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  Top Story
Obama: U.S. Policy of Isolation Toward Cuba Has “Failed”
In an historic 15-minute speech from the White House broadcast live on television, the U.S. President announced the beginning of a process to normalize diplomatic relations between the two nations (VIDEO)...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 12/18/2014   Spaniard Arrested in Venezuela for Planning Wife’s Murder
 12/18/2014   Obama Signs Venezuela Sanctions Bill
 12/18/2014   Obama Signs Bill to Sanction Venezuela Officials into Law (VIDEO)
 12/18/2014   Fitch Drops Venezuela to CCC - "Default is a Real Possibility"
 12/18/2014   2 Heads of US Brokerage Direct Access Partners Guilty in $60 Million Venezuela BANDES Kickback Scheme (VIDEO)
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 12/19/2014   Guerrillas Kills 5 Government Soldiers in Colombia
 12/19/2014   Three Colombian Police Killed near Venezuelan Border
 12/19/2014   UN Offers to Verify Ceasefire in Colombia at Parties’ Request
 12/18/2014   Colombian Government Praises FARC Cease-Fire, Rejects Monitoring
 12/18/2014   US Catches & Returns Murderer to Colombia
 12/19/2014   Mexican Mayor Caught Up in Protest over Missing Students
 12/18/2014   Mexico Vigilante Leader Says Elite Police Unit Not Involved in Deadly Clash
 12/18/2014   US Helps Mexican Boy Get Life-Saving Surgery for Huge Tumor
 12/18/2014   Mexican Lawmaker Rescued from Kidnappers
 12/18/2014   Texas Mexican Mafia Member Arrested; Charged in 3 Murders
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 12/19/2014   28 Politicians Listed as Beneficiaries of Brazil Corruption Scheme, Daily Says
 12/19/2014   Brazil Assisted U.S.-Cuba Rapprochement, Rousseff Aide Says
 12/19/2014   Brazilian Unemployment Edges Up to 4.8%
 12/18/2014   More Than 7 Million Brazilians Went Hungry in 2013
 12/18/2014   Brazil Congress Urges Charges Against 52 Over Petrobras Scandal
 12/18/2014   Anibal Fernandez Sworn In as New Argentine Secretary General to Presidency
 12/18/2014   ExxonMobil Makes New Shale Oil, Gas Find in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta
 12/18/2014   23 Attacked by Piranhas in Argentina
 12/18/2014   Telefonica Begins 4G Rollout in Argentina
 12/16/2014   Argentina’s YPF Seeks Partnership with Petrobras for Vaca Muerta Play
 12/19/2014   Pope Francis to Visit Bolivia in 2015, Morales Says
 12/19/2014   Bolivia’s Morales Appoints New Chief of National Police
 12/19/2014   Bolivia to Pay $357 Million to Pan American Energy for 2009 Asset Seizure
 12/16/2014   HRW Claims Bolivian Laws Violate Human Rights
 12/12/2014   Bolivia Cracks Down on Overweight Soldiers, Cops
 12/19/2014   Dominican Republic Decriminalizes Therapeutic Abortion
 12/19/2014   Magnitude-5.6 Quake Rocks Guadeloupe
 12/19/2014   Jamaica Signs Agreement with IDB to Combat Chikungunya, Ebola
 12/19/2014   Trinidad and Tobago Government Distributes $8.6 Million to Churches
 12/19/2014   Barbados Postpones Universal Preschool Target to 2018
  Central America
 12/19/2014   25 Years after Panama Invasion, the Number Killed Remains Unknown
 12/18/2014   Belize Expands Visa Waivers
 12/18/2014   US Deports MS-13 Salvadoran Woman Charged with Murder
 12/18/2014   Reporters Without Borders Urges Honduras to Probe Broadcaster’s Murder
 12/18/2014   Fitch Affirms Banco De Costa Rica at 'BB+'
 12/19/2014   Chile to Boast Only Gaudi-Designed Building Outside Spain
 12/19/2014   Chile’s Codelco Announces Biggest Investment in Its History
 12/18/2014   Chile Central Bank Expects Significantly Lower Inflation in 2015
 12/15/2014   Chile, Spain Stress Importance of Working Together Against Terrorism
 12/15/2014   Central Bank Says Chile’s Economy to Grow 1.7% in 2014
 12/19/2014   Obama Adviser: “We Want to Open New Doors to Cubans”
 12/19/2014   U.S.-Cuba Rapprochement Was “Matter of Time,” Che’s Brother Says
 12/19/2014   Industrial Pollution in Bay of Havana Down 76%
 12/19/2014   Cuba: Number of Mobile Phone Lines to Increase by 800,000 in 2015
 12/19/2014   Optimism Leads to Expectation in Cuba after Reconciliation with U.S.
