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  Top Story
Obama to Castro: Reform in Cuba Will Boost Benefits from Closer Ties
During the meeting of the two presidents at United Nations headquarters, Obama also repeated to Castro the “support” of the United States for human rights in Cuba, the White House said in a communique...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 10/3/2015   Venezuela Oil Price Continues Slipping
 10/2/2015   VenEconomy: While Venezuela Crumbles...
 10/2/2015   VenEconomía: Mientras Agoniza el País
 10/1/2015   VenEconomy: Will the Shadows of Ignorance Finally Defeat Venezuelan Universities?
 10/1/2015   VenEconomía: ¿La Sombra Vencerá a las Universidades?
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 10/2/2015   Colombia Drug Kingpin “Megateo” Slain in Military Operation
 10/1/2015   El Niño Aiding Drought, Wildfires in Colombia
 9/30/2015   Ecopetrol, Parex Reach Deal to Boost Output at Colombia Field
 9/30/2015   Colombia Rebels Aborted Attack on President to Pursue Peace Talks
 9/30/2015   Colombian Travel Booking Site Gets 150,000 Users in Peru
 10/3/2015   IACHR: Iguala Disappearances Not an “Isolated” Incident in Mexico
 10/2/2015   Mexican Philologist Thrilled to Win Spanish Royal Academy Award
 10/2/2015   Mexico Satisfied with Successful Launch of Morelos 3 Satellite
 10/2/2015   Mexico’s Axtel Merges with Alfa’s Telecom Division
 10/2/2015   Microsoft to Invest $1 Billion in Digital Education, Inclusion in Mexico
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 10/3/2015   Retired Cop Kills 5 Family Members, Commits Suicide
 10/3/2015   Brazil High Court OKs Questioning of Lula in Petrobras Corruption Case
 10/2/2015   Brazil’s Rousseff Shrinks Cabinet, Bolsters Role of Key Ally PMDB
 10/1/2015   Switzerland Transfers Criminal Probe into Top Lawmaker Cunha to Brazil
 9/30/2015   Brazilian Cops Filmed Altering Crime Scene to Face Charges
 9/29/2015   Argentina Ready for Liftoff of 2nd Telecommunications Satellite
 9/25/2015   Nissan Establishes Subsidiary in Argentina
 9/21/2015   Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancies Launched in Argentina
 9/21/2015   Court Reinstates Election Results in Argentine Province
 9/21/2015   Video Released of Deadly 2012 Train Crash in Argentina (VIDEO)
 9/28/2015   Venezuelan Mogul Expands Rail Holdings in Bolivia
 9/26/2015   Bolivia Congress Passes Bill Allowing Morales to Seek Another Term
 9/22/2015   Thermoelectric Power Plant Goes Online at Bolivia's Largest Industrial Park
 9/20/2015   China’s Eximbank Provides $253 Million Loan for Highway Construction in Bolivia
 9/17/2015   Presumed Drug Traffickers Kill Bolivian Policeman in Anti-Drug Operations
 10/3/2015   Joaquin Moving Toward NE Atlantic after Causing Damage, Flooding in Bahamas
 10/2/2015   Dangerous Hurricane Joaquin Expected to Weaken on Saturday
 10/1/2015   Bahamas Premier Declares Emergency Due to Hurricane Joaquin
 9/30/2015   Fisherman Killed in Robbery in Waters off Trinidad and Tobago
 9/30/2015   British PM Announces $453 Million Development Fund for Caribbean
  Central America
 10/3/2015   Guatemala Not Expecting to Find More Survivors of Mudslide That Took 59 Lives
 10/2/2015   Death Toll Rises to 9 in Guatemala Mudslide, 600 Still Missing
 10/1/2015   Three Dead, Three Wounded in Attacks on Guatemalan Police
 9/29/2015   Waste-to-Energy Plant to Be Built in Nicaragua’s Capital
 9/29/2015   Accused in Customs Scam Reveals Former Prez Perez Molina's Involvement
 9/30/2015   Chilean Industrial Production Falls 5.2%
 9/30/2015   Chile Sets 70% Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Target for 2050
 9/24/2015   Homes Firebombed in Southern Chile
 9/24/2015   ICJ Rules It Has Jurisdiction over Chile-Bolivia Coastal Dispute
 9/24/2015   Chile Quake Affects 13000, Death Toll Rises to 14
 10/1/2015   U.S. Seeking Pact with Cuba on Commercial Flights
 10/1/2015   Cuba, U.S. Conclude Technical Talks to Regularize Air Services
 9/30/2015   Cuba Urges U.S. Firms to Invest in Mariel Despite Restrictions
 9/29/2015   Cuban Arrivals in U.S. Up 60%
 9/29/2015   U.S. Agricultural Interests Seek Opportunities in Cuba
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 9/13/2015   Ecuador Posts July Trade Deficit as Exports Tumble
 9/8/2015   Two Firefighters Die in Blaze in Ecuador
 9/7/2015   Mexican Arrested for Smuggling Iguanas Out of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands
 9/4/2015   Ecuadorians Win Right to Sue Chevron in Canada
 8/23/2015   Ecuador Government Deficit $1 Billion in First Half of 2015
 9/29/2015   Peru Declares State of Emergency Where Protest Left 3 Dead
 9/25/2015   Peruvians Get Free Internet Access Through Facebook Platform
 9/24/2015   Peruvian Families Search for Thousands Still Missing 15 Years after Conflict
 9/23/2015   Peruvian Police Find 3 of 5 Dead in Helicopter Crash
 9/23/2015   Police Arrest 3 Men Carrying Grenades in Peru’s Capital
