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  Top Story
Journalists Denounce Attack on Press Freedom; Maduro Asks Cabinet to Resign
Also on Sunday, the National Union of Press Workers denounced on Twitter attacks on communicators on regional news Web sites of La Prensa de Lara and El Informador in the western state of Lara...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 3/20/2019   TalCual: Dollarization, Revaluation in Venezuela
 3/19/2019   Police Stop Caracas Opposition March; Trump, Bolsonaro Discuss Venezuela
 3/19/2019   Venezuela’s New York Consulate Passes from Chavista Hands to Guaido
 3/19/2019   Police Prevent Caracas March by Guaido Supporters
 3/18/2019   Venezuela’s Regime Denounces That Its Diplomatic Headquarters in the US Are Occupied
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 3/19/2019   Thousands of Colombians Protest Defending FARC Peace Treaty
 3/17/2019   Male Commanders Kept Female Rebels Out of FARC’s Top Posts, Journalist Says
 3/15/2019   Beekeeping, a Path to Empowerment for Rural Colombian Women
 3/14/2019   Colombian Farmers Making Honey Their Way of Life
 3/14/2019   Hundreds of Colombians Protest in Defense of Peace Deal
 3/19/2019   Report: Mexico Has Potential to Be a Technology Pioneer
 3/19/2019   Mexican President Signs One-Term Pledge
 3/19/2019   Foreign Companies Best Able to Build New Mexico Refinery, President Says
 3/18/2019   Four Companies to Bid on New Mexico Oil Refinery
 3/18/2019   Mulege: Mexico’s Prison Without Doors
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 3/19/2019   Brazil’s Bolsonaro Refuses to Rule Out Supporting Possible US Intervention in Venezuela
 3/19/2019   GM to Invest $2.7 Billion in Brazil Plants over Next 5 Years
 3/19/2019   Trump Backs Brazil’s Entry into OECD, Wants to Work Out Military Alliance
 3/19/2019   Suspect in Brazil School Shooting Detained
 3/15/2019   Brazilian Authorities Question 3rd Suspect in School Shooting
 3/14/2019   Stark, Cryptic Tombstone Marks Late Argentine Dictator’s Final Resting Place
 3/1/2019   Thousands in Argentina Protest Austerity
 3/1/2019   Macri: Impunity’s Over and in That Sense We’re Doing Better
 2/22/2019   Argentines Raise Cameras in Protest against Photographers’ Arrest
 2/21/2019   Argentina Wants Cooperation with Vietnam on Agriculture, Innovation
 3/19/2019   Bolivian Farmers Crushed by Drought and Debt
 3/18/2019   Indigenous People Demand Their Rights in La Paz after 41-Day March
 3/15/2019   Bolivian Activist: Women in Traditional Garb Are Not Ornaments
 3/11/2019   Bolivian Family to Pitch Lake Titicaca Clean-Up Plan in Silicon Valley
 3/3/2019   The Story behind Bolivia’s Carnival Masks
 3/18/2019   Haitian Lawmakers Censure Prime Minister
 3/5/2019   Protests Continue as 4 Victims of Haitian Demonstrations Are Buried
 2/24/2019   Dedicated Missionaries Pursue Their Silent Work in Haiti
 2/22/2019   Port-au-Prince Slum Exemplifies Dire Problems of Crisis-Racked Haiti
 2/20/2019   Three Slain amid Continuing Strife in Haiti
  Central America
 3/19/2019   Nicaragua Opposition Sets Forth Its Agenda in Negotiations with Regime
 3/19/2019   War Photographer Says He Came of Age in 1980s Central America
 3/18/2019   Nicaraguan Opposition: Talks with Ortega Have Not Had Hoped-For Results
 3/17/2019   Nicaragua Police Announce Arrest, Release of 107 Demonstrators
 3/16/2019   South Korea-Funded Solar Energy Project Brings Power to Honduras’ Rural Poor
 3/18/2019   Priest Accused of Rape Says That Sin Exists within Chilean Church
 3/16/2019   Expert: Chile Must End Firewood Culture to Lower Pollution Levels
 3/13/2019   Chile to Nominate Island for World Heritage Site
 3/10/2019   Woman Doctor Takes on Chile’s Medical Establishment
 3/5/2019   Bodies Become Canvases Ahead of 8M Feminist Strike in Chile
 3/14/2019   Cuba: No Acoustic Attacks on US, Canadian Diplomatic Personnel
 3/11/2019   Cuba’s Famous Varadero Beach to Celebrate Environment in 2020
 3/11/2019   Cuban Exiles Call for Full Implementation of Law to Recover Property in Cuba
 2/25/2019   Government Says 87% of Cuban Voters Approved New Constitution
 2/24/2019   Cuba Begins Voting on Referendum on New Constitution
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 3/4/2019   Maite, a Super-Gifted Ecuadorian 12-Year-Old, Asks to Go to Med School
 2/18/2019   Climate Change Threatens 2 of Ecuador’s 7 Glaciers
 2/17/2019   Art Is Alive Among Patients at Quito Psychiatric Hospital
 2/12/2019   Galapagos Celebrates 60 Years as Protected Area, with Challenges Ahead
 1/28/2019   One Hurt in Indigenous Protest against Ecuador Government
 2/26/2019   Paraguayan, Brazilian Leaders Meet at Binational Dam
 2/25/2019   Paraguay Launches Initiate to Promote Gender Equality
 2/14/2019   Panama’s Varela Meets with Abdo Benitez on Official Visit to Paraguay
 2/12/2019   Paraguay Issues Land Titles to Hundreds of Peasant Families
 2/8/2019   Network of Moms Donates Breast Milk to 1,000 Paraguay Babies
 3/11/2019   Peru Cracks Down on Lawlessness, Tax Evasion in Garment District
