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  Top Story
Argentina Strikes Preliminary Accord with Italian Creditors
Finance Minister Alfonso Prat-Gay said that the agreement reached with Italian bondholders includes the Argentine government’s acknowledgement of the debt “and reasonable interest”...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 2/5/2016   VenEconomy: How Much Tension Can Venezuela Handle?
 2/5/2016   VenEconomía: ¿Hasta Dónde Tensarán la Cuerda?
 2/4/2016   VenEconomy: And the Change in Venezuela was For the Worse, Much Worse
 2/4/2016   VenEconomía: Y Todo Fue Para Peor, Mucho Peor
 2/4/2016   Venezuelan Minister Says Meeting with Qatari Counterpart “Productive”
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 2/5/2016   Colombian Policeman Killed in Rebel Attack
 2/5/2016   Colombian Coffee Production Increases 4%
 2/5/2016   IBM to Invest $5 Million to Expand Data Center in Colombia
 2/4/2016   Obama Announces New “Peace Colombia” Plan with More Funding for Bogota
 2/4/2016   Police Dismantle Arms Trafficking Ring in Colombia’s Capital
 2/5/2016   Mexican Judge Grants Del Castillo Protection against Arrest
 2/5/2016   Mexico’s Slim Reaches Stake-Limit Deal, Paves Way for Takeover Bid for Spain’s FCC
 2/5/2016   Mexico Sets Deadline for Removing Protected Flora, Fauna from Tourism Project
 2/4/2016   Graphic Novel to Be Published in Mexico on Life of Pope Francis
 2/4/2016   Mexico Focuses Zika Prevention Efforts on Pregnant Women
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 2/5/2016   Inflation Nears 11% in Brazil
 2/5/2016   Rio Mayor Warns Carnival-Goers “Don’t Forget the Mosquito” That Carries Zika
 2/5/2016   Brazil Studies Whether Zika in Urine, Saliva Can Be Transmitted
 2/4/2016   Brazil’s Rousseff Faces Probe of Re-Election Campaign
 2/4/2016   Central Bank: Record Net Savings Withdrawals in Brazil in January
 2/3/2016   Argentina Investigates Shooting of Children during Carnival Rehearsal
 1/31/2016   Fire Forces Evacuation of Broadcast Complex in Argentina
 1/29/2016   Argentine Government Aids Winemakers
 1/29/2016   Expert: First Person with Zika in Argentina No Longer Has Virus in Her Blood
 1/28/2016   Argentina and Uruguay Inaugurate New “Air Bridge”
 2/5/2016   Bolivia’s Morales Reveals That in 2007 He Had a Child That Died
 2/4/2016   Bolivian Police Break Up Truck Blockade at Border Crossing
 2/3/2016   Bolivia Posts First Trade Deficit Since 2003
 2/3/2016   Pastry Making Gives Young Bolivian Mothers Alternative to Street Gigs
 2/2/2016   Eight Die in Bus Crash in Bolivia
 2/4/2016   Puerto Rico Confirms 1st Zika Case in Pregnant Woman
 2/3/2016   13 Cuban Migrants Intercepted off Puerto Rico
 2/2/2016   Jamaica Could Be Next Caribbean Country to Face Debt Crisis
 2/2/2016   Guyana Expects $53 Million in Foreign Investment
 2/2/2016   St. Vincent Seeks Latin America Support for Reparations
  Central America
 2/5/2016   U.S. Judge OKs Salvadoran’s Extradition to Spain for Jesuits’ Murder
 2/5/2016   Costa Rica Announces Direct Flights to Mexico for Cuban Migrants
 2/5/2016   Repairs Completed on Cracks in New Panama Canal Locks
 2/4/2016   Panama Canal Expansion: Challenge for Blasting Company
 2/2/2016   Panama Focuses on Fighting Mosquito to Stop Spread of Zika Virus
 2/5/2016   Chile’s Economic Activity Increases 1.5%
 2/4/2016   Chilean Pension Funds Grow 4.1% Year-on-Year in January
 2/3/2016   Number of Foreign Tourists Visiting Chile Rises 30%
 2/3/2016   Chilean Judge Orders Return of Pablo Neruda’s Remains to His Tomb
 2/3/2016   USGS: Gas Reserves in Far Southern Chile Estimated a 8.3 Trillion Cubic Feet
 2/5/2016   U.S., Cuba Discuss Human Trafficking
 2/5/2016   Pope to Meet with Russian Patriarch Kirill in Cuba
 2/4/2016   Cuban Opposition Group Reports 1,414 Political Arrests in January
 2/4/2016   Fidel Castro Elected Delegate to Cuban Communist Party Congress
 2/2/2016   Raul Castro Underlines Cuba’s Willingness to Collaborate with UNESCO
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 2/5/2016   Ecuadorian President Ousts Military Chiefs
 2/5/2016   Ecuador FM Says It’s Time for Assange to Go Free
 2/5/2016   Ecuador Exported 233 Tons of Flowers to China in 2015
 2/4/2016   Gas Explosion Injures 10 in Ecuador
 2/2/2016   Ecuadorian, Chinese Drug Makers Sign Pact
 2/4/2016   Peru Indians to File Complaint against State Oil Company over Pipeline Spill
 2/3/2016   Report: Peru Oil, Gas Production Will Fall Sharply without Investment
 2/2/2016   Peru Has Lost $860 Million to Corruption Since 2010
 2/2/2016   LPG Shipments Resume in Southern Peru
 1/27/2016   Peruvian Presidential Candidate Accused of Plagiarism in Writing Thesis
 2/4/2016   Russia Scraps Quota, Cuts Tariff on Uruguayan Beef
 2/1/2016   Government Must Craft Long-Term Oil and Gas Policy, Uruguayan President Says
 2/1/2016   Cuareim 1080 Crew Promotes Uruguay’s Heritage to Candombe Beats
 1/29/2016   Norway’s Statoil Acquires 15% Stake in Total Offshore Block in Uruguay
 1/28/2016   Colombian Tourism to Uruguay Up Tenfold in 4 Years
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 2/5/2016   Latin America Imported 9.4 Million Tons of Steel from China in 2015
 2/3/2016   Latin America Health Ministers Agree on Roadmap to Fight Zika
 2/1/2016   Investment Demand Remains Robust in Latin America, According to European Bank
 2/1/2016   Latin American Women Sterilized without Knowledge in 1970s, Documentary Says
 1/30/2016   PAHO Calls for More Access to Contraception in Latin America amid Zika Scare
 2/5/2016   One Dead, Three Injured in New York Construction Crane Collapse
 2/4/2016   Immigrant Detentions Causing Fear in North Carolina Hispanic Neighborhoods
 2/4/2016   Florida Supreme Court Orders New Trial for Spaniard on Death Row
 2/3/2016   Obama: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Has No Place in U.S.
