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  Top Story
Venezuela Week 3: Sit-In Blocks Main Highways -- 24 Now Dead
Opposition lawmaker Juan Andres Mejia told media at the site of one of the protests that the sit-in was not going to be lifted until the government calls for general elections....
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 4/26/2017   Venezuela Announces Quitting OAS (VIDEO)
 4/26/2017   OAS Votes to Call High-Level Foreign Minister Meeting on Venezuela (VIDEO)
 4/25/2017   Maduro: 29 People Killed in Venezuela Protests
 4/25/2017   Venezuelan AG Office Confirms 26 Dead in Protest Violence
 4/25/2017   Venezuela Investigates Incident in Which Caracas Police Chief Was Shot (VIDEO)
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 4/24/2017   Colombia’s President Visits Paraguay
 4/23/2017   Colombia’s El Torno: Model Town for Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change
 4/21/2017   Colombia to Host May Meeting of US Tour Operators
 4/19/2017   Colombia Mudslides Leave at least 14 Dead, 9 Missing
 4/19/2017   Colombia’s President Unveils Measures to Combat Corruption
 4/25/2017   Sombrerete, the Mexican Mining Town That Became a Cultural Heritage Site
 4/25/2017   Video of Mexican Lawmaker Taking Money for Lopez Obrador Sparks Controversy
 4/24/2017   Head of US Business Group Calls for NAFTA Overhaul during Mexico Visit
 4/23/2017   Nine Drug Traffickers Die in Shootout in Western Mexico
 4/23/2017   Police Find 10 Bodies in Mass Grave in Southern Mexico
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 4/25/2017   Thousands of Indigenous Protest in Brasilia, Demanding Demarcation of Land
 4/25/2017   Brazilian Police Arrest 10 for Heist in Paraguay
 4/24/2017   Cops, Robbers Engage in Deadly Clashes on Paraguay-Brazil Border
 4/24/2017   Rajoy, Temer Praise Each Other’s Reforms, See Way Open for New Investments
 4/24/2017   Schwarzenegger Meets with Sao Paulo Mayor to Discuss Green Energy
 4/25/2017   Argentina Trains Civil Servants for a Computer-Savvy Government
 4/24/2017   Argentine Producers Give Away Free Vegetables to Demand Access to Land
 4/18/2017   Macri Welcomes Swiss Leader to Argentina
 4/18/2017   Controversial Study Questions Shade of Blue in Argentina’s Flag
 4/17/2017   Argentine Film Professionals Mobilize to Demand Government Respect for Its Funds
 4/19/2017   Argentina Returns 16th-Century Coins to Bolivia
 4/18/2017   Argentine Musicians Bring Joy to Bolivian Hospitals, Nursing Homes
 4/17/2017   Bolivian President Speaks with New Voice after Larynx Surgery
 4/17/2017   Bolivia Coca Growers Seek Suspension of New Coca Law
 4/15/2017   Latest in Bolivian Architecture: Houses Inspired by the Transformer Robots
 4/25/2017   Almost 15,000 Homeless due to Rains, Flooding in Dominican Republic
 4/24/2017   Dominican Republic Launches Campaign to Vaccinate 200,000 Girls against HPV
 4/21/2017   Dominican Authorities Seize 390 Drug Packets
 4/18/2017   Jamaica's Economy to Expand 2% in 2017, Says IMF
 4/16/2017   Illegal Alien Dominican in NY Gets 4 Years in Cocaine Conspiracy, Illegal Possession of a Firearm, and False IDs
  Central America
 4/24/2017   Guatemalan Indian Honored for His Fight to Protect the Earth
 4/23/2017   Panama Canal Pilots Train with Mini-Vessels before Steering Neopanamax Ships
 4/20/2017   Taiwan Thanks Panamanian Ambassador for Improved Bilateral Ties
 4/19/2017   Guatemalan Cops Out in Force for Extradition Hearing of Fugitive Mexican Politician
 4/17/2017   Specialists at Panama’s Biggest Hospital Strike for Back Pay
 4/24/2017   Powerful Quake Rocks Central Chile, Coastal Zone Evacuated as Precaution
 4/15/2017   Strong Earthquake Hits Northern Chile
 4/13/2017   Chile Overhauls Pinochet-Era Private Retirement System
 4/11/2017   Thousands of Students Protest Higher Education Reform Bill in Chile
 4/10/2017   Former Chilean President Pulls Out of Race for 2nd Term
 4/18/2017   US Sentences Cuban to Life for WMD Terrorism
 4/17/2017   Cuban Minister Invites Spanish King, Prime Minister, to Visit the Island
 4/7/2017   How Cubans Deal with the Worst Drought in a Century
 4/2/2017   Cuban Government Restricts Sale of Premium Gasoline
 3/31/2017   Cuba to Sell Premium Gasoline Only to Tourists
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 4/23/2017   Ecuador’s Ruling Party Celebrates Election Victory
 4/18/2017   Ecuador Electoral Officials Begins Vote Recount in Presidential Election
 4/18/2017   Strong Earthquake Rocks Ecuador, Peru
 4/14/2017   Electoral Council of Ecuador Says It Will Conduct a Vote Recount
 4/7/2017   China’s Xi Congratulates Ecuador’s Moreno for Winning Election
 4/16/2017   Easter Parade Draws Thousands of Catholics in Ayacucho, Peru
 4/8/2017   The Sweet Revolution of a Swiss-Peruvian Chocolate Manufacturing Co-Op
 4/4/2017   Trump Offers Peru’s President Assistance after Floods
