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  Top Story
Vazquez Tops Lacalle by 11% in Voter Intention Surveys
The survey found that Vazquez is favored by 50 percent of those who say they intend to go to the polls, while Lacalle would obtain 39 percent of the votes...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 11/26/2014   41 Prisoners Break Out of Venezuela Jail
 11/26/2014   VenEconomy: Situation in Venezuelan Prisons Worsens
 11/26/2014   VenEconomía: Este Enfermo se Agrava
 11/26/2014   TalCual: A Deteriorated Country Named Venezuela
 11/26/2014   Venezuela Loses Chilean/Swiss Expropriation Case at World Bank ICSID Tribunal
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 11/26/2014   FARC to Free General This Weekend, Colombia’s Santos Says
 11/26/2014   Colombia Must Assign More Spectrum for Wireless Internet, Advisory Body Says
 11/25/2014   Colombia’s FARC Rebels Hand Over 2 Prisoners to Red Cross
 11/25/2014   Colombian President and Senior Chinese Official Discuss Ties
 11/25/2014   Colombian Church Asks Non-Interference in Freeing of Abductees
 11/26/2014   Students’ Disappearance Shows Mexico Is a “Narco State,” Journalist Says
 11/26/2014   Students and Teachers Block Mexican Highway to Protest Disappearances
 11/26/2014   Santander Mexico Buys Loan Portfolio
 11/26/2014   Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Leaves Mexico’s PRD
 11/26/2014   Mexico’s Trade Deficit Down 48.2% in First 10 Months of 2014
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 11/26/2014   Ad-Focused Twitter Opens New Brazil Office
 11/25/2014   SkyWest Inc. Increases Order from Brazil’s Embraer to 47 Planes
 11/25/2014   Tax-Fraud Ring Costs Brazilian Treasury $400 Million
 11/24/2014   Brazilian Consumer Confidence Index Hits Lowest Level Since 2008
 11/24/2014   Analysts Trim Brazil Economic Growth Estimate to 0.20%
 11/26/2014   Enersis to Inject Capital into Argentina’s Central Dock Sud
 11/26/2014   Argentine President Back at Work, Vows to Fight “Extortion”
 11/25/2014   Estela de Carlotto: Love Helps to Heal Children’s Wounds
 11/24/2014   32 Inmates Escape from Jail in Central Argentina
 11/22/2014   Fitch Cuts IMPSA, WPEI, and Venti to Default
 11/25/2014   Bolivian Authorities Seize Huge Load of Contraband Fuel Bound for Chile
 11/24/2014   Eight Dead in Bolivia Bus Crash
 11/21/2014   Bolivian: Gender Violence Not Increasing, Just Better Reported
 11/19/2014   Bolivia, France Sign Accords on Nuclear Energy, Lithium
 11/18/2014   Bolivia Confirms Meeting of G77 Energy Ministers for Late November
 11/26/2014   Off-Duty Cop Killed in Puerto Rico While Trying to Prevent a Robbery
 11/26/2014   Caribbean Public Health Agency Aims to Reduce Child Obesity by 2025
 11/26/2014   Six Rescued from Grounded Sailing Vessel in Virgin Islands
 11/26/2014   St. Lucia Bans UK Poultry Products Due to Bird Flu
 11/26/2014   US Sends Congratulations on Suriname’s 39th Independence Day
  Central America
 11/26/2014   Nicaragua’s Ortega, HKND Hold Talks Before Canal Construction Begins
 11/26/2014   Mother of Beauty Queen and Sister Calls for Justice in Their Double Murder
 11/25/2014   Hundreds March in Costa Rica for Social Change and Against Violence vs. Women
 11/25/2014   Four Miners Killed in Nicaragua Mine Collapse
 11/25/2014   Corrupt Ex-Salvadorian President under House Arrest Again
 11/25/2014   Multinational Introduces Advanced Mobile App with Prepayment Option in Chile
 11/24/2014   Two Hurt in Attack on Police Station in Chile
 11/23/2014   Thousands Protest in Chile in Favor of Constitutional Assembly
 11/21/2014   Two Chilean Colonels Sentenced for Death of Michelle Bachelet’s Father
 11/21/2014   Fire in Chile Leaves Two Missing and More Than 200 Affected
 11/26/2014   Dissidents Lament Garcia-Margallo Didn’t Meet with Them, Value Support Gesture
 11/25/2014   Garcia-Margallo Asks Cuba to Let Ex-Political Prisoners Travel to Island
 11/25/2014   Cuba Sells Medicines and Health Technology to More Than 50 Countries
 11/24/2014   Spanish Foreign Minister: Visit to Cuba Is Going “Well”
 11/24/2014   John Hemingway Says U.S. Should Pursue Closer Relations with Cuba
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 11/26/2014   Ecuador Oil Infrastructure Projects Attract Colombian Interest
 11/17/2014   Iranian Nobel Laureate to Inaugurate UNESCO Chair at University of Ecuador
 11/14/2014   Panama Sends Fugitive Ecuadorian Politician Back to Quito
 11/10/2014   Ecuador Police Seize 1.8 Tons of Cocaine Headed for Mexico
 11/9/2014   Experts to Ecuador to Analyze Importance of Technological Innovation
 11/26/2014   Peru Promoting Afternoon Visits to Reduce Tourist Pressure at Machu Picchu
 11/24/2014   British Teachers to Help Improve English Instruction in Peru
 11/23/2014   Bolivian Plane Carrying Drugs Crashes in Central Peru
 11/21/2014   Rediscovered Effigy Inspires Peru Indians to Resist Deforestation
 11/18/2014   Widows of Murdered Tribal Leaders in Peru Unable to Return to Their Homes
