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  Top Story
Venezuela Confirms China as a Pillar of its Economy
With a new portfolio of accords and almost $5.7 billion in loans, the Asian giant will provide support in many key areas to the South American country...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 7/20/2014   As President Xi Arrives, China Development Bank Opens Branch in Venezuela
 7/20/2014   Opposition Mayor Stabbed to Death in Venezuela
 7/19/2014   Venezuela Oil Price Continues Falling Even as Mid-East, Ukraine Escalate
 7/16/2014   VenEconomy: Venezuelan Government Plays Sick Game with Education
 7/16/2014   VenEconomía: Juego Perverso
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 7/21/2014   Colombia Nabs Rebel Chief Wanted by U.S. on Drug Charges
 7/21/2014   Colombia’s Santos Vows to Restore Presidential Term Limits
 7/21/2014   Banco de Bogota Upgraded to BBB+ by Fitch
 7/18/2014   Former Colombian Spy Chief Charged in 1989 Political Murder
 7/16/2014   Colombia’s Ecopetrol Announces Crude Find in U.S. Gulf of Mexico
 7/22/2014   More Than 150 Complaints of Abuse against La Gran Familia Shelter in Mexico
 7/21/2014   Head of Scandal-Plagued Mexican Children’s Shelter Won’t Face Charges
 7/21/2014   Mexican Man Arrested After Posting Murder Confession on Facebook
 7/21/2014   Police Find 5 Bodies in Clandestine Graves in Northwest Mexico
 7/20/2014   Mexico Allows 13 Cuban Migrants to Be Brought Ashore
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 7/21/2014   Brazil Boosts Security in “Pacified” District
 7/20/2014   Brazilian Construction Mogul Norberto Odebrecht Dies at 93
 7/18/2014   Brazilian Homeless Activists Renew Protests
 7/18/2014   China to Boost Investment in Brazil, President Says
 7/18/2014   Brazil’s Economy Contracts 0.18% in May
 7/20/2014   Chinese President Hails Strong Relations with Argentina
 7/18/2014   China President in Buenos Aires Loans Argentina $7.5 Billion
 7/15/2014   Argentina Names New Presidential Jet after Bishop Killed by Military
 7/14/2014   Over 120 Arrested, 70 Injured in Disturbances in Argentina’s Capital
 7/10/2014   Argentina Holdout Negotiations Move Forward in New York
 7/17/2014   Russia Offers to Assist Bolivia with Nuclear Energy Program
 7/10/2014   Youths Found Dead Appear to Have Been Lynched, Bolivian Police Say
 7/8/2014   Three Die in Bolivia after Drinking Insecticide
 7/8/2014   Bolivia Blasts Chile Denial of World Court Jurisdiction in Land Dispute
 7/7/2014   Policeman with Bolivian Presidential Detail Dies in Traffic Accident
 7/21/2014   Machine Gun Toting Drug Dealer Arrested in Puerto Rico
 7/20/2014   Baby with Chikungunya Symptoms Dies in Dominican Republic, Family Says
 7/8/2014   10 Guards Injured in Prison Riot in Puerto Rico
 7/6/2014   Puerto Rico to Open Trade Promotion Office in Colombia
 7/2/2014   Puerto Rico Public Employees Protest Pay Cuts
  Central America
 7/21/2014   Missing Honduran Journalist Found Dead
 7/21/2014   Kids Face Choice between Fear in Central America or Being Deported in U.S.
 7/21/2014   Cases of Dengue Fever Drop 75% in Costa Rica
 7/20/2014   Five Dead in Violent Incidents in El Salvador
 7/20/2014   Attacks on Sandinista Bus Caravans in Nicaragua Leave 5 Dead, 25 Wounded
 7/18/2014   Chile’s Electricity Costs Among World’s Highest, Industry Group Says
 7/10/2014   Chile’s Codelco Opens Bidding Process for $2.3 Billion Fuel Contract
 7/8/2014   Three Tons of Drugs Seized in Chile
 7/3/2014   Chile’s Bachelet Introduces $27 Billion Infrastructure Program
 6/30/2014   Obama Calls Chile a Model Democracy
 7/18/2014   Miami to Build Cuban Exile Museum
 7/16/2014   Russia to Re-Activate Intelligence Center in Cuba, Daily Says
 7/14/2014   World Health Organization Chief Visits Cuba
 7/12/2014   Putin Hails Cuba’s “Strategic” Importance for Russia
 7/9/2014   New Cuban Container Terminal Handles 57 Ships in 6 Months
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 7/17/2014   Ecuador Reaches Trade Agreement with the European Union
 7/10/2014   Spain’s Repsol to Develop New Oil Field in Ecuador
 6/14/2014   Ecuador to Take Legal Action Against Using Indian Blood for Research
 6/3/2014   Spain’s Princess Elena Visits Ecuador
 5/29/2014   Experts Cautious about Oil Project in Ecuador’s Amazon Region
 7/21/2014   EU Supports Peru with $43 Million to Combat Drug Smuggling
 7/20/2014   Deputy PM Saenz de Santamaria Meets with Spanish Business Leaders in Peru
 7/14/2014   Spain’s Tecnicas Reunidas to Build Electric Plant in Peru
 7/2/2014   Hero of Peru’s Battle with Shining Path Arrested
 6/24/2014   Nine Die in Boat Collision in Peru
 7/16/2014   U.S. to Send 6 Guantanamo Prisoners to Uruguay
 7/6/2014   Uruguay’s Montes del Plata Paper Company Sends First Exports to Asia
 6/18/2014   Uruguay Enters New Oil-Exploration Phase
 6/8/2014   Two Uruguayans, One Dominican Convicted of People Trafficking
 6/6/2014   Uruguayan Lauds Spanish King’s Support for Latin American Integration
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 7/18/2014   China Offers $35 Billion for Latin America Infrastructure, Development
 7/17/2014   Latin America’s Lost, Wasted Food Could Feed Region’s Hungry
 7/17/2014   Intel Executive: Latin Americans Want Better Mobile Devices, More Internet Access
 7/16/2014   China Seeks Strategic Relationship with Latin America
 7/14/2014   Paraguay Must Deal with Challenges Posed by Young Population
 7/21/2014   Texas to Send 1,000 National Guard Troops to Border with Mexico
 7/21/2014   Pro-Immigrant Activist Detained at U.S. Airport
 7/21/2014   Federal Contractors Barred from Discriminating against LGBT Workers
 7/20/2014   Fewer Unaccompanied, Undocumented Children Now Entering U.S.
