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  Top Story
Venezuelan Opposition Calls for Protest “Against Hunger and Crime”
The protest “will take place next Saturday, Aug. 8, simultaneously in Caracas and in all state capitals, during which we will set forth proposals whose adoption MUD demands immediately in order to handle – with common sense and not with bullets – the crisis created by government corruption and ineptitude”...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 8/3/2015   VenEconomy: Is the Big Bad Wolf Finally Coming to Venezuela?
 8/3/2015   VenEconomía: ¿Llega el Lobo?
 8/2/2015   First Shipment from Offshore Gas Field Reaches Venezuela
 8/1/2015   Venezuela Oil Price Falls Below $46
 7/31/2015   TalCual: Voting Against the Threats of the Venezuela Government
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 8/1/2015   Soldier Killed in Combat against FARC despite Insurgents’ Cease-Fire
 8/1/2015   Santos Presents National Flag to Colombian Tech Team Competing in WorldSkills
 8/1/2015   Colombia to Have Full Internet Coverage This Year
 8/1/2015   Colombia Presents $86 Billion 2016 Budget Based on $64.60 Oil
 7/31/2015   11 Die in Military Plane Crash in Colombia
 8/3/2015   Mexican Child Author Promotes Gender Equality
 8/3/2015   Prosecutor Confirms Body Found in Mexico City Apartment is of Photojournalist
 8/2/2015   Photojournalist Among 5 Murdered in Mexico City
 8/2/2015   Given Falling Oil Prices, Mexico Postpones Oil Field Auction
 8/1/2015   Mexico’s Pemex Sells 50% Stake in Pipeline JV for $1.3 Billion
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 8/2/2015   Brazil Warned of Possible Downgrade to Junk Status by S&P
 8/1/2015   Bank Lending Slows in Brazil
 7/31/2015   Brazil’s Petrobras Recovers Portion of Losses from Corruption Scheme
 7/31/2015   Bomb Hurled at Offices of Think-Tank Led by Brazil’s Lula
 7/30/2015   Spanish Group’s Metro Contract in Brazil Canceled
 8/3/2015   Argentina’s Cabinet Chief Refutes Drug Trafficking Allegations as Extortion
 8/1/2015   New Civil and Commercial Code Brings Argentine Daily Life into 21st Century
 7/28/2015   Argentina Reports Industrial Production Grew in June
 7/27/2015   Argentine President Suspends Activities Due to Acute Laryngitis
 7/22/2015   Argentine Expert: Killer Washed His Hands in the Sink after Murdering Nisman
 8/3/2015   Law Requires Bolivian Officials to Speak an Indian Language
 8/2/2015   Strike Suspended in Potosi; Bolivian VP Declared “Persona Non Grata”
 8/2/2015   Dog on Front Lines of Bolivia Protests Gets Thousands of Facebook Followers
 7/31/2015   Girl of 11 Scales Bolivia’s Illimani
 7/29/2015   Bolivia Ready to Renew Ties with Chile to Resolve Maritime Claim
 8/1/2015   Puerto Rico’s GDB Services Debt, No Mention Made of Separate Bond Payment Due
 7/31/2015   Guyana’s President Visits Trinidad and Tobago
 7/31/2015   38 Contract Lawyers Sue Trinidad and Tobago AG Office
 7/30/2015   Jamaica Hopes to Reduce Debt with Bond Issues
 7/30/2015   Foundation Highlights Progress on Reef Preservation in the Caribbean
  Central America
 7/29/2015   Salvadoran Government Deploys Armored Cars to Support Police against Gangs
 7/29/2015   Copa Airlines to Offer Flights between Panama and Belize
 7/28/2015   Gunmen Kill 4 in Northern Honduras
 7/28/2015   Salvadoran Government Vows No Concessions to Gangs
 7/25/2015   Guatemalan Ex-Strongman’s Transfer to Mental Hospital Blocked on Appeal
 8/2/2015   Chile Manufacturing Output Rises
 8/1/2015   Chile Central Bank Sees No Space for Monetary Flexibility, Minutes Show
 7/31/2015   Barrick Gold Sells 50% Stake in Chile Mine to Antofagasta
 7/30/2015   Chile’s Industrial Production Up by 1.6%
 7/29/2015   Chile Says Drop in Copper Prices is “Here to Stay”
 8/3/2015   New York Times Urges Congress to End Cuban Embargo
 7/31/2015   Cuba Emerges as Paradise for Gay Tourism
 7/31/2015   Hillary Clinton Calls for End to Cuba Embargo
 7/31/2015   Cuba Registers 10 High-Temperature Records in July
 7/29/2015   Hillary Clinton to Ask for Lifting of Embargo on Cuba
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 8/2/2015   Ecuador Raises $760 Million in Tax Amnesty
 8/1/2015   Ecuador Has Used 35% of Investment Budget
 7/12/2015   Ecuador Posts Trade Surplus in May
 7/8/2015   Pope Urges Clergy Not to Develop “Alzheimers” and Forget Who They Must Serve
 7/8/2015   Pope Francis Urges People to Take Care of the Environment
 8/3/2015   Mining Investment Surges 142% in Peru
 7/29/2015   Peru Welcomes Brazilian Cooperation in Corruption Probe
 7/28/2015   US Sends Congratulations to Peru on Independence Day
 7/28/2015   At Least 11 Dead, 41 Injured When Truck Goes into Lake in Southern Peru
 7/28/2015   26 Children & 13 Women Abducted by Shining Path Rebels Rescued in Peru