 3/31/2017   Death Toll in Peru Rises to 97 and Affected Households to 200,000
 3/30/2017   About 2,000 Corpses in Cemetery Swept Away by Landslides in Peru’s Trujillo
 4/25/2017   Spain’s Rajoy Arrives in Montevideo on 1st Official Visit
 4/17/2017   Uruguay Makes Pregnant Women, Children Priority for Flu Shots
 4/13/2017   Farm and City Meet in Uruguay’s Traditional Fair
 4/11/2017   More Than 600 Evacuated in Northern Uruguay due to Flooding
 4/9/2017   Faithful Gather in Montevideo to Celebrate Palm Sunday
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 4/25/2017   Spanish PM Sees EU-Mercosur Agreement Near, Wants to Close Deal This Year
 4/17/2017   Paraguay’s President Drops Bid to Allow Re-election
 4/12/2017   Paraguayans Prepare for Big Feast before Good Friday Fast
 4/7/2017   Main Opposition Absent from Paraguay Talks on Presidential Re-election
 4/6/2017   Paraguayan Lawmakers Ask Senate Chief to Return to Dialogue Table
 4/26/2017   White House Blasts Judge's Decision to Block Sanctuary City Executive Order
 4/26/2017   South Korea, US Conduct Live-Fire Military Exercise
 4/26/2017   China Predicts More Tension over THAAD Anti-Missile System
 4/26/2017   Trump, Trudeau Discuss Dairy and Lumber Trade in Telephone Call
 4/26/2017   Turnbull to Meet with Trump, Reaffirming Their Alliance in New York
  World (Click here for more)
 4/26/2017   Police Raid Properties of Ex-Catalan Regional President after Son Imprisoned
 4/26/2017   Amnesty International Seeks Immediate Release of Zambia's Opposition Leader
 4/26/2017   Fighting Between Turkish Army, Kurdish Militias in Northern Syria
 4/26/2017   10 Arrested in France, Belgium Suspected of Aiding 2015 Charlie Hebdo Attack
 4/26/2017   NSW Police Sets Up Special Unit to Deal with lone Wolves
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 4/25/2017   Trump Threatens Canada over Milk Imports
 4/25/2017   European Council Gives Green Light to New Set Directives to Prevent EU Fraud
 4/25/2017   Air China to Resume Flights to Pyongyang on May 5
 4/25/2017   British Universities Could Suffer Brain Drain due to Brexit, Report Warns
 4/25/2017   Dotcom Asks New Zealand Police to Question FBI Chief James Comey
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 4/26/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $49.21
 4/24/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $49.99
 4/21/2017   US Treasury Blocks ExxonMobil from Russia
 4/21/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $50.48
 4/21/2017   China Allows 4 North Korean Ships to Moor at Tangshan Coal Port
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 4/23/2017   Beatrice Rangel: From the Age of Aquarius to the O’Reilly Factor
 4/18/2017   Beatrice Rangel: The Emerging Trump Doctrine
 4/10/2017   Beatrice Rangel: And the Lion Roared!!!
 4/3/2017   Beatrice Rangel: Ecuador -- And the Count Goes On!!
 4/3/2017   Michael Rowan: Can Anything Be Done to Help Venezuela Survive?
  Sports (Click here for more)
 4/26/2017   Leonard Spurs San Antonio to 3-2 Lead over Memphis Grizzlies
 4/25/2017   Granada Closer to Relegation after Falling 2-0 to Malaga (VIDEO)
 4/25/2017   Villarreal Stonewalls Atletico Madrid 1-0 (VIDEO)
 4/25/2017   Chelsea Adds to Premier League Lead with 4-2 Win over Southampton (VIDEO)
 4/25/2017   Sporting Drops Points at Home in 1-1 Draw with Espanyol (VIDEO)
  Arts & Entertainment
 4/26/2017   World's Tallest Observatory Opens in Shanghai
 4/25/2017   New Season of “Sense8” Series Continues to Celebrate Sexual Freedom
 4/25/2017   New Yoga Class in Bangkok Combines Stretching with Beer
 4/25/2017   Elton John Cancels Upcoming Concerts in the US due to Bacterial Infection
 4/24/2017   Low-Temperature Eggs, Powdered Octopus: Madrid Gourmet Salon’s Hot Novelties
  Science, Nature & Technology
 4/26/2017   Plastic Waste in Oceans Adversely Affecting Plankton Breeding
 4/26/2017   Cleanup Begins on Heavily Polluted, Weed-Choked Lake in Southern India
 4/26/2017   China Launches Advanced Aircraft Carrier as Global Tensions Escalate
 4/25/2017   New Smartphone App in Malaysia Simulates Life or Death Choices Refugees Face
 4/24/2017   Trump Wants Americans to Set Foot on Mars during His 1st Term
  Society (Click here for more)
 4/25/2017   Saudi Arabia’s King Receives Spain’s Former Monarch
 4/21/2017   UK Confirms Spanish Royal Visit Postponed until July due to General Election
 4/21/2017   Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Her 91st Birthday
 4/19/2017   Thailand to Cremate Late King Bhumibol on Oct. 26
 4/17/2017   Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms Receives ALBA Human Rights Award
  Job Openings in the Americas
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 8/14/2015   US Attorney in El Salvador

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