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  Top Story
IMF Expects Latin America to Grow 2%, Boosted by Recovery in Brazil
The regionís overall growth, however, has been weighed down by Venezuelaís economic crisis, as the countryís real GDP is expected to fall by about 15 percent in 2018 and 6 percent in 2019...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 4/19/2018   Venezuela Police Attack Patients & Doctors at Hospital Shortages Protest
 4/19/2018   US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Announces World Governments to Cooperate on Venezuela
 4/18/2018   Protest in Caracas to Demand Medicines, Ask Government to Admit Healthcare Crisis
 4/18/2018   Spain, Venezuela Announce Resumption of Diplomatic Relations
 4/18/2018   TalCual: Hello, Diosdado!
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 4/18/2018   Police Seize 2.5 Tons of Marijuana in Colombia
 4/16/2018   Colombian Journalists Protest Killings of Ecuadorian Colleagues
 4/12/2018   Colombian Police Arrest Major Arms Trafficker
 4/10/2018   Colombiaís FARC Says Rebel Leaderís Arrest Threatens Peace Accord
 4/10/2018   Santrichís Arrest for Drug Trafficking Tests FARC Peace Pact
 4/19/2018   Police Find 9 Bodies, 4 of Them Burned, in Western Mexico
 4/19/2018   Mexico Intercepts 2 Vehicles Carrying 191 Migrants in Inhumane Conditions
 4/19/2018   Exotic Meat Consumption Spurs Conservation in Mexico
 4/19/2018   Mexicoís High Court: Slimís Telmex Can Charge Rivals for Use of Network
 4/18/2018   Leftist Presidential Front-Runner Widens Lead in Mexico Polls
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 4/19/2018   Nobel Laureate Denounces Jailing of Brazilís Lula
 4/17/2018   Brazil Activists: Rio LGBT Councilorís Murder Was Attack on Democracy
 4/17/2018   Paul Singer, Founder of Brazilís Workers Party, Dies at 86
 4/16/2018   Brazil Homeless Activists Occupy Residence at Heart of Lula Case
 4/13/2018   Lula Serving Prison Sentence in Brazilís Anti-Corruption Capital
 4/18/2018   Argentina Exports Lemons to US for 1st Time in 17 Years
 4/17/2018   Argentine Farmers Demand Access to Land
 4/17/2018   Malbec Grape Constitutes 62% of Argentinaís Wine Exports
 4/11/2018   Rajoy Calls for Cooperation vs. Nationalist Myths, Outdated Populism
 4/10/2018   Rajoy, Macri Say Their Reforms Are Only Way to Achieve Economic Prosperity
 4/17/2018   Bolivian 18th-Century Convent Re-Opens after Restoration
 4/16/2018   Boliviaís Morales Calls on UN to Protect the Earth
 4/12/2018   An Explosion Leaves Eight Dead and 12 Injured in Bolivian Mine
 4/11/2018   Seven Killed in Explosion at Mine in Bolivia
 4/9/2018   Bolivia Reconstructs Skulls from a Culture That Lived 3,000 Years Ago
 4/19/2018   Puerto Rico Senate President: Maria Showed Terrible Thing about Being a Colony
 4/18/2018   Puerto Rico Senate Opens DC Office Seeking Greater Political Influence
 4/13/2018   Dominican Teachers Protest Pay, Working Conditions
 4/11/2018   US Coast Guard Repatriates 50 Haitian Migrants
 4/10/2018   Dominican Republic Welcomes Its First Chinese-Owned Company
  Central America
 4/19/2018   Second Day of Violent Clashes due to Social Security Overhaul in Nicaragua
 4/18/2018   Organization Helping Disabled Salvadoran Craftsmen Thrive
 4/18/2018   Panama Builders Plead Distress as Workers Demand Big Pay Hike
 4/17/2018   Spanish Official Concludes Visit to Honduras
 4/16/2018   Salvadoran AGís Office Says Ex-President Embezzled $300 Million
 4/19/2018   120,000 Students Challenge Chileís New Conservative Government
 4/18/2018   Chileís New President to Visit Brazil
 4/16/2018   PiŮera Broadens Scope of Free Technical Education in Chile
 4/9/2018   Chile Announces Regularization of Immigrants
 4/5/2018   Officials Commemorate Bicentennial of Battle Sealing Chileís Independence
 4/19/2018   Raul Castro Leaves Presidency, but Remains at the Wheel in Cuba
 4/19/2018   Miguel Diaz-Canel Confirmed as Cubaís New President
 4/19/2018   EU: Bilateral Ties with Cuba to Continue, Deepen with Castroís Successor
 4/18/2018   Diaz-Canel Nominated as Cuban President to Replace Raul Castro
 4/17/2018   Cuba Designates Home of Alejo Carpentier as National Heritage Site
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 4/17/2018   Ecuador Identifies Pair Kidnapped near Colombian Border
 4/17/2018   Ecuador President Gives 10 Days to Capture Main Suspect in Press Team Murders
 4/13/2018   Ecuadorís President Says Abducted Journalists Are Dead
 4/13/2018   Ecuador President Demands Proof Abducted Reporters Are Still Alive
 4/11/2018   Ecuadorís Government: No Operations Being Conducted Where Reporters Were Abducted
 4/17/2018   Costa Rican Ex-President Leads OAS Election Observers in Paraguay
 4/12/2018   Presidential Challenger Says Paraguay Needs Genuine Rule of Law
 4/11/2018   Paraguay Presidential Hopeful Signs Pro-Life Pledge
 4/10/2018   Occupation of Capitalís Main Square Evinces Paraguayís Housing Problem
 4/9/2018   EU Mission Calls for Transparency in Paraguay Election, Party Financing