 7/28/2015   Protests Staged in Uruguay as Lead-Up to General Strike
 7/27/2015   Uruguay to Invest a Record $12.37 Billion in Infrastructure
 7/21/2015   Indicted Senior Official Resigns in Uruguay
 7/20/2015   Emilio Arenas, Uruguay’s Pencil King, Seeks 7th Guinness Record
 6/25/2015   Loss-Making Uruguayan State Oil Company Needs Restructuring, Minister Says
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 8/3/2015   Urban Gardens Sprout Across Paraguay’s Capital
 7/30/2015   Israeli Embassy Reopens in Paraguay after 13 Years
 7/29/2015   Latin America Economy to Grow Only 0.5% This Year, UN Panel Says
 7/24/2015   Half of Latin Americans Lack Internet Access
 7/22/2015   Paraguayan Bus Drivers Crucify Themselves before Labor Ministry
 8/3/2015   Books Behind Bars, a Second Chance for U.S. Inmates
 8/2/2015   Suspect Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Tennessee Cop
 8/2/2015   U.S. to Announce Plan to Cut Carbon Emissions by 32% by 2030
 7/31/2015   Charleston Church Shooter Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Charges
 7/31/2015   Police Officer Who Killed Unarmed Black Man in Ohio Released from Jail
  World (Click here for more)
 8/3/2015   EU Allocates $6.5 Million in Humanitarian Aid for Victims of Libyan Crisis
 8/3/2015   Palestine Presents Note to ICC on West Bank Baby Murder
 8/3/2015   Two Alleged Jihadists Tried for Returning to Germany after Joining IS in Syria
 8/3/2015   Death Toll in Syrian Regime Attacks, Plane Crash Rises to 31
 8/3/2015   Suitcase Stowaway Dies en Route to Spain
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 8/3/2015   Former Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange CEO Arrested in Japan
 8/1/2015   No TPP Deal Reached in Hawaii Meeting
 7/31/2015   Tsipras Assures Greek Government Never Drafted Plan to Exit Eurozone
 7/31/2015   U.S. Dollar Rises against Euro, Yen
 7/31/2015   Unemployment in Japan Rises 3.4% in June
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 8/3/2015   OPEC Crude Drops to $50.50
 7/31/2015   OPEC Crude Rises to $51.45
 7/30/2015   OPEC Crude Rises to $50.82
 7/29/2015   OPEC Crude Drops to $50.54
 7/28/2015   Explosion Targets Turkey-Iran Natural Gas Pipeline
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 8/3/2015   Beatrice Rangel: Blue Moons Lead to Extraordinary Happenings in the Americas
 7/26/2015   Beatrice Rangel: On Why Embassy Openings Do Not Necessarily Herald Different Policies
 7/19/2015   Beatrice Rangel: When Jupiter meets Venus
 7/12/2015   Beatrice Rangel: When Markets and Manners Crash
 7/5/2015   Beatrice Rangel: From Grexit to Exit, Contagion is in the Air
  Sports (Click here for more)
 8/3/2015   Leicester City Signs Frenchmen Benalouane, Kante
 8/3/2015   Crystal Palace Pays $14 Million for Connor Wickham
 8/3/2015   West Ham’s Enner Valencia Out for up to 12 Weeks Due to Injury
 8/3/2015   Major League Baseball Cultivates Young Talent in Puerto Rico
 8/3/2015   Juve’s Khedira Out for 2 Months with Thigh Injury
  Arts & Entertainment
 8/3/2015   Former AC/DC Drummer Denies Breaching Home Confinement Sentence
 8/3/2015   Trump Sues Celebrity Chef Jose Andres for $10 Million
 8/3/2015   Exhibition on Egypt’s Military Past Precedes Opening of New Suez Canal
 8/3/2015   August 3rd in History - Germany Declares War on France, Jesse Owens Wins at Berlin Olympics, Radio Shack Introduces the TRS-80 Computer
 8/2/2015   August 2nd in History - Carthage's Hannibal Defeats Romans, Japan's Samurai Class System Ends, London gets the Tube, Hitler Becomes Fuhrer & the Positron is discovered.
  Science, Nature & Technology
 8/3/2015   Daughter Duo Save Father with Liver Parts in Hong Kong
 8/2/2015   Empire State Building illuminated with Pics of Endangered Animal Species
 8/2/2015   Zimbabwe Accuses another American of Illegally Killing a Lion
 8/2/2015   Two Sets of Panda Twins Born in China
 7/31/2015   Google Discreetly Distributes New Version of Glass
  Society (Click here for more)
 8/2/2015   New Portrait of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II Shows Her from 4 Angles
 7/15/2015   UK Releases New Coin Commemorating Prince George’s Birthday
 7/13/2015   Prince William Nervous for First Day of Work
 7/9/2015   Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday Bash to Hit Streets of London
 7/6/2015   World’s Oldest Person Turns 116
  Job Openings in the Americas
 6/8/2015   Kazakhstan Announces Contest for Foreign Journalists
 5/14/2015   Assistant United States Attorney for Puerto Rico
 3/13/2015   US DOJ Attorney in Mexico City
 2/11/2015   OAS & Mexico Offer CONACYT-AMEXCID Scholarships for Students of the Americas
 1/15/2015   Director of Operations New York City Office of Immigrant Affairs

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