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Obama Begins Defense of Immigration Plan
President Barack Obama was welcomed on Friday with cries of “Si se puede” (Yes We Can!) after announcing a set of executive measures that could shield some 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 11/22/2014   Venezuela Oil Barrel Falls Below $70
 11/21/2014   VenEconomy: A Thorn in the Side of the Venezuelan Dictatorship
 11/21/2014   VenEconomía: Las Piedras en el Zapato de la Dictadura
 11/20/2014   VenEconomy: An Irrelevant, Pernicious Economic Package for Venezuela
 11/20/2014   VenEconomía: Un Paquetazo, Improcedente y Pernicioso
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 11/24/2014   Colombian Government Only Has Data on Release of 2 Soldiers
 11/24/2014   Colombia Extradites FARC Kidnapper of US Hostages
 11/23/2014   FARC Requests Protocols Be Fulfilled So That It Can Release Hostages
 11/22/2014   Colombian President: FARC to Release General Next Week
 11/21/2014   Ecopetrol, Talisman Announce Oil Find in Colombia
 11/24/2014   Students Call for Mexican President to Step Down Within 6 Days
 11/24/2014   Mexico’s Missing Students Case Impacts Relations with Uruguay and Chile
 11/23/2014   Mexican Delegation Seeks Expanded Business Opportunities in Algeria
 11/23/2014   Chilean Arrested in Protests over Missing Students in Mexico
 11/23/2014   No U.S. Agents Fighting Drug Cartels in Mexico, Government Says
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 11/23/2014   Governing Party Senator Got Petrobras Money, Brazilian Newspaper Reports
 11/22/2014   Brazil’s JBS Expands into Asia with Acquisition of Australia-Based Primo
 11/21/2014   Brazil’s Petrobras Brings New Oil Platform into Operation
 11/20/2014   Former Brazilian Attorney General Marcio Thomaz Bastos Dies
 11/20/2014   Brazil Banks Show Adequate 3Q Profits Despite Economy Says Fitch
 11/22/2014   Fitch Cuts IMPSA, WPEI, and Venti to Default
 11/21/2014   Argentine Senators Accused of Sedition in Battle over High Court
 11/21/2014   Documents Expose Diplomatic Deals Between Cuba, Argentine Junta
 11/20/2014   Father of Netherlands’ Queen Maxima Released from Argentine Hospital
 11/20/2014   Canada’s Goldcorp to Inaugurate Argentine Gold, Silver Mine in February
 11/21/2014   Bolivian: Gender Violence Not Increasing, Just Better Reported
 11/19/2014   Bolivia, France Sign Accords on Nuclear Energy, Lithium
 11/18/2014   Bolivia Confirms Meeting of G77 Energy Ministers for Late November
 11/17/2014   Swiss Return to Bolivia Pre-Columbian Figurine Looted in 1858
 11/17/2014   Falling Oil Prices Not a Concern for Bolivia’s Economy, Official Says
 11/23/2014   Director of U.S. Virgin Islands Legislature Convicted of Bribery and Extortion
 11/21/2014   Guyana’s Main Opposition Demands Elections Now
 11/21/2014   More Women in STEM Fields May Reduce Gender Pay Gap in Caribbean
 11/21/2014   Puerto Rico: More Than 18,000 Chikungunya Infections, 5 Related Deaths
 11/20/2014   Study: Majority of Haitian Migrants in the Bahamas are Protestant
  Central America
 11/24/2014   Canada “Part of the Problem” of Violating Human Rights in Guatemala, AI Says
 11/23/2014   Nobel Winner Oscar Arias Hospitalized to Correct Problem with Pacemaker
 11/23/2014   2 MS-13 Gangmembers Get Heavy Prison Terms in Separate Drug Dealer Shoot-Outs
 11/21/2014   100,000 Guatemalans Could Benefit from Obama’s Executive Order
 11/21/2014   Four Involved in the Murder of Miss Honduras World and Sister Sent to Prison
 11/23/2014   Thousands Protest in Chile in Favor of Constitutional Assembly
 11/21/2014   Two Chilean Colonels Sentenced for Death of Michelle Bachelet’s Father
 11/21/2014   Fire in Chile Leaves Two Missing and More Than 200 Affected
 11/20/2014   Chile’s Economy in Modest Recovery over Q4
 11/20/2014   Chile Aims to Replicate European Model of Business Concentration
 11/24/2014   Spain’s Foreign Minister in Cuba for Bilateral and Regional Talks
 11/23/2014   Spain to Relay “Very Concrete Messages” from U.S. to Cuba, Daily Reports
 11/22/2014   Cuban Doctor with Ebola in Stable Yet Worrying Condition
 11/21/2014   Cuba Says Measures to Make Food More Affordable Fall Short
 11/21/2014   Cuban Doctor Diagnosed with Ebola in Sierra Leone Reaches Geneva
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 11/17/2014   Iranian Nobel Laureate to Inaugurate UNESCO Chair at University of Ecuador
 11/14/2014   Panama Sends Fugitive Ecuadorian Politician Back to Quito
 11/10/2014   Ecuador Police Seize 1.8 Tons of Cocaine Headed for Mexico
 11/9/2014   Experts to Ecuador to Analyze Importance of Technological Innovation
 11/8/2014   At Least 15 Die in Ecuador Bus Accident
 11/23/2014   Bolivian Plane Carrying Drugs Crashes in Central Peru
 11/21/2014   Rediscovered Effigy Inspires Peru Indians to Resist Deforestation
 11/18/2014   Widows of Murdered Tribal Leaders in Peru Unable to Return to Their Homes
 11/17/2014   Peru’s GDP Rose 2.68% in September
