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Strike Halts Panama Canal Expansion Project
A nationwide strike by construction workers demanding annual salary hikes of at least 20 percent brought work on a major Panama Canal expansion project to a standstill...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 4/23/2014   TalCual: Venezuelan Revolution Goes Downhill
 4/23/2014   Venezuelan Court Rules Suspected U.S. Agent Can Be Held in Custody
 4/23/2014   VenEconomy: Reports Always Must Be Taken into Account
 4/23/2014   VenEconomía: Las Memorias Cuentan
 4/22/2014   TalCual: Gabo
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 4/23/2014   Colombian President Reinstates Ousted Capital Mayor
 4/22/2014   Colombia Soldier Killed by Rebel Mine
 4/21/2014   Colombia’s Santos Names City Planner Acting Mayor of Bogota
 4/20/2014   Four FARC Rebels Killed in Fighting in Colombia
 4/19/2014   Over 30 Indigenous Groups in Colombia Threatened with Extinction
 4/23/2014   Mexico’s America Movil Inks Deal for Control of Telekom Austria
 4/23/2014   Mexico’s Foreign Reserves Drop by $108 Million
 4/23/2014   Three Suspects Arrested in Killings of Officials in Western Mexico
 4/22/2014   Mexico’s Pemex Seeking Partners in All Areas to Boost Competitiveness
 4/22/2014   Mexico’s Unemployment Rate Rises to 4.8%
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 4/23/2014   Brazil Publishes “Fracking” Regulations
 4/23/2014   Brazil: No Nation Has Right to Rule Internet
 4/22/2014   Analysts See Inflation Moving Higher in Brazil
 4/22/2014   30 Buses Set Ablaze in Brazilian City
 4/18/2014   Renault to Invest $222 Million Producing New Models in Brazil
 4/21/2014   Shantytown Residents in Buenos Aires Mount Hunger Strike
 4/21/2014   Argentine Cops Bust Drug Band, Seize 50,000 Ecstasy Tablets
 4/16/2014   Argentine Teen Who Spent 9 Years Locked in a Garage Rescued
 4/11/2014   YPF, Chevron to Invest $1.6 Billion in 2014 in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta
 4/10/2014   Argentina Hit by General Strike
 4/20/2014   Petrochemical Plant to Start Operating in Bolivia in 2016
 4/18/2014   Morales: Poor Kids in Bolivia Need to Learn Foreign Languages
 4/18/2014   Bolivia Police Head Found Guilty of Extortion in Florida
 4/17/2014   Petrobras to Spend $2 Billion on Gas Exploration in Bolivia
 4/15/2014   Six Die as Vehicle Turns Over on Bolivia Highway
 4/22/2014   132 Haitian Migrants Intercepted in Bahamas
 4/22/2014   Unemployment in Puerto Rico Falls 0.3%
 4/20/2014   US Marshals Searching for Fugitive in Puerto Rico Capture Velazquez-Vazquez
 4/20/2014   FBI Takes Puerto Rican with Machine Gun Into Custody
 4/17/2014   Kennedy Center Challenges Dominican Republic De-Nationalization
  Central America
 4/23/2014   Four Die in Plane Crash in Honduras
 4/23/2014   Guatemalan Police Arrest 6 in Double-Murder
 4/22/2014   Airport to Be Built Near Copan Archaeological Site in Honduras
 4/21/2014   US Offers $7 Million Grant to Reduce Child Labor in Honduras
 4/21/2014   Four Dead in Attack on Gangmembers in El Salvador
 4/21/2014   As Many as 15,000 Made Homeless by Fire in Chile
 4/15/2014   New Urban Development Planned for Valparaiso after Devastating Fire
 4/14/2014   Chile’s Bachelet Vows to Rebuild Valparaiso After Devastating Fire
 4/13/2014   At Least 12 Killed in Huge Fire in Chile
 4/7/2014   Strong Quake Rattles Northern Chile
 4/21/2014   Five Die in Road Accident in Cuba
 4/17/2014   Reporters Without Borders Urges Cuba to Free Jailed Journalist
 4/16/2014   Cuba Publishes Text of New Foreign Investment Law
 4/15/2014   Cuba Makes Good Friday an Official Holiday
 4/14/2014   Cuba Has Roughly 16,500 AIDS Patients, Government Says
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 4/5/2014   Ecuador’s Tungurahua Volcano Blast Pours Out Ash, Incandescent Rock
 3/6/2014   EFE Marks 75 Years with Photo Exhibit in “Middle of the World”
 3/4/2014   Ecuador Hosts Celebration of EFE’s 75th Anniversary
 3/1/2014   Ecuador’s Correa Might Run for Presidential Reelection in 2017
 2/21/2014   Three Die in Helicopter Crash in Ecuador
 4/23/2014   Consortiums Bid for Airport Project in Peru
 4/21/2014   Two Dead, Three Missing in Amazon Shipwreck
 4/19/2014   Peru Evacuates 28,000 Llamas, Alpacas from Active Volcano Area
 4/17/2014   Five Members of Family Die in Traffic Accident in Peru
 4/15/2014   Peruvians Block Roads to Protest Fuel-Sale Limits
 3/19/2014   Uruguay Mulls Jail Time for Animal Cruelty
 2/15/2014   Montevideo Seeks to Become a Bicyclist-Friendly City
 1/31/2014   Uruguay’s Mujica Found Fidel Castro “Deteriorated” But Engaged
