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  Top Story
Maduro Says “Venezuela Is Ready” for Dialogue with U.S.
“Venezuela is ready for a dialogue based on respect and in terms of equality between the States with the government of President Barack Obama wherever, whenever and however he wants,” the Venezuelan president said...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 3/27/2015   VenEconomy: What Lies Behind the U.S. Invasion Speech by the Venezuelan Government
 3/27/2015   VenEconomía: Venezuela Invadida
 3/26/2015   VenEconomy: The Stuff Being Swept under the Carpet of Socialist Venezuela
 3/26/2015   VenEconomía: Lo que el Tapete puede Tapar
 3/26/2015   TalCual: Voluntary Signatures against the U.S. ‘Empire’?
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 3/27/2015   Colombian Government, FARC Agree to Begin Land-Mine Removal
 3/26/2015   Colombia’s Ecopetrol Posts Higher Output in January, February
 3/24/2015   Colombian Authorities Break Up Group That Carried Out Attacks for ELN Rebels
 3/23/2015   Colombian Army Nabs Drug Suspect Wanted in U.S.
 3/21/2015   Drug Gang Led by Female Trafficker from Mexico Nabbed in Colombia
 3/28/2015   Mexico’s Pemex Carries Out Corporate Restructuring
 3/26/2015   39 Central American Migrants Rescued in Mexico from Human Traffickers
 3/25/2015   80% of Bodies Found in Mexico Illegal Graves Since ‘06 Still Unidentified
 3/25/2015   Mexican Economic Activity Up 2.6% in January
 3/25/2015   Mexican Government Confirms 2 Citizens Among Plane Crash Victims
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 3/27/2015   Brazil Pushes Next Oil Auction to Late 2015
 3/27/2015   Brazil’s Economy Inches Up 0.1% in 2014
 3/26/2015   Brazil’s Economy to Contract 0.5% in 2015, Central Bank Says
 3/26/2015   Ex-CEO of Brazil’s Petrobras Denies She Knew of Corruption Scheme
 3/26/2015   Brazil Police Dismantles Ring Suspected of Defrauding Treasury
 3/28/2015   Argentina Bars Citi from Capital Market Operations
 3/27/2015   Argentine Foreign Minister Says Nisman Accusations Are “Made Up”
 3/26/2015   Argentine Appeals Court Quashes Nisman’s Charges Against President
 3/26/2015   After Judge Forbids Coupon Payment, Clearstream Will Not Settle Argentina Securities with Euroclear
 3/25/2015   Argentina Accuses London of Using Falklands to Justify Military Boost
 3/26/2015   Bolivian Mob Tries to Bury Alive Teacher Accused of Raping Girl
 3/23/2015   Demand for Return of Coastal Corridor to Be Required Teaching in Bolivia
 3/15/2015   Bolivia and Brazil to Work on Hydroelectric Projects
 3/6/2015   Bolivia Ex-Police Commander Accused of Ties to “El Chapo” Guzman
 3/4/2015   Bolivia Investigates Former Top Cop for Drug Links
 3/28/2015   Puerto Rico Mayor Gets 5 Years for Bribery
 3/27/2015   Five Cops Accused of Murdering Prisoner in Dominica
 3/27/2015   Barbados to Hold National Conference on Agricultural Challenges
 3/27/2015   Opening of Bahamas Mega-Resort Delayed
 3/27/2015   Jamaican Government Proposes Wage Increase for Public Employees
  Central America
 3/26/2015   Half Million People March Against Violence in El Salvador
 3/26/2015   UN Criticizes Delay in Guatemala Genocide Trial against Rios Montt
 3/25/2015   Panama to Deploy 5,000 Officers for Summit of the Americas
 3/24/2015   Thousands of Salvadorans March to Remember Romero, 35 Years After Assassination
 3/22/2015   Honduran Businessman’s Wife Arrested on Drug Charges
 3/27/2015   Chile’s Bachelet Remains in Flood-Stricken Area to Oversee Response
 3/26/2015   Chilean Government Stands with Woman Detained for Inducing Abortion
 3/26/2015   Government Confirms 4 Dead, 22 Missing in Heavy Rains in Northern Chile
 3/24/2015   Chile Mobilizes to Fight Wildfires
 3/24/2015   Chile, Spain Sign Defense Agreements
 3/27/2015   U.S. Confirms Human Rights Meeting with Cuba Next Tuesday in Washington
 3/26/2015   Cuba Proposes First Meeting with U.S. on Human Rights
 3/26/2015   Japan Prepares for First Foreign Minister Visit to Cuba
 3/26/2015   U.S Telecommunications Officials Visit Cuba
 3/25/2015   Cardinal Ortega Says Cuba-U.S. Relations to Benefit Catholic Church on Island
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 3/18/2015   Two Die in Crash of Air Force Plane in Ecuador
 3/17/2015   Assange’s Case Must Go to UN, Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Says
 2/26/2015   Ecuador’s Petroamazonas Says Output Rose 10.5% in 2014
 2/11/2015   Ecuador’s Petroamazonas Signs Contract to Boost Output at Armadillo Field
 2/11/2015   After Being Mocked on TV, Ecuador President Asks If English Comedians Exist (VIDEO)
 3/28/2015   Southern Copper Says It Won’t Abandon Copper Project in Peru
 3/27/2015   Southern Copper Cancels Peru Project Over “Anti-Mining Terrorism”
 3/27/2015   Peru Silver Output Up 12% in January; Copper Production Unchanged
 3/26/2015   Peru Probes TV Show after Schoolgirl Pressed to Eat Bugs (VIDEO)
 3/25/2015   Photographs Document Legacy of Peru’s Mochica People