 11/14/2014   Pope Francis Receives Peruvian President and His Wife
 11/24/2014   Uruguay’s Mujica Expresses Support for Mexican Government after Diplomatic Flap
 11/14/2014   Uruguay’s Mujica Says He Won’t Sell Famous VW Beetle
 11/14/2014   Uruguay Teen Was Raped, Beheaded by Sister’s Boyfriend, Police Say
 11/11/2014   Uruguay’s President Inaugurates Clinic in Prison Where He Was Tortured
 11/6/2014   WHO Supports Uruguay in Legal Battle with Philip Morris
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 11/21/2014   Latin American Entrepreneurs Gather in Medellin, Colombia
 11/21/2014   Summit in Veracruz to Give New Vision to Ibero-America, Garcia-Margallo Says
 11/20/2014   EFE Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Photo Exhibit in Paraguay
 11/20/2014   Unicef Official Calls for Combating Discrimination in Latin America
 11/19/2014   OAS to Elect New Secretary General on March 18, 2015
 11/24/2014   Texas Police Chief Gets 5 Years for Selling Green Cards to Illegal Aliens
 11/23/2014   Controversial Former Washington Mayor Marion Barry Dies
 11/22/2014   Obama Reportedly Authorizes Bigger U.S. Role in Afghanistan in 2015
 11/22/2014   White House Backs Sanctions Against Venezuela (VIDEO)
 11/21/2014   New York Man Dies after Accidental Shooting by Cop
  World (Click here for more)
 11/24/2014   Riyadh Sentences 94 People to Prison for Joining Jihadist Ranks
 11/24/2014   Bomb Attack Kills 2, Injures 23 in Southern Philippines
 11/24/2014   Aftershock Warnings after Strong Earthquake Rocks Central Japan
 11/24/2014   At Least 40 IS Jihadists Killed in Clashes and Airstrikes in Northern Syria
 11/24/2014   Bangladeshi Politician Gets Death Penalty for War Crimes
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 11/24/2014   Russia Admits Losing $40 Billion a Year Due to Sanctions
 11/21/2014   Japanese Government Concerned by Yen’s Rapid Fall against the Dollar
 11/21/2014   American Airlines Considering Headquarters Move
 11/20/2014   Consumer Price Index in U.S. Unchanged in October
 11/20/2014   U.S. Weekly Unemployment Claims Fall 2,000
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 11/24/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $75.42
 11/21/2014   One Dies in Blast on Oil Platform in Gulf of Mexico
 11/21/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Slightly Drops to $74.03
 11/20/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Drops Again
 11/19/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $74.36
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 11/16/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Tale of Two Walls
 11/9/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Across the Americas, We the PEOPLE
 11/2/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Across Latin America, The Populist Beat Goes On!!
 10/30/2014   Sarnoff: How Many Safe Houses Exist in the United States?
 10/29/2014   Sherman: Strenthening Understanding Through Latin American Educational Exchanges
  Sports (Click here for more)
 11/24/2014   Djokovic Maintains Top Spot in World Ranking
 11/23/2014   Levante Stymies Valencia 2-1
 11/23/2014   Bills Practice in Detroit for Game against Jets
 11/23/2014   Hamilton Wins His 2nd F1 Title in Abu Dhabi
 11/23/2014   Switzerland Wins 1st Davis Cup Title
  Arts & Entertainment
 11/24/2014   Disney’s New Take on Fairy Tales with the Musical “Into the Woods” (VIDEO)
 11/23/2014   Gloria Estefan Celebrates 40th Anniversary of “The Phantom of the Paradise” (VIDEO)
 11/22/2014   Abreu: When Music Enters Children’s Lives, They Are No Longer Poor
 11/22/2014   Bill Cosby Well Received at Florida Show Despite Sex-Abuse Accusations
 11/21/2014   Blue Diamond Auctioned for Record Price of $32.6 Million
  Science, Nature & Technology
 11/24/2014   Complete Fossil of Small Dinosaur Found in South Korea
 11/24/2014   Russian Spacecraft Soyuz TMA-15M Docks at International Space Station
 11/23/2014   Police Find 500 Dead Sea Lions on Peruvian Coast
 11/22/2014   Spanish Scientists in U.S. Debut Their Association in Boston
 11/20/2014   Apple to Incorporate Beats Music Service into iOS
  Society (Click here for more)
 11/21/2014   Thousands Line the Streets of Seville to Bid Farewell to the Duchess of Alba
 11/20/2014   With the Duchess of Alba, Spain Loses One of Its Most Charismatic Figures
 11/20/2014   The Duchess of Alba, the Aristocrat with Most Titles in the World, Dies at 88
 11/19/2014   Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia Visit Rome
 11/17/2014   Spain’s Duchess of Alba Hospitalized in Seville
  Job Openings in the Americas
 11/11/2014   Bloomberg Reporter Job in Buenos Aires
 10/7/2014   Live and Work in the USA -- Register for FREE for a US Diversity Visa
 9/24/2014   US Attorney for Puerto Rico
 9/19/2014   Bloomberg Economy/Government Reporter Job In Venezuela
 9/4/2014   World Bank Seeks Consultant in the IFC Gender Secretariat

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