Immigrant Affairs
 12/29/2014   Digital Editorial Manager at Council of the Americas in New York
 12/5/2014   OAS and Canada Scholarships to Study Research on Drugs Available
 11/11/2014   Bloomberg Reporter Job in Buenos Aires
 10/7/2014   Live and Work in the USA -- Register for FREE for a US Diversity Visa

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