 3/26/2015   Spanish Company Buys Seized Drug Ship at Auction in Uruguay
 3/25/2015   Spain’s Sacyr Joins Bidding for Road Project in Uruguay
 3/24/2015   Mujica Blames U.S. Political “Inconsistency” for Uruguay’s Guantanamo Decision
 3/23/2015   Uruguay Will Not Accept Any More Guantanamo Prisoners, Foreign Minister Says
 3/23/2015   Milonga in Montevideo to Support Equality in Dancing the Tango
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 3/27/2015   Samper Calls for Review of U.S., Latin America Relations at Summit
 3/27/2015   Latin American and Korean Political, Business Leaders Meet to Deepen Relations
 3/26/2015   Paraguay Farmers March in Asuncion to Demand President’s Resignation
 3/25/2015   Latin America Deficit in Steel Trade with China Rises 26%
 3/24/2015   U.S. Administration Asks Congress for $2 Billion in Aid for Latin America
 3/27/2015   Obama, Merkel Urge Iran to Take the “Decisions Necessary” for Accord
 3/27/2015   15,000 Marijuana Seeds Distributed in Washington to Celebrate Legalization
 3/27/2015   Leader of Democrats in U.S. Senate Will Not Seek Reelection
 3/27/2015   Search Is On for 2 People Believed Missing in New York Explosion
 3/26/2015   Blast in New York Building Caused by Gas Leak
  World (Click here for more)
 3/28/2015   Pope Says St. Teresa, Born 500 Years Ago, Was Not an Onlooker but a Doer
 3/28/2015   Germanwings Co-Pilot Wanted to Go Down in History, Ex-Girlfriend Says
 3/27/2015   Separatist Commander Shot Dead in Eastern Ukraine
 3/27/2015   EASA Recommends Two Crew Members in Cockpit at All Times
 3/27/2015   China, Kazakhstan Sign 30 Cooperation Accords in Multiple Sectors
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 3/28/2015   Female Executive’s Gender Discrimination Case Tossed Out in Silicon Valley
 3/27/2015   U.S. Consumer Confidence Reading Beats Expectations
 3/27/2015   U.S. Economy Grew at 2.2% in Q4
 3/27/2015   Yahoo! Boosts Share Buyback by $2 Billion
 3/26/2015   Report: Unauthorized Immigrants in Professional Jobs on the Rise in the U.S.
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 3/28/2015   $4.9 Million Gold Heist Hits Boston Bound Truck
 3/27/2015   OPEC Crude Basket Jumps to $54.55
 3/26/2015   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $50.83
 3/25/2015   Oil Service Company Schlumberger to Pay $233 Million for Violating US Sanctions on Iran & Sudan.
 3/25/2015   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $50.92
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 3/22/2015   Beatrice Rangel: Killing Me Softly -- the Obama Administration’s Legacy in Latin America
 3/15/2015   Beatrice Rangel: Of Déjà Vu’s and Non-Scripted Meetings in Latin America
 3/8/2015   Beatrice Rangel: Of Upcoming Dynasties and Exhausted Ideas in Latin America
 3/1/2015   Beatrice Rangel: Of Thunderous Silences, Quiet Noises and Flash Backs in Latin America
 2/15/2015   Beatrice Rangel: Latin America's Dangerous Exports to Europe & the Demise of an Old Fox
  Sports (Click here for more)
 3/28/2015   Hamilton Grabs Pole Position for Malaysian Grand Prix
 3/28/2015   Nadal Advances to 3rd Round at Windy Miami Masters
 3/27/2015   Spain Hangs On to Beat Ukraine 1-0 in Euro Qualifier
 3/27/2015   Durant to Undergo 3rd Foot Operation, Miss Rest of NBA Season
 3/27/2015   UEFA Fines Malmö $110,000 Over Poor Field Conditions in Champions League
  Arts & Entertainment
 3/28/2015   Bond to Navigate Mexican Death Imagery in Opening Scene of “Spectre”
 3/27/2015   Italian Police Recover Picasso Work Valued at $16 Million
 3/27/2015   New York’s MoMA to Exhibit 150 Picasso Sculptures
 3/27/2015   Colin Firth Says He’d Like to Do More Action Films (VIDEO)
 3/26/2015   Relatives Have Little Hope That Whitney Houston’s Daughter Will Recover
  Science, Nature & Technology
 3/28/2015   Soyuz Spacecraft Arrives Successfully at ISS on Historic Mission
 3/27/2015   Russians, American Lift Off for Space Station in Soyuz Capsule
 3/27/2015   Bolivia Detects Buried Pyramid at Tiahuanaco Site
 3/27/2015   Loss of Antarctic Ice Shelf Accelerates
 3/26/2015   Aztec Empire Not As Powerful As Thought, Study Says
  Society (Click here for more)
 3/22/2015   Leicester Cathedral Receives Remains of King Richard III
 3/4/2015   King Juan Carlos Acknowledges Great Bonds Between Spain and the U.S.
 3/4/2015   Prince William Winds Down China Trip with Visit to Elephant Sanctuary
 3/3/2015   Queen Mathilde of Belgium Swaps Out Crutches for More Mobile Wheelchair
 3/2/2015   Spain’s King Felipe VI Welcomes Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn in Barcelona
  Job Openings in the Americas
 3/13/2015   US DOJ Attorney in Mexico City
 2/11/2015   OAS & Mexico Offer CONACYT-AMEXCID Scholarships for Students of the Americas
 1/15/2015   Director of Operations New York City Office of Immigrant Affairs
 12/29/2014   Digital Editorial Manager at Council of the Americas in New York
 12/5/2014   OAS and Canada Scholarships to Study Research on Drugs Available

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