 4/15/2018   Peru Deems Americas Summit a Success despite Absence of Trump, Maduro
 4/12/2018   Peru President Urges Businesses to Help Boost Development, Fight Corruption
 4/10/2018   Peru Court Postpones Consideration of Ex-Presidentís Bid to Get Out of Jail
 3/27/2018   China Hopes to Bolster Cooperation with Peru after Change of President
 3/23/2018   Peruís New President Will Focus on Stability
 4/11/2018   Iranian and Uruguayan Business Sectors Strengthen Ties in Montevideo
 4/4/2018   Uruguay, UAE Sign Agreement on Free Movement of Citizens
 3/30/2018   Uruguay Headed for a Historic Year in Tourism
 3/21/2018   Three Uruguayan Companies Pledge to Hire Ex-Convicts
 3/6/2018   Central Bank: Uruguay No Longer Tied to Regional Economy
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 4/17/2018   Messi, Neymar Leading Campaign for School Lunches in Latin America
 4/13/2018   Ivanka Trump Announces $150 Million for Female Entrepreneurship in Latin America
 4/12/2018   Cuban Government Supporters Boycott Civil Society Meeting in Lima
 4/12/2018   Uruguay Hosts Velas LatinAmerica 2018 Regatta
 4/11/2018   Young Leaders Discuss Corruption ahead of Americas Summit
 4/19/2018   Ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani Joins Trumpís Legal Team
 4/19/2018   Trump: Washington Wonít Pay for Californiaís National Guard Charade
 4/19/2018   Fearless Girl Statue Confronting Wall Streetís Charging Bull to Be Moved
 4/19/2018   Trump Negotiates Trade Deal with Japan, Insists on Refraining from TPP
 4/19/2018   Trump: We Are Negotiating with North Korea for the Release of 3 Americans
  World (Click here for more)
 4/19/2018   LGBT Activists in London Denounce Homophobia in Commonwealth Countries
 4/19/2018   German Chancellor, French President Eye Joint Proposal on EU Reform
 4/19/2018   Hotline between North, South Korea Ready to Become Operational
 4/19/2018   Mogherini Praises Macedonian Progress as EU Opens Accession Talks
 4/19/2018   New Police Chief Takes Charge of Anti-Drugs War in Philippines
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 4/19/2018   IMF Urges US to Reduce Debt, Deficit as Economic Recovery Continues
 4/19/2018   Wynn Resorts Adds 3 Women to Board of Directors
 4/19/2018   Spainís National Court to Investigate CaixaBank in Alleged Fraud Case
 4/19/2018   China Imposes Anti-Dumping Measures on Synthetic Rubber Imports
 4/19/2018   China Warns US Sanctions on ZTE Will Backfire
  Oil & Energy (Click here for more)
 4/19/2018   Greenpeace Activists Install Big Sun in Bulgaria, Push Renewable Energy
 4/19/2018   OPEC Crude Basket Rises Back over $69
 4/18/2018   OPEC Crude Basket Stays over $68
 4/17/2018   Indonesian Fishermen Join Greenpeace in Protest over Coal Power
 4/17/2018   OPEC Crude Basket Drops under $69
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 4/16/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Colombia's FARC are Caught Red-Handed
 4/16/2018   Beatrice Rangel: The End of Hemispheric Summitry
 4/8/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Brazil and the Globalization of the Fight Against Corruption
 4/8/2018   Beatrice Rangel: Brazil Beyond Lula
 4/2/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: After the Castros, What Will Happen in Cuba?
  Sports (Click here for more)
 4/19/2018   Malaga Relegated from La Liga with 1-0 Loss to Levante
 4/19/2018   Betis Defeats 10-Man Las Palmas with Goal in Stoppage Time
 4/19/2018   Girona Keeps European Dream Alive with 2-1 Win over Alaves
 4/19/2018   Real Sociedad Thrashes Atletico Madrid 3-0
 4/19/2018   Nishikori Overcomes Seppi, Will Face Cilic in Monte-Carlo Quarterfinals
  Arts & Entertainment
 4/19/2018   Authorities Will Not File Charges over Pop Singer Princeís Death
 4/19/2018   New Essay Delves into Life of Mexican Pop Icon Luis Miguel
 4/19/2018   Art Cologne Opens with Modern Art Mix of Established, Emerging Galleries
 4/19/2018   South Korean Actress Kidnapped by Pyongyang Laid to Rest
 4/19/2018   Chinese Adults Spent 20.4 Minutes per Day on Reading in 2017, Survey Shows
  Science, Nature & Technology
 4/19/2018   Sophia the Robot to Headline at eMerge Americas 2018
 4/19/2018   Hubble Space Telescope Marks 28 Years in Operation with Photo of Lagoon Nebula
 4/19/2018   China to Ban 16 Types of Solid Waste from End of 2018
 4/18/2018   EU Digital Chief Holds Constructive Talks with Facebook over Data Policies
 4/18/2018   UKís Biggest Coffee Shop Chain to Recycle Takeaway Cups
  Society (Click here for more)
 4/19/2018   UK Queen Asks Leaders to Pick Her Heir as Successor to Head Commonwealth
 4/17/2018   Fans of UK Royal Family Anticipate New Arrival Outside London Hospital
 4/16/2018   New York Times, The New Yorker Share Pulitzer for Breaking Weinstein Scandal
 4/9/2018   Preparations Outside London Hospital Where Catherine Middleton Will Give Birth
 4/9/2018   Prince Charles Receives Traditional Indigenous Welcome in Northern Territory
  Job Openings in the Americas
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands

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