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  Top Story
Asylum Requests Surge due to Crises in Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras
According to UNHCR figures, the displaced population in the Americas numbers more than 7 million people, while asylum requests – particularly from natives of Venezuela and Central America – have risen sharply...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 6/24/2019   Venezuela's Maduro Attacks US Southcom Chief at Military Event
 6/20/2019   Venezuela Regime Releases 3% of Political Prisoners as UN Arrives
 6/19/2019   Red Cross Gives Venezuela Hospitals Mosquito Nets to Battle Malaria
 6/19/2019   Venezuelans Make Fresh Start in Remote Colombian Region
 6/18/2019   Pence Thanks Latin America for Generosity in Supporting Venezuela’s Freedom
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 6/23/2019   Colombia Land Disputes Pose Grave Risks for Social Leaders
 6/23/2019   Cops Seize Ton of Colombian Cocaine in Raid on Two Drug Rings
 6/21/2019   Leaders of Colombia’s FARC Mull Response to Killings of Comrades
 6/18/2019   Santos Administration Left No Money for Peace Projects, Colombian VP Says
 6/16/2019   Colombian Agency Makes Investment Pitch in New Zealand and Australia
 6/23/2019   Mexico is Fertile Ground for Proliferation of Sects
 6/22/2019   Mexican Officials Find 200 Pregnant Women among Migrants
 6/21/2019   Three Killed in Shootout in Western Mexico
 6/21/2019   Mexican Airline Offers Undocumented Migrants $1 Repatriation Flights
 6/20/2019   Inconsistent Data Mars Effort to Learn Full Scope of Mexico’s Secret Graves
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 6/21/2019   Bolsonaro to Propose Joint Exploitation of Amazon Rainforest to Japan
 6/20/2019   Bolsonaro Thanks Evangelicals for Support at Huge Religious Event
 6/20/2019   High-Valuation Startups Flourishing in Brazil
 6/17/2019   Analysts Cut Brazil Economic Growth Forecast to Under 1%
 6/17/2019   Gunpowder, Roast Corn, Dancing: Brazil Has World’s Biggest Feast of St. John
 6/18/2019   Teen Killed during Police Operation in Northern Argentina
 6/17/2019   Similar Massive Blackouts Unlikely in Future, Argentine Government Says
 6/17/2019   Electricity Restored in Argentina after Historic Blackout
 6/16/2019   Argentina Recovers Electricity after Massive Father’s Day Blackout
 6/12/2019   Macri Chooses Opposition Leader in Senate as Vice-Presidential Candidate
 6/21/2019   Bolivia Marks Winter Solstice with Nationwide Celebrations
 6/18/2019   Bolivia Inaugurates Its 1st Capsule Hotel
 6/10/2019   Women at the Wheel: Bolivian Moms Unite to Provide Safe Transport
 6/7/2019   This Bolivian Is Best Friend of More Than 1,000 Stray Dogs
 6/3/2019   Bolivian Capital’s Witches Market Blends Traditions and Mysticism
 6/21/2019   Question of Fuel Subsidies Lies at the Bottom of Haiti’s Crisis
 6/18/2019   HRW: Dominican Women Being Denied Sexual, Reproductive Rights
 6/17/2019   Several Injured as Haitian Protesters Keep Demanding President’s Resignation
 6/11/2019   Haitian Prime Minister Condemns Violence in Anti-Government Protests
 6/10/2019   New Anti-Government Protest in Haiti Leaves Several Dead
  Central America
 6/20/2019   Two Die in Violent Protests in Honduras
 6/19/2019   Panama’s San Blas Archipelago Being Swallowed by the Sea
 6/19/2019   Opponents Say Nicaraguan Government Reneged on Pledge to Free Prisoners
 6/18/2019   OAS Rejects Claims of Election Fraud in Guatemala
 6/17/2019   Guatemalan Presidential Contest Headed to Runoff
 6/19/2019   Chilean Scientists Sound Alarm as Glaciers Retreat
 6/15/2019   One Miner Rescued in Northern Chile, Another Found Dead, a Third Missing
 6/11/2019   Economists Cut 2019 GDP Forecasts for Chile to 2.9%
 6/6/2019   Chile, Ecuador to Start Talks on Trade Pact
 6/5/2019   Chile Posts 2.1% Rise in Economic Activity
 6/19/2019   Diaz-Canel Meets in Havana with Head of British Business Delegation
 6/14/2019   Cuban Entrepreneurs Feel the Pain from Drop in US Tourists
 6/14/2019   US Fines Expedia $325,000 for Providing Travel Services to Cuba
 6/5/2019   Some 800,000 Reservations Affected by US Ban on Cuba Cruises
 6/5/2019   Cuban Entrepreneurs Suffer after New Travel Restrictions Imposed by Trump
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 6/15/2019   Ecuadorian Sex Workers Assert Rights through Pioneering Union
 6/15/2019   Former Ecuadorian President: “Assange Will Be Extradited to the US”
 6/9/2019   Ecuador Waging Implacable Fight against Wildlife Trafficking
 6/6/2019   Plazuela: Ecuador’s Hamlet of Widows
 5/19/2019   Ecuador’s Virgin of Quinche is Object of Devotion Taken Note of by Vatican
 5/21/2019   A Darker Side of Paraguay Flooding: Isolation of Elderly
 5/2/2019   First Female Head of Paraguay University Wants More Women in High Positions
 4/13/2019   Paraguay Urges Isolating Venezuela’s Maduro to Force Him from Power
 2/26/2019   Paraguayan, Brazilian Leaders Meet at Binational Dam
 2/25/2019   Paraguay Launches Initiate to Promote Gender Equality
 5/29/2019   Peru to Spend $140 Million to Protect Big Chunk of Amazon