 7/18/2014   Detention of 100 Immigrant Workers in Florida Called “Cruel”
  World (Click here for more)
 7/22/2014   Train Carrying Bodies of Malaysian Plane Crash Victims Arrives in Kharkiv
 7/22/2014   Eight Dead, 81 Injured in Clashes in Libya’s Benghazi
 7/22/2014   IDF Soldier Goes Missing as Death Toll in Gaza Climbs
 7/22/2014   Four Dead Including Three Foreigners in Suicide Attack in Kabul
 7/21/2014   Rebels Turn Over Downed Jet’s Black Boxes to Malaysian Representatives
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 7/22/2014   China’s Rotten Meat Scandal Spreads to Japan
 7/21/2014   McDonald’s and KFC Supplier Shut Down in China for Selling Expired Meat
 7/20/2014   U.S. Tobacco Firm to Appeal $23.6 Billion Court Award to Smoker’s Widow
 7/20/2014   USHCC: Hispanic Entrepreneurs Boost Productivity with Mobiles
 7/20/2014   Dell Begins Accepting Virtual Currency Bitcoin
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 7/18/2014   Croatia Launches Tender for Oil, Gas Blocks
 7/9/2014   Spain’s Repsol to Explore for Gas in Portugal’s Algarve Region
 6/25/2014   Spanish Firm to Withdraw from Gas-Storage Project after Quakes
 6/24/2014   Spain’s Supreme Court Authorizes Oil Prospecting in Canary Islands
 6/16/2014   China Inaugurates 3rd Pipeline Carrying Gas from Central Asia
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 6/28/2014   Jeh Johnson: An Open Letter to the Parents of Children Crossing the U.S. Southwest Border
 5/21/2014   Admiral McRaven: 10 Lessons for Life from the Commander of the Navy Seals That Got Bin Laden (VIDEO)
 4/29/2014   US Secretary of State Kerry: Europeans Must Stop Shrinking Defense Budgets
 3/23/2014   Baer: US Calls on Russia to Uphold its OSCE Commitments
 12/28/2013   Fidel Castro's Reflections: “Mr. President, I’m Castro”
  Sports (Click here for more)
 7/22/2014   Rosell Defends Legality of Neymar’s Deal before Top Spanish Court
 7/22/2014   James Rodriguez Undergoes Medical Examination before Signing with Real Madrid
 7/21/2014   German Defender Hopes to Win Euro Title Just Like Spain
 7/21/2014   Pepe, Alonso, Coentrao Part of Real Madrid Squad for U.S. Tourney
 7/21/2014   Bolt Plans Return to the Track in August
  Arts & Entertainment
 7/22/2014   Zoe Saldaña Says Playing Independent Characters is What She Likes Best
 7/21/2014   Seymour Hoffman Left Fortune to Girlfriend, Excluded His Children
 7/21/2014   Skye McCole Bartusiak, Actress Who Had Role in “The Patriot,” Dies at 21
 7/21/2014   Mike Love: The Beach Boys Would Enjoy Working with Phenom Bruno Mars
 7/20/2014   James Garner, Star of “The Rockford Files,” Dies at 86
  Science, Nature & Technology
 7/22/2014   Study Reports Worldwide Drop in HIV Cases
 7/22/2014   Condom that Neutralizes HIV Virus Gets Clearance
 7/21/2014   FAO Warns People Can Get Infected with Ebola by Eating Fruit Bats
 7/20/2014   U.S. Marks 45th Anniversary of First Moon Landing
 7/16/2014   Cygnus Spacecraft Berths with International Space Station
  Society (Click here for more)
 7/16/2014   Spanish Postal Service Issues EFE 75th Anniversary Stamp
 7/8/2014   Kazakhstan Announces Winners of International Journalism Competition
 6/28/2014   US President Harry S. Truman Marries Elizabeth Wallace 28 June 1919
 6/19/2014   Spain’s Queen Letizia Wears Favorite Shade of White for Royal Ceremony
 6/13/2014   Spain’s Juan Carlos, Sofia to Retain Royal Titles
  Job Openings in the Americas
 3/10/2014   US State Department Looking to Hire Portuguese-Speaking Consular Adjudicators
 2/26/2014   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 1/27/2014   International Broadcaster for Voice of America
 1/26/2014   US Embassy in Mexico Seeks Deputy Attache Attorney
 12/11/2013   US Seeks Legal Advisor for Colombia

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