 11/24/2014   Uruguay’s Mujica Expresses Support for Mexican Government after Diplomatic Flap
 11/14/2014   Uruguay’s Mujica Says He Won’t Sell Famous VW Beetle
 11/14/2014   Uruguay Teen Was Raped, Beheaded by Sister’s Boyfriend, Police Say
 11/11/2014   Uruguay’s President Inaugurates Clinic in Prison Where He Was Tortured
 11/6/2014   WHO Supports Uruguay in Legal Battle with Philip Morris
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 11/26/2014   Men with Red Lips and Heels Come Out to Protest Gender Violence in Latin America
 11/26/2014   Ibero-American Labor Ministers Discuss Quality Education
 11/26/2014   Mercosur Seeks to Strengthen Relations with Eurasian Customs Union
 11/25/2014   Latin America Must Modernize Port Legislation, Experts Say
 11/25/2014   Inter-American Electoral Authorities Meet in Peru
 11/26/2014   Some Ferguson Residents Trying to Get Things Back to Normal
 11/26/2014   ICE Refuses to Halt Deportation of Immigrant Who Could Qualify for Relief
 11/26/2014   Initiatives Seek to Tap into Children’s Creativity
 11/26/2014   Brown Case Highlights “Alarming Pattern,” ACLU Says
 11/26/2014   Former U.S. Defense “Number Two” Ashton Carter Expected to Succeed Hagel
  World (Click here for more)
 11/26/2014   UN Humanitarian Affairs Chief Resigns
 11/26/2014   Three Egyptian Policemen Killed in Sinai Ambush
 11/26/2014   Japanese Male Sues Women-Only University for Rejecting Him
 11/26/2014   25 Migrants Rescued in the Strait of Gibraltar
 11/26/2014   100,000 North Koreans Protest UN’s Human Rights Resolution
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 11/26/2014   Spain’s Health Minister Steps Down Over Corruption Case
 11/26/2014   Germany Introduces a Female Quota for Senior Corporate Posts
 11/26/2014   Juncker: New Investment Plan a Key to European Recovery
 11/26/2014   U.S. Jobless Claims Climb by 21,000
 11/26/2014   China to Negotiate Construction of the First High-Velocity Train in India
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 11/26/2014   Expo 2017 Astana to Focus on Future of Energy
 11/26/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $74.28, Cartel to Meet on Output
 11/26/2014   Mine Fire Kills 26 in Northeastern China
 11/25/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $75.70
 11/24/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $75.42
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 11/16/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Tale of Two Walls
 11/9/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Across the Americas, We the PEOPLE
 11/2/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Across Latin America, The Populist Beat Goes On!!
 10/30/2014   Sarnoff: How Many Safe Houses Exist in the United States?
 10/29/2014   Sherman: Strenthening Understanding Through Latin American Educational Exchanges
  Sports (Click here for more)
 11/26/2014   Real Madrid Grabs Top Spot in Group; Atletico Advances
 11/26/2014   Platini Believes the Ballon d’Or Should Be for a German Player
 11/26/2014   Five Galatasaray Fans Arrested over Death of Serbian Fan
 11/26/2014   Argentina’s Government Says Soccer Clubs Must Deal with Violence
 11/26/2014   Curry Sets NBA Record in Warriors’ 114-97 Win over Heat
  Arts & Entertainment
 11/26/2014   15th Century Silk Banner Sets New Record Price for Chinese Art
 11/26/2014   Angelina Jolie May Rethink London Home Plans If Mansions Tax Goes Through
 11/26/2014   Banderas Prepares to Impersonate Picasso in a Movie Directed by Saura
 11/26/2014   Sotheby’s Sells $34 Million Worth of Latin American Art
 11/26/2014   Lebanese Singing Star Sabah, an Icon of Arab Song, Dead at 87
  Science, Nature & Technology
 11/26/2014   Bolivian Environmentalists to Release 41 Turtle Hatchlings in Amazon
 11/26/2014   Rocket Malfunction Forces Russia to Postpone European Satellite Launch
 11/26/2014   Conference on European Union’s E-Learning Project to Be Held in Spain
 11/26/2014   Putin’s Tiger Suspected of Killing Goats in China
 11/26/2014   Tokyo Metro to Have Free Wi-Fi in 143 Stations from December
  Society (Click here for more)
 11/24/2014   Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan Love Story Goes Viral on the Internet
 11/21/2014   Thousands Line the Streets of Seville to Bid Farewell to the Duchess of Alba
 11/20/2014   With the Duchess of Alba, Spain Loses One of Its Most Charismatic Figures
 11/20/2014   The Duchess of Alba, the Aristocrat with Most Titles in the World, Dies at 88
 11/19/2014   Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia Visit Rome
  Job Openings in the Americas
 11/11/2014   Bloomberg Reporter Job in Buenos Aires
 10/7/2014   Live and Work in the USA -- Register for FREE for a US Diversity Visa
 9/24/2014   US Attorney for Puerto Rico
 9/19/2014   Bloomberg Economy/Government Reporter Job In Venezuela
 9/4/2014   World Bank Seeks Consultant in the IFC Gender Secretariat

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