 5/10/2019   Peruvian Climber Who Died on Nepal’s Mt. Makalu to Be Cremated in Kathmandu
 5/7/2019   Peruvian Ex-President, First Lady Charged with Money Laundering
 5/1/2019   Machu Picchu Train Service Resumes from Southern Peruvian City of Cusco
 4/27/2019   Book Shines Light on Slave Camps Run by Peru’s Maoist-Inspired Shining Path
 6/21/2019   Hot Meals Provide Relief for Homeless Flood Victims in Uruguay
 6/9/2019   Uruguayan Rapper Kung Fu OmBijam Brings Culture, Education to Prison
 5/31/2019   Uruguay University Marks 15th Anniversary of Bicycle Parking Lot
 4/28/2019   Uruguay, China Sign Memorandum to Improve Air Connections
 4/27/2019   Social Networks Help Russians Make Uruguay Their Home
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 6/21/2019   Latin America Needs Innovation, Planning for Sustainability
 6/20/2019   US-China Tension Affects Latin America Technology, UN Official Warns
 6/18/2019   Latin American Exports Decline First Time in 2 Years, Inter-American Bank Says
 6/11/2019   Princess Mako to Visit Peru, Bolivia to Mark Japanese Immigration Anniversary
 6/8/2019   Chilean, Brazilian Business Owners Recognized for Their Social Impact
 6/23/2019   Bolton Warns Iran: ‘Do Not Confuse Prudence with Weakness’
 6/23/2019   India Criticizes US Religious Violence Report before Official Visit
 6/23/2019   US Reportedly Launched Covert Cyberattack against Iran
 6/22/2019   Trump Says He’ll Delay Deportation Raids for 2 Weeks
 6/22/2019   US Forces Deny Withdrawing Base Contractors in Iraq amid Tensions with Iran
  World (Click here for more)
 6/24/2019   Revote in Istanbul Rebukes Erdogan
 6/24/2019   Myanmar Model Gets Medical License Revoked for 'Sexy' Social Media Posts
 6/24/2019   3 Arrested after Indonesian Factory Fire that Left 30 Dead
 6/24/2019   Death Toll Rises to 25 in Cambodia Building Collapse
 6/24/2019   Australia Evacuates First Group of Orphaned Children of Militants from Syria
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 6/23/2019   ASEAN Leaders Oppose Protectionism amid US-China Trade War
 6/23/2019   Southeast Asian Countries Find Common Ground on World’s Largest Trade Deal
 6/22/2019   Southeast Asian Leaders Meet in Bangkok to Talk Free Trade, Sustainability
 6/21/2019   Japanese Security Companies Benefit from US’s China Concerns
 6/21/2019   Coke and Pepsi Want to Sell You Bottled Water without the Bottle
  Oil, Mining & Energy (Click here for more)
 6/17/2019   Iran to Exceed Enriched Uranium Stockpile Limits in 10 Days
 6/17/2019   Indonesian Seaweed Farmers Begin Damages Trial for Oil Spill in Australia
 6/15/2019   G20 Energy Ministers Debate Energy Supplies, Environment in Meeting
 6/15/2019   Gulf of Oman Attacks Trigger Tighter Security on Key Shipping Routes
 6/14/2019   Commodities Report: Attack in Gulf of Oman Lifts Oil, Shale Outlook
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 6/24/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: The Ideas of Freedom – the Debate Continues
 6/24/2019   Beatrice Rangel: A Leadership of Hackers?
 6/17/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Venezuela, Cuba and How Political Power is Never Surrendered by Peaceful Means
 6/17/2019   Beatrice Rangel: Something is About to Blow-Up in Latin America
 6/10/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Ah, the Brexit!
  Sports (Click here for more)
 6/24/2019   Japan Goalkeeper: It'd be Weird to Have Non-Asian Teams in Asian Cup
 6/24/2019   Valencia Says Japan Could be Dangerous Ahead of Copa America Encounter
 6/24/2019   Japan Forward Okazaki Confident of Making Copa America Quarterfinals
 6/24/2019   Wallenda Siblings Cross Times Square on Wire 25 Stories High
 6/23/2019   Colombia Continues Perfect Copa America Record, Besting Paraguay 1-0
  Arts & Entertainment
 6/23/2019   Pools, Pop and Colors in the Last Day of Paris Fashion Week
 6/23/2019   Thailand’s Last Remaining Artisans Craft Alms Bowls for Buddhist Monks
 6/22/2019   Love of Fine Food Tops Controversy over Immigration in US
 6/22/2019   Mexican Rock Band Refuses to Be Limited by Disabilities
 6/21/2019   The Rare Faberge Pieces That Link British, Russian Royal Families
  Science, Nature & Technology
 6/21/2019   Anthropologist Defends Role of Indigenous People as Amazon Managers
 6/21/2019   Robot Ai-Da: I Am the World’s First Robot Artist
 6/21/2019   DRC Confirms Almost 1,500 Dead in Latest Ebola Outbreak
 6/20/2019   European Black Rhinos Take on Mission to Repopulate Rwanda
 6/19/2019   High Levels of Trust in Vaccines Globally, South Asia Tops List
  Society (Click here for more)
 6/17/2019   Spain’s King Felipe VI Invested in Prestigious UK Order of Garter
 6/10/2019   UK’s Prince Philip Turns 98, Royal Family Share Historic Photographs Online
 5/27/2019   Former King of Spain Announces Retirement from Public Life
 5/21/2019   UK’s Prince Charles and Camilla Visit Ireland
 5/21/2019   Victoria: An Exploration of the UK Queen to Mark 200th Birth Anniversary
  Job Openings in the Americas
 4/16/2019   Deputy Director and Senior Fellow - Americas Program - CSIS
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador

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