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  Top Story
Argentina: U.S. Accountable for Judge’s “Illegal” Acts in Debt Case
Foreign Minister Hector Timerman said Washington has not formally responded to Argentina’s Aug. 7 filing with the International Court of Justice asking the UN tribunal to resolve “a controversy between the Argentine Republic and the United States”...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 8/19/2014   VenEconomy: It’s About the Entire Venezuelan Healthcare System
 8/19/2014   VenEconomía: Se Trata de Todo el Sistema de Salud
 8/18/2014   TalCual: The Unity of Venezuela’s MUD
 8/16/2014   Venezuela Oil Price Falls to Lowest Since 2012 Even as Mid-East and Ukraine Simmer
 8/12/2014   VenEconomy: Venezuela’s Government Does Not Notice the ‘Log in its Own Eye’
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 8/17/2014   Rangel: Colombia Gets a Chance at Peace as Cinderella Gets to the Ball in Mexico
 8/16/2014   Odebrecht-Led Consortium Awarded Colombian River Contract
 8/14/2014   Watchdog Slams Colombian Authorities after Reporter Gunned Down
 8/13/2014   Violent Groups Burn 3 Cargo Trucks in Northeastern Colombia
 8/13/2014   Colombia Government Postpones Sale of Majority Stake in Isagen
 8/19/2014   Mexican News Outlet Posts Photos of Mayors with Cartel Boss
 8/19/2014   Tourist Town in Central Mexico Plagued by Kidnappings, Officials Say
 8/19/2014   Mexico to Auction Off 16 Power Projects Worth $4.9 Billion
 8/18/2014   Mexico Captures Man on Canada’s Most-Wanted List
 8/18/2014   Mexico City Airport Prepares to Deal with Ebola
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 8/19/2014   Lula Urges Brazilians to Give Rousseff a Second Term
 8/19/2014   Brazil Kiddie-Porn Ring Dismantled
 8/18/2014   Marina Silva Poised to Shake Up Brazil’s Presidential Race
 8/15/2014   Brazil’s Economic Activity Index Down 1.2% in Q2
 8/15/2014   Brazil Party May Turn to Marina Silva after Candidate’s Death
 8/19/2014   Three of Pope’s Relatives Die in Traffic Accident in Argentina
 8/14/2014   YPF Announces Shale Oil Find in Southwest Argentina
 8/11/2014   Argentina Sees Trade Opportunity in Russia’s Quarrel with West
 8/9/2014   Dallen: Argentina, Default, and the Hand of God
 8/7/2014   As Argentina Continues to Deny Default, US Court Schedules Argentina Hearing for Friday
 8/16/2014   More Than 300,000 Abandoned Dogs Live on Streets of Bolivia
 8/15/2014   Bolivia’s YPFB: $3 Billion Invested in Exploration Projects
 8/11/2014   Bolivia Deports Argentine Military Convicted for Dictatorship Crimes
 8/9/2014   Siamese Twins Joined at Heart and Liver Born in Bolivia
 8/6/2014   US Congratulates Bolivia on 189th Anniversary of Independence
 8/17/2014   Businessman Pleads Guilty to Bribing Puerto Rico Judge
 8/17/2014   14 Charged in Puerto Rico in U.S. Identity Theft Scheme
 8/13/2014   A Magnitude-4.6 Earthquake Strikes Northeastern Puerto Rico
 8/10/2014   Three Children Injured in Emergency Evacuation of Plane in Puerto Rico
 8/6/2014   US Congratulates Jamaica on 52nd Anniversary of Independence
  Central America
 8/19/2014   Eight Gunned Down in Northern Honduras
 8/18/2014   Honduras Detains 16 Cubans Headed for U.S.
 8/18/2014   Central American Kids Go to School in U.S. While Their Deportation Is Decided
 8/17/2014   Four Die in Plane Crash in Honduras
 8/15/2014   More Than 80,300 Homicides in Guatemala Between 1997-2013
 8/19/2014   Pablo Escobar Girlfriend Arrested in Chile on Drug Charges
 8/18/2014   NII Holdings Sells Nextel Chile
 8/18/2014   Chile Sweats Through Rare Winter Heat Wave
 8/18/2014   Chile Should Continue Developing Hydro Energy, Minister Says
 8/17/2014   Chilean Army Commander Who Succeeded Pinochet Dies
 8/19/2014   Cuba’s Revenue from Tourism Grows 4%
 8/16/2014   At Least 24% of People over 15 Are Habitual Smokers in Cuba
 8/15/2014   Cuba Recalls Retired Professors to Cover University Deficit
 8/13/2014   Cuban Dissidents: We Have Nothing to Celebrate on Castro’s Birthday
 8/12/2014   Fidel Castro’s Birthplace Restored for His 88th Birthday
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 8/18/2014   Assange Says He Will Leave Ecuadorean Embassy in London “Soon”
 8/13/2014   Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 3 in Ecuador
 8/12/2014   Two Dead as Magnitude-5.1 Quake Rattles Ecuadorian Capital
 8/10/2014   Quito Is Repeat Winner at World Travel Awards
 8/8/2014   Ecuador, Telefonica Unit Sign Mobile E-Money Agreement
 8/18/2014   Report: Thousands of Tons of Maca Smuggled Out of Peru
 8/15/2014   Mayor Gunned Down in Peru
 8/15/2014   One Soldier, Two Civilians Wounded in Ambush in Peru
 8/14/2014   Britain-Based Group Rescues Circus Animals in Peru
 8/9/2014   At Least 18 Dead in Bus Accident in Peru
 7/28/2014   Enel Green Power Breaks Ground on its First Wind Farm in Uruguay
