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  Top Story
Rousseff Ahead of Neves by 1%, Remains in “Technical Tie”
The survey was conducted by MDA at the request of the CNT union and found that Rousseff is supported by 45.5 percent of the voters compared to 44.5 percent for her social democratic challenger...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 10/20/2014   Venezuelan Public Safety Plan to Include Radar and Drones with Cameras
 10/20/2014   Venezuelan Government Admits Importing Light Oil to Dilute Heavy Crude
 10/20/2014   Venezuela Oil Price Falls to New 4 Year Low
 10/20/2014   UN Human Rights Chief Calls on Venezuela to Free Lopez & Protestors
 10/17/2014   Moody's "Does Not Foresee an Impending Venezuela Credit Event"
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 10/20/2014   Colombia AG: Slayings of Leftist Politicians Were War Crimes
 10/20/2014   Belgian Princess Astrid Visits Museums on First Day in Colombia
 10/20/2014   Miss Universe Visits Disabled Children in Colombian City of Yumbo
 10/19/2014   Army Seizes Large Explosives Cache in Southwestern Colombia
 10/19/2014   ELN Rebels Say They Had New Contacts with Colombian Government on Peace Talks
 10/21/2014   Mexico Said Facing Worst Human Rights Crisis Since 1968 Massacre
 10/20/2014   Four Arrested for Killing of Rural Police Chief in Mexico
 10/20/2014   Baby Found in Toilet Bowl at Mexico City Metro Station
 10/20/2014   Federal Government Takes Control of Cities in Southern Mexico
 10/20/2014   Police in Three Other Mexico Towns Decommissioned in Iguala Case
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 10/20/2014   Latest Uprising of Inmates Ends at Brazil Prison
 10/20/2014   Rain Helps Control Fire That Has Destroyed 3,500 Hectares in Brazil
 10/20/2014   Analysts Trim Brazil Economic Growth Estimate to 0.27%
 10/20/2014   Rousseff, Neves Face Off in a Less Tense Debate with No Clear Winner
 10/19/2014   Rousseff Admits Diversion of Funds at Petrobras, Will Seek Reimbursement
 10/20/2014   Argentina Grants Asylum to Young Gay Fleeing Russian Discrimination
 10/17/2014   Argentina Hails New Members of UN Security Council
 10/16/2014   Argentina Successfully Launches 1st Telecom Satellite
 10/15/2014   Argentine City Bans Gun Sales for 3 Months
 10/15/2014   India and Argentina Hold Business Meeting to Strengthen Ties
 10/21/2014   Bolivian Who Abducted Girl in Spain Sentenced to 17 Years
 10/15/2014   Before 20 People Who Just Videotaped Him, a Man Kills Girlfriend in Bolivia
 10/15/2014   Bolivia’s Morales Margin Approaches 60% with Vote Count Nearly Done
 10/15/2014   Drilling Starts at New Oil Well in Central Bolivia
 10/14/2014   Bolivia Funds Safe Houses for Abused Women
 10/21/2014   Martinique Dock Workers Strike Over Perceived Health Threat
 10/21/2014   CARICOM Seeks Regional Support for Reparations Demand
 10/18/2014   Gonzalo Begins to Weaken After Leaving Bermuda Without Power
 10/17/2014   More Caribbean Islands Bar Travelers from Ebola-Stricken Countries
 10/17/2014   A Weaker But Still Dangerous Gonzalo Nears Bermuda
  Central America
 10/20/2014   Panama Legislature Dismisses Judge Charged with Corruption
 10/19/2014   Costa Rica Confirms First Chikungunya Case Originating in Country
 10/18/2014   Panama, Colombia to Hold Uninterrupted Talks to Resolve Tax-Haven Spat
 10/17/2014   U.S. Extends Immigration Benefit for Hondurans, Nicaraguans
 10/17/2014   Nine People Die in Nicaragua When Wall Collapses in Heavy Downpour
 10/18/2014   Bachelet Oversees Installation of 1st Panel for Solar Plant in Northern Chile
 10/17/2014   Chile's SQM Rated Baa1 By Moody's
 10/17/2014   Chile Maintains 2014, 2015 Copper Price Forecast
 10/17/2014   Chilean Truckers Block Roads, Ports to Protest Lengthy Inspections
 10/16/2014   Some 66% of Chileans Have Fixed Connection to Internet
 10/21/2014   Raul Castro Announces Dispatch of 2 New Cuban Medical Brigades to Africa
 10/16/2014   Candidate to Lead OAS Says Cuba Shouldn’t Be Excluded from Regional Summit
 10/16/2014   Cuba to Introduce Modern, More Secure ID Cards
 10/14/2014   Fidel: NY Times Call to End Cuba Embargo Reflects U.S. Interests
 10/8/2014   U.S. Experts Push for Normalizing Relations with Cuba
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 10/17/2014   Ecuadorian Government Battles Cyberattacks from Colombia
 10/7/2014   Ecuador Busts Country’s Most Dangerous Drug Network
 9/23/2014   60 Convicted for Role in 2010 Uprising in Ecuador
 9/20/2014   Quito Technology Event Seen as Springboard to Best Universities
 9/18/2014   Pro and Anti-Government Marches End Amid Incidents in Quito
 10/19/2014   Four Die in Abandoned Mine in Northern Peru
 10/19/2014   Peru Scammer Convicted of Extorting Undocumented Aliens in US
 10/16/2014   Peru Invites India to “Share the Development Challenge”
 10/13/2014   Quake Damages Buildings in Peru
 10/13/2014   Soldier Dies in Guerrilla Attack in Peru