 2/3/2016   Rand Paul Abandons Republican Presidential Contest
  World (Click here for more)
 2/5/2016   Three Die in Taiwan Earthquake
 2/5/2016   Turkey Announces Investment and Reform Plan to Resolve Kurdish Issue
 2/5/2016   At Least 9 Die in Fire amid Fighting in Southeastern Turkey
 2/5/2016   Assange Describes UK Response to UN Panel’s Opinion as “Insulting”
 2/5/2016   40 Killed in Jihadist Attacks, Bombings in Western Iraq
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 2/5/2016   U.S. Trade Deficit Widens by 4.6% Due to Export Drop
 2/5/2016   U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.9% in January
 2/5/2016   Volkswagen Delays Publication of 2015 Results Due to Scandal
 2/5/2016   Iran, Russia Sign Trade Agreements Worth $40 Billion
 2/5/2016   Furniture Giant IKEA Loses Rights to Own Name in Indonesia
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 2/5/2016   Obama Urges $10 per Barrel Tax on Oil to Fund Clean Transportation
 2/5/2016   70 Miners Trapped in South African Mine Rescued
 2/5/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $29.90
 2/4/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $28.63
 2/3/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $28.36
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 2/1/2016   Beatrice Rangel: 2 Diseases in Latin America -- Different Prescriptions, Very Different Outcomes
 1/24/2016   Beatrice Rangel: On Health Alerts and the Long Arm of Justice in the Americas
 1/18/2016   Beatrice Rangel: When Crime Meets Glory
 1/11/2016   Beatrice Rangel: Playing Hansel and Gretel in the Americas
 1/3/2016   Beatrice Rangel: Good News/Bad News Starts The Monkey Leap Year
  Sports (Click here for more)
 2/5/2016   Añor Leads Malaga to 3-0 Win over Getafe
 2/5/2016   Simeone Believes Martinez’s Failure Is Coach’s Responsibility
 2/5/2016   Real Madrid Continues Preparations for Granada without Pepe, Bale
 2/5/2016   Cristiano Ronaldo, Now 31, Soccer Star and Entrepreneur
 2/5/2016   RFEF Supports Infantino’s Candidacy for FIFA Presidency
  Arts & Entertainment
 2/5/2016   Inside the Workshop Creating Thailand’s Supernatural Dolls
 2/5/2016   Brigitte Bardot Calls for Urgent Abolition of Hunting with Hounds in Spain
 2/5/2016   Sapporo Snow Festival Brings the Coolness for its 67th Year
 2/5/2016   Madonna Drapes Herself in Taiwanese Flag at Concert
 2/5/2016   The Rolling Stones Arrive in Argentina Where They Will Stay for 10 Days
  Science, Nature & Technology
 2/5/2016   Ocelot Seen in Argentina for 1st Time in Decade
 2/5/2016   China’s Medicinal “Worm” Found to Contain Excessive Arsenic
 2/5/2016   U.S. Dolphin Activist Deported from Japan
 2/5/2016   “Scare-Mongering” Fertility Cartoons in Singapore Provoke Public Backlash
 2/5/2016   Japan Launches Glasses to Reduce Impact of Smartphones on Sleep
  Society (Click here for more)
 1/15/2016   $215-a-Ticket Street Party for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday
 1/1/2016   Queen Elizabeth II Attended 340 Official Events in 2015
 12/31/2015   Pope Francis Wanted to Be a Butcher
 12/21/2015   Chelsea Clinton Expecting Another Child
 12/10/2015   Monaco’s Royal Twins Celebrate 1st Birthday
  Job Openings in the Americas
 8/14/2015   US Attorney in El Salvador
 6/8/2015   Kazakhstan Announces Contest for Foreign Journalists
 5/14/2015   Assistant United States Attorney for Puerto Rico
 3/13/2015   US DOJ Attorney in Mexico City
 2/11/2015   OAS & Mexico Offer CONACYT-AMEXCID Scholarships for Students of the Americas

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