 3/6/2019   Peru Sets Up Military Bases in Amazon to Fight Illegal Mining
 3/6/2019   US Non-Profit Seeks to Halt Spread of HIV in Peru’s Remote Amazon Region
 2/27/2019   Peru Champions Ceviche in Bid to Secure UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Status
 2/27/2019   Spain’s King, Queen Welcome Peru’s President for First State Visit
 3/11/2019   Group Works to Create Digital Library of Street Art in Uruguay
 2/11/2019   Uruguay Welcomed Fewer Tourists, but Their Spending Rose 15% in January
 1/28/2019   Music, Color and Dancing Flood Montevideo Streets for Carnival
 1/15/2019   Uruguay Wants to Make Its Dairy Industry More Competitive
 1/14/2019   Five Arrested in Uruguay for Trying to Blow Up ATM
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 3/14/2019   Taiwan Cooperating with US in Latin America to Consolidate Alliances
 3/6/2019   Abortion Remains a Controversial Issue Dividing Societies in Latin America
 3/6/2019   China, Taiwan and the Diplomatic Scuffle over Latin America
 3/1/2019   Latin America Undervalues Its Archaeological Heritage, Expert Says
 1/15/2019   ECLAC: 10% of Latin Americans Live in Extreme Poverty
 3/20/2019   AI Says US Drone Strikes in Somalia Have Tripled under Trump
 3/20/2019   Second US Jury Finds Carcinogenic Effect in Monsanto's Glyphosate
 3/19/2019   Long, Costly Recovery Lies Ahead after Catastrophic US Flooding
 3/19/2019   Taiwan, US Announce New Dialogue Mechanism in the Indo-Pacific
 3/19/2019   Trump Donates Quarterly Salary to Department of Homeland Security
  World (Click here for more)
 3/20/2019   2 Palestinians Killed in Clashes with Israeli Defence Forces in The West Bank
 3/20/2019   Tokayev Sworn in As President of Kazakhstan
 3/20/2019   Five Indonesian Unmarried Couples Whipped Publicly in Aceh
 3/20/2019   Australia Summons Turkish Ambassador to Clarify Erdogan Comments
 3/20/2019   New Zealand Begins to Bury Victims of Mosque Terror Attack
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 3/20/2019   Disney Completes Buy of Fox's Entertainment Assets
 3/20/2019   Xi's Europe Visit is Aimed at Boosting EU, China Ties
 3/19/2019   US Government Orders Audit on Certification of Boeing 737 MAX 8
 3/19/2019   Asia Shows Love for Champagne with Growth in the Market Last Year
 3/19/2019   Spain, Kazakhstan Seek Warmer Business Climate
  Oil, Mining & Energy (Click here for more)
 3/19/2019   Algerian Turmoil Threatens Deals
 3/18/2019   Russia’s Putin Inaugurates Power Plants in Crimea, 5 Years since Annexation
 3/11/2019   Second Wave of US Shale Revolution Is Coming, IEA Says
 3/11/2019   Norway Fund to Sell Off Some Oil Holdings
 3/6/2019   Death Toll in Indonesia Gold Mine Collapse Climbs to 16
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 3/18/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: After his First 100 Days in Office, Where is Mexico's AMLO Going?
 3/18/2019   Beatrice Rangel: Information is Liquid - Hate Speech is Not
 3/12/2019   Michael Rowan: 3 Strikes & You’re Out in Venezuela
 3/12/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: In Venezuela, Cuba is Guilty
 3/12/2019   Beatrice Rangel: Why Rule of Law Matters
  Sports (Click here for more)
 3/20/2019   Lopez, Bucks Play without Antetokounmpo, Lakers Miss James
 3/19/2019   Federer Has Mixed Feelings about New Venue of Miami Open
 3/19/2019   2019 Pan Am Games Could Reach 400 Million Viewers Worldwide
 3/19/2019   South American Soccer Chief Stresses Need to Broaden Market
 3/19/2019   Cristiano Ronaldo Returns to Portugal National Team for 1st Time since June
  Arts & Entertainment
 3/20/2019   Fire Destroys Fallas in Traditional Celebrations in Valencia
 3/19/2019   French Expert: Chantilly Naked Mona Lisa Sketch Drafted in Da Vinci’s Studio
 3/19/2019   Spain’s Valencia Gears Up to Burn 100s of Sculptures for Fallas Finale
 3/19/2019   Warner Bros Studio Chief Is Out Over Link to Actress
 3/18/2019   Lunay Tours Spain as Rising Star of Urban Music
  Science, Nature & Technology
 3/19/2019   Horse in Germany Enjoys Going for Strolls Through City Alone
 3/19/2019   Chinese Men Opt for Penis Enlargement to Boost Self-Esteem
 3/18/2019   Predicting the Arrival of Cherry Blossoms Challenges Japanese Meteorologists
 3/17/2019   Scientists in Antarctica Studying Carbon Cycle, the Key to Climate Change
 3/15/2019   UN Environment Assembly Reaches Agreement on Pollution but More Work Needed
  Society (Click here for more)
 3/14/2019   Young Swedish Activist Greta Thunberg Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
 3/9/2019   UK Queen Crosses New Milestone as She Sends Her 1st Message on Instagram
 2/25/2019   UK’s Royals, Harry, Meghan, Dukes of Sussex, Tourists on Last Day in Morocco
 2/23/2019   Naruhito Says He Is Ready to Take on His Role as Japan’s Emperor
 2/21/2019   World Press Photo Nominee: First Thing I Remember Is the Smell of Chlorine
  Job Openings in the Americas
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands

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