 7/16/2014   U.S. to Send 6 Guantanamo Prisoners to Uruguay
 7/6/2014   Uruguay’s Montes del Plata Paper Company Sends First Exports to Asia
 6/18/2014   Uruguay Enters New Oil-Exploration Phase
 6/8/2014   Two Uruguayans, One Dominican Convicted of People Trafficking
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 8/17/2014   Spain’s Iberdrola Has over 400 MW of Wind Power in Latin America
 8/7/2014   Russia Slaps Embargo on Western Food Imports and Looks to Latin America
 8/4/2014   US Indicts 6 Almighty Imperial Gangsters over Murders
 7/31/2014   Latin America Closes Ranks with Palestinians on Gaza Crisis
 7/30/2014   Israel Disappointed at Withdrawal of Ambassadors of Peru, Chile and El Salvador
 8/19/2014   Government Won’t Stay Deportation of Migrant Seeking Refuge in Arizona Church
 8/19/2014   Over 1,500 Homes Evacuated Due to Wildfire in Central California
 8/19/2014   Two Shot, Dozens Arrested in Another Night of Riots in Ferguson
 8/18/2014   Missouri Governor Lifts Curfew in Ferguson
 8/17/2014   Police and Protesters Clash Once Again in Missouri City
  World (Click here for more)
 8/19/2014   Video Shows Apparent Beheading of U.S. Reporter Kidnapped in Syria (VIDEO)
 8/19/2014   German Reporters Detained Covering Unrest in U.S. Town
 8/19/2014   Truce Collapses as Fighting Resumes in Gaza
 8/19/2014   Albino Crocodile Eats Fisherman in Northern Australia
 8/19/2014   UN to Feed a Million People in Ebola Quarantined Areas
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 8/19/2014   Japan’s Hitachi Buys U.S.-Based Foundry Company
 8/16/2014   Google Buys Startup That Analyzes Online Photos to Create Urban Guides
 8/14/2014   Telekom Austria Shareholders OK Rights Issue of Up to 1 Billion Euros
 8/14/2014   Amazon Presents Mobile Payment System
 8/13/2014   Latin America Business Climate at Worst Level in 5 Years, Survey Shows
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 8/13/2014   Spain Government Gives Repsol Go-Ahead for Oil Exploration off Canary Islands
 8/4/2014   Parnon & Arcadia Hit with $13 Million Fine for Oil Futures Manipulation
 7/31/2014   Oil Giant ExxonMobil’s Earnings Rise 28% in Q2
 7/22/2014   Repsol Expects Search for Oil off Spain’s Canary Islands to Start This Year
 7/18/2014   Croatia Launches Tender for Oil, Gas Blocks
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 8/17/2014   Beatrice Rangel's Latin America from 35k Feet: In Mexico Cinderella Gets to the Ball while Colombia Gets a Chance at Peace
 6/28/2014   Jeh Johnson: An Open Letter to the Parents of Children Crossing the U.S. Southwest Border
 5/21/2014   Admiral McRaven: 10 Lessons for Life from the Commander of the Navy Seals That Got Bin Laden (VIDEO)
 4/29/2014   US Secretary of State Kerry: Europeans Must Stop Shrinking Defense Budgets
 3/23/2014   Baer: US Calls on Russia to Uphold its OSCE Commitments
  Sports (Click here for more)
 8/19/2014   Real Madrid, Atletico Draw 1-1 in 1st Leg of Spanish Super Cup
 8/19/2014   Suarez Admits Receiving Treatment for His Violent Behavior on the Pitch
 8/19/2014   Federer to Play in 13th Straight ATP World Tour Finals
 8/19/2014   Pekerman Commits to 4 More Years as Colombia’s Coach
 8/18/2014   Federer Beats Ferrer to Win Cincinnati Masters
  Arts & Entertainment
 8/19/2014   Chile Honors Cuban Poet with Neruda Prize
 8/19/2014   Dwayne Johnson Unveils a More Human “Hercules” in Mexico City
 8/19/2014   Jackie Chan’s Son Arrested for Drugs Possession in China
 8/18/2014   Singer Christina Aguilera Gives Birth to Baby Girl
 8/18/2014   Poe’s Baltimore Home Remains a Literary Shrine
  Science, Nature & Technology
 8/19/2014   New Species of Non-Venomous Snake Discovered in Brazil
 8/19/2014   Skeleton of a Fetus Removed from Mother’s Body after 36 Years
 8/19/2014   Russian Cosmonauts Launch Peruvian Nanosatellite During Spacewalk
 8/18/2014   Romanian Specialists Teach Orphaned Bear Cubs How to Survive in the Wild
 8/16/2014   New Bat Species Discovered That Only Inhabits Bolivian Savannas
  Society (Click here for more)
 7/16/2014   Spanish Postal Service Issues EFE 75th Anniversary Stamp
 7/8/2014   Kazakhstan Announces Winners of International Journalism Competition
 6/28/2014   US President Harry S. Truman Marries Elizabeth Wallace 28 June 1919
 6/19/2014   Spain’s Queen Letizia Wears Favorite Shade of White for Royal Ceremony
 6/13/2014   Spain’s Juan Carlos, Sofia to Retain Royal Titles
  Job Openings in the Americas
 8/16/2014   Human Rights Specialist at OAS's Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)
 3/10/2014   US State Department Looking to Hire Portuguese-Speaking Consular Adjudicators
 2/26/2014   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 1/27/2014   International Broadcaster for Voice of America
 1/26/2014   US Embassy in Mexico Seeks Deputy Attache Attorney

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