 10/17/2014   Protesting Uruguayan Civil Servants Make Couples Marry in the Street
 10/10/2014   Uruguay Welcomes First Group of 42 Syrian Refugees
 10/9/2014   Marijuana Handbook Debuts in Uruguay
 10/8/2014   Polls Shows Uruguay Presidential Election Headed for Runoff
 10/1/2014   Japan Names Female Auto Executive as New Ambassador to Uruguay
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 10/20/2014   ALBA Nations Agree on Action Plan to Combat Ebola
 10/20/2014   Paraguay Cops to Protect Journalists in Area of Reporter’s Murder
 10/20/2014   Large Landowners Force Indians to Live on Side of Road in Paraguay
 10/20/2014   Freedom of Expression Scale to Measure Quality of Latin American Democracy
 10/18/2014   U.S. Reports on Latin American & Global Countries with Worst Child Labor
 10/21/2014   Obama: Supreme Court’s “Best” Decision Was Not to Rule on Gay Marriage
 10/21/2014   Pentagon Announces Formation of Rapid Response Team for Ebola
 10/21/2014   Quarantine Ends for Kin, Friends of Ebola Victim Duncan
 10/20/2014   School Opened for Immigrant Kids in New Mexico as Detention Drags On
 10/20/2014   Latinos 26 Times More Likely to Have to Present ID at U.S. Checkpoints
  World (Click here for more)
 10/21/2014   U.S. Sanctions Increase Hungary’s ‘Turning-to-Russia’ Isolation
 10/20/2014   Kobani’s Kurds Receive Weapons, Ammo from U.S. Airdrops
 10/20/2014   Malaysia to Contribute “Moderation” to the UN Security Council
 10/20/2014   At Least 12 Dead in Explosion at Indian Fireworks Factory
 10/20/2014   Lavrov Hopes Relations Between Russia and U.S. Won’t Worsen
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 10/20/2014   Developing Countries Participate in Nearly Half of World Trade
 10/20/2014   IBM Disappoints on Revenue, Profits in Q3
 10/19/2014   12.3% of Spanish Workers Are Below the Poverty Line
 10/17/2014   Russia Cut to Baa2 by Moody's As Ukraine Sanctions Bite
 10/17/2014   U.S. Housing Starts Up 6.3% in September
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 10/20/2014   President Energy Makes Big Oil Find in Paraguay
 10/20/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $83.19
 10/19/2014   ATP-IP to Pay $1 Million for Gulf Oil Platform Discharge
 10/17/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Continues Dropping to $81.17
 10/16/2014   Alcoa Shares Fall on Sale of Stake in Jamaica Venture
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 10/12/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Communism from China to Cuba Finds Corruption!!!
 10/5/2014   Beatrice Rangel: From Rio to Hong Kong Discontent Taps the East to Find a New Way
 9/28/2014   Jacobson: U.S. Priorities in Latin America (VIDEO)
 9/25/2014   Cardenas: Latinos Should Lead on Paid Leave (Latinos y las Ausencia en el Trabajo por Razones Médicas y de Familia)
 9/21/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Kissinger’s World Order and Latin America
  Sports (Click here for more)
 10/21/2014   Barça Eyeing Victory Against Ajax to Pave Route to Round of 16
 10/20/2014   Bale Injures Right Piriformis Muscle
 10/20/2014   Oscar Pistorius to Be Sentenced Tuesday for Shooting Girlfriend
 10/20/2014   Munich Officials Investigate Irregularities in 2006 World Cup Ticket Sales
 10/20/2014   Champions League and Europa League to Voice a Booming “No to Racism” Message
  Arts & Entertainment
 10/21/2014   Documentary Charts Fall of Puerto Rico’s Most-Watched TV Show
 10/21/2014   Nun Winner of The Voice to Release Debut Album Featuring Like a Virgin
 10/20/2014   Jennifer Lopez Biography to Go on Sale in November
 10/20/2014   The Colors of Autumn Mushroom in Spain’s Groceries
 10/20/2014   Antonio Banderas Awarded “Goya of Honor” for 2015 (VIDEO)
  Science, Nature & Technology
 10/20/2014   Budapest Uses Success of Its Startups to Become European Technology Center
 10/20/2014   Study of Prehistoric Fish Reveals Origin of Sex
 10/19/2014   NASA to Monitor Comet Passing Close to Mars on Sunday
 10/18/2014   Google Launches .soy, a New Web Domain for the Hispanic Market
 10/17/2014   Chile Develops Plant-Based Technology to Remediate Mining Waste
  Society (Click here for more)
 10/20/2014   Monica Lewinsky Debuts on Twitter
 10/20/2014   Japanese Empress Hopes for Peace on Her 80th Birthday
 10/17/2014   Prince George Saves Primary School from Closure
 10/15/2014   Mark Zuckerberg Buys a Part of Hawaiian Island for $100 Million
 10/9/2014   Prince and Princess of Monaco Confirm They Are Expecting Twins
  Job Openings in the Americas
 10/7/2014   Live and Work in the USA -- Register for FREE for a US Diversity Visa
 9/24/2014   US Attorney for Puerto Rico
 9/19/2014   Bloomberg Economy/Government Reporter Job In Venezuela
 9/4/2014   World Bank Seeks Consultant in the IFC Gender Secretariat
 8/16/2014   Human Rights Specialist at OAS's Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)

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