 1/14/2014   Dead Sperm Whale Washes Up on Beach in Uruguay
 12/22/2013   Uruguayan Navy Seizes Over 1 Ton of Cocaine
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 4/15/2014   Paraguay Busts International Drug Trafficking Ring
 4/7/2014   Cement Giant LafargeHolcim to Have Extensive Latin America Interests
 4/3/2014   German Media Giant Bertelsmann Sees Spain as Gateway to Latin America
 4/1/2014   Spain Honors Former Head of Ibero-American Summit Organization
 3/31/2014   Nearly 20% of Latin American Teens Not in School
 4/22/2014   Latinos Are Largest Group Among Incoming Freshmen in UCal System
 4/22/2014   Supreme Court Lets Michigan Bar College Affirmative Action
 4/21/2014   Supreme Court Won’t Let Arizona Criminalize “Harboring” Migrants
 4/21/2014   U.S. Teen Travels 5 Hours Hidden in Airliner Landing Gear
 4/21/2014   Desperate Families Seek Help Against Deportations, Activist Says
  World (Click here for more)
 4/23/2014   China Stages Multilateral Naval Drills
 4/23/2014   Death Toll in South Korea Ferry Disaster Reaches 150
 4/22/2014   Turkey Has Taken In Close to 1 Million Syrian Refugees, PM Says
 4/21/2014   20 People Arrested for Beating Police in East China
 4/21/2014   South Korean President Says Ferry Captain’s Actions “Akin to Murder”
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 4/23/2014   Spain’s Economy to Grow Average of 1.5% in 2014 and 2015, Minister Says
 4/22/2014   Shoe Worker Strike Spreads in China
 4/21/2014   US Fines Seattle Company for Requiring Documentation from Immigrant Workers
 4/16/2014   Santander, Bank of Shanghai Forge Closer Ties
 4/15/2014   Google Acquires Dronemaker Titan Aerospace
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 4/21/2014   Supreme Court Rejects Exxon’s Appeal in Pollution Case
 4/18/2014   U.S. Puts Off Decision on Keystone XL Pipeline
 4/18/2014   At Least 20 Die in Flooded Chinese Coal Mine
 4/18/2014   Russian Government Touts 1st Shipment of Oil from Arctic
 4/11/2014   Garcia-Margallo: Europe Must Increase Gas Imports from North Africa
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 3/23/2014   Baer: US Calls on Russia to Uphold its OSCE Commitments
 12/28/2013   Fidel Castro's Reflections: “Mr. President, I’m Castro”
 12/25/2013   US Attorney General Holder: The 25th Anniversary of the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie Bombing
 12/16/2013   US Asst Secretary of State Jacobson: Our Shared Challenges in the Americas
 12/12/2013   Deputy US Attorney General Cole: National Security and Privacy in the Wake of Snowden
  Sports (Click here for more)
 4/23/2014   Real Madrid Survives Bayern Onslaught to Win 1-0
 4/23/2014   Nadal Struggles During Victory in Barcelona
 4/23/2014   FIFA to Let Barça Sign Players Pending Sanctions Appeal
 4/23/2014   Wizards Stun Bulls in OT for 2-0 Lead (VIDEO)
 4/23/2014   Pujols Hits 500th Home Run in Angels’ Win (VIDEO)
  Arts & Entertainment
 4/23/2014   Austrian Filmmaker Michael Glawogger Dies While on Location in Liberia
 4/23/2014   Marc Anthony Meets with Dominican President to Discuss Orphanage
 4/23/2014   Spain’s King Juan Carlos Says Poniatowska Gives “Voice to the Disadvantaged”
 4/22/2014   Santos Urges Colombians to Honor Garcia Marquez by Pursuing Peace
 4/22/2014   Spanish King Praises “Rebel Literature” of Mexico’s Poniatowska
  Science, Nature & Technology
 4/23/2014   Video Games of the Future to Adapt to Players’ Mood
 4/22/2014   Software Developed in Colombia Helps People with Disabilities Communicate
 4/21/2014   Cave in Spain’s Canary Islands May Shed Light on Ancient Astronomers
 4/19/2014   U.S. Launches Dragon Spacecraft to International Space Station
 4/19/2014   Japan to Keep Whaling in Pacific but with Fewer Catches
  Society (Click here for more)
 4/18/2014   Chelsea Clinton Announces She’s Expecting Her First Baby
 3/30/2014   New Official Photo Released of Prince George with Duke, Duchess of Cambridge
 2/28/2014   Agencia EFE Marks 75th Anniversary in City Where It All Began
 2/17/2014   Belgium’s Prince Amedeo to Wed Long-Time Girlfriend
 2/13/2014   Spain’s Crown Prince Inaugurates New EFE Headquarters
  Job Openings in the Americas
 3/10/2014   US State Department Looking to Hire Portuguese-Speaking Consular Adjudicators
 2/26/2014   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 1/27/2014   International Broadcaster for Voice of America
 1/26/2014   US Embassy in Mexico Seeks Deputy Attache Attorney
 12/11/2013   US Seeks Legal Advisor for Colombia

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