 10/2/2015   Two Companies Get License to Legally Cultivate Marijuana in Uruguay
 9/27/2015   Uruguay’s Capital Adds Tour Guides to Public Buses for World Tourism Day
 9/23/2015   Dozens Injured, Arrested in Student Protest in Uruguay
 9/23/2015   16 Companies from Uruguay at Tech Fair in San Francisco
 9/22/2015   Uruguay Uses Latest Tech to Raise Profile of Independence Hero
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 10/2/2015   Expert: Higher Latin America Energy Demand Offers Opportunities
 10/1/2015   In Latin America, One Percent Will Be Richer Than Rest in 2022, Oxfam Says
 9/29/2015   UNICEF Launches Initiative to Reduce Violence in Latin American Schools
 9/25/2015   Uruguayans, Ecuadorians Most Satisfied with Their Democracies
 9/22/2015   Jamaica to Host the Latin American Competition Forum
 10/3/2015   Suspected Oregon Shooter Committed Suicide, Authorities Say
 10/2/2015   U.S. Hunts for Ship Lost in Hurricane Joaquin with 33 Aboard
 10/2/2015   U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan to Step Down in December
 10/2/2015   US Media Identify Oregon Shooter as Chris Harper Mercer
 10/2/2015   Hackers Access Data of 15 million T-Mobile Clients in the US
  World (Click here for more)
 10/3/2015   MSF Raises to 12 the Number of Its Staff Killed in Afghan Hospital Bombing
 10/2/2015   UN: Saudi Arabia Blocks International Inquiry into Yemen Conflict
 10/2/2015   President of European Parliament to Visit Iran to Improve Relations
 10/2/2015   Slovakia Hosts New NATO Military Counterespionage Center
 10/2/2015   Turkish Army “Eliminates” 17 PKK Guerrillas
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 10/2/2015   Renault Aims to Produce 250,000 Vehicles in 2015 at Plant in Tangier
 10/2/2015   U.S. Unemployment Rate Unchanged at 5.1% in September
 10/2/2015   Unemployment in Spain Increases in September
 10/1/2015   U.S. Construction Spending Rises 0.70% in August
 10/1/2015   GM to Trim $5.5 Billion in Spending to Increase Investment in Technology
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 10/2/2015   Meeting of G20 Energy Ministers Starts in Istanbul
 10/2/2015   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $44.66
 10/1/2015   Energy Expert Yergin Predicts 4 More Years of Hard Times for Oil Producers
 10/1/2015   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $43.58
 9/30/2015   Spain’s Repsol Sells Piped Gas Assets to Gas Natural and Redexis
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 9/27/2015   Beatrice Rangel: The Economic Consequences of Peace in Latin America
 9/20/2015   Beatrice Rangel: Colombia, the FARC & the Makings of Gangland in Latin America
 9/13/2015   Beatrice Rangel: When Extreme Weather Meets Extreme Politics Calamities are Bound to Happen
 9/6/2015   Beatrice Rangel: When Ladies Hit 70
 8/30/2015   Beatrice Rangel: Surrealism Makes a Comeback in the Americas
  Sports (Click here for more)
 10/3/2015   “Kun” Aguero’s 5 Goals Give Man City a Lift, Put Pressure on United
 10/3/2015   Barça Struggles Without Messi, Falls 2-1 to Sevilla
 10/3/2015   Nadal to Debut against China’s Wu Di in Beijing
 10/2/2015   Arbitration Body Rejects Brazil’s Appeal of Neymar Suspension
 10/2/2015   UEFA Collects More Info on Atletico vs. Benfica Before Sanctions
  Arts & Entertainment
 10/4/2015   Art Basel Switzerland 2015: The “Basel Beat” Goes On
 10/3/2015   Will Smith Returns to Music with Colombian Band Bomba Estereo
 10/3/2015   Family: Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda Murdered with Injection of Bacterium
 10/2/2015   Rock Hudson, 30 Years after Hollywood Icon’s Death from AIDS
 10/2/2015   Pallarols, Kodama Attend EFE’s 50th Anniversary Photo Exhibit in Argentina
  Science, Nature & Technology
 10/3/2015   U.S. Hackers Dump Personal Data Online of Millions of Web Site Users
 10/2/2015   Researchers Take "Key Step" Towards Birth Control Pill for Men
 10/1/2015   Google, Microsoft End Patent Litigation
 10/1/2015   Gut Bacteria May Protect Children from Asthma, Study Says
 10/1/2015   Diamond-Hunting Bot to Represent Costa Rica in Robot Olympiad
  Society (Click here for more)
 10/1/2015   Alternative Nobel Rewards Fight to Protect Arctic, Marshall Islands
 9/11/2015   Spanish Royals Take Daughters to First Day of School
 9/9/2015   Cameron Describes Elizabeth II as a “Rock of Stability” in UK
 9/9/2015   Elizabeth II, Queen with the Longest Reign in British History
 9/2/2015   Brothers of St. John of God Win Princess of Asturias Award
  Job Openings in the Americas
 8/14/2015   US Attorney in El Salvador
 6/8/2015   Kazakhstan Announces Contest for Foreign Journalists
 5/14/2015   Assistant United States Attorney for Puerto Rico
 3/13/2015   US DOJ Attorney in Mexico City
 2/11/2015   OAS & Mexico Offer CONACYT-AMEXCID Scholarships for Students of the Americas

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