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 12/14/2014   13 Die in Mudslide at Construction Site in Ecuador
 11/26/2014   Ecuador Oil Infrastructure Projects Attract Colombian Interest
 11/17/2014   Iranian Nobel Laureate to Inaugurate UNESCO Chair at University of Ecuador
 11/14/2014   Panama Sends Fugitive Ecuadorian Politician Back to Quito
 11/10/2014   Ecuador Police Seize 1.8 Tons of Cocaine Headed for Mexico
 12/18/2014   Greeenpeace Director to Appear Before Prosecutor for Nazca Damage
 12/17/2014   Peru Seeks Extradition of Greenpeace Activists for Harming Nazca Lines
 12/14/2014   Lima Sets Guidance for 2015 Climate Change Summit, Leaves Many Aspects Open
 12/12/2014   Kerry Praises Peru Success, Humala Stresses Good Ties with U.S.
 12/11/2014   With Time Running Out, Ban Ki-Moon Still Optimistic About Lima Agreement
 12/17/2014   17 Arrested in Uruguay on Drug Charges
 12/17/2014   Uruguay’s Mujica Shows U.S. Letter De-Linking Ex-Guantanamo Inmates from Terrorism
 12/16/2014   Uruguay’s Mujica Warns against Media Concentration
 12/16/2014   Uruguay’s Mujica Criticizes Nations That Act as Jailers to Former Guantanamo Prisoners
 12/15/2014   Galician Bagpipes, Uruguayan BBQ Mix at Montevideo’s Hogar Español
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 12/18/2014   Latin America Unanimously Backs Historic Turn in U.S.-Cuban Relations
 12/16/2014   “Down Time” Reduction Is Key to Mobility in Latin America
 12/16/2014   Latin America Is Worst Region for Gun Crime, UN Says
 12/16/2014   Costa Rica Forum Seeks Greater Education, Work Programs for Prisoners in Latin America
 12/15/2014   Paraguayan Journalist Who Reported Police Torture Arrested
 12/19/2014   Obama Defends Opening to Cuba, Vows Response to Sony Hack
 12/19/2014   Arizona Governor Rejects Order to Issue Driver’s Licenses to the Undocumented
 12/19/2014   Republican Lawmakers and Exiles in Miami Unite against Obama
 12/19/2014   U.S. Confirms Death of Several IS Leaders in Coalition Airstrikes
 12/18/2014   Florida Republican Lawmakers Threaten Measures against Obama
  World (Click here for more)
 12/19/2014   Ebola, Jihadists and Humanitarian Crisis, the Main Threats in Africa in 2015
 12/19/2014   35 Syrian Regime Tanks, 20 Armored Vehicles Captured by Al Qaeda Affiliate
 12/19/2014   Pope: Xmas Tree a Symbol That Touches Everyone’s Heart
 12/19/2014   200 Immigrants Try to Enter Spanish City of Melilla
 12/19/2014   At Least 9 Injured and 1 Missing as Indonesia Volcano Erupts
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 12/19/2014   Multinationals Suspend Supplies to Russia to Avoid Losses
 12/19/2014   U.S. Sells Remaining Stake in Ally Financial for $1.3 Billion
 12/19/2014   U.S. and China Conclude “Very Productive” Trade Negotiations
 12/19/2014   Air Transport of Passengers Rose 5% and Goods 4.6% in 2014
 12/18/2014   A Private Individual Takes Down Web Managed by EFE and Instituto Cervantes
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 12/19/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $56.30
 12/18/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Price Drops to $55.64
 12/17/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Price Drops to $55.91
 12/17/2014   Canada Says Drop in Oil Prices Will Not Affect Finances
 12/16/2014   Brent Oil Price Falls Below $60 for First Time Since 2009
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 12/18/2014   TalCual: U.S.-Cuba Diplomatic Relations – It Was About Time!
 12/14/2014   Beatrice Rangel: A Future for the Americas??
 12/7/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Going Forward, Going Backward -- It's the Americas!!
 11/30/2014   Beatrice Rangel: An Eerily Familiar Week in the Americas
 11/16/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Tale of Two Walls
  Sports (Click here for more)
 12/19/2014   Rafael Nadal Chosen as Tommy Hilfiger Spokesmodel
 12/19/2014   San Lorenzo Supporters Hoping for Historic Victory in Club World Cup Final
 12/19/2014   Eric Abidal Retires from Soccer for Personal Reasons
 12/19/2014   Luis Enrique Gives Barça Passing Grade for 2014
 12/19/2014   Neymar Gets Medical Green Light to Play against Cordoba
  Arts & Entertainment
 12/19/2014   Argentine, Venezuelan Films Make Foreign Language Film Oscar Shortlist
 12/19/2014   FBI Blames North Korea for Cyberattack on Sony
 12/19/2014   Elton John and Partner Plan to Wed at a Private Ceremony
 12/19/2014   “Doctor Death” Set to Open His First Museum in Berlin
 12/19/2014   Banned Film about Homophobia in Africa Had to Be Made, Director Says
  Science, Nature & Technology
 12/19/2014   Man Caught Smuggling Exotic Animals into Puerto Rico
 12/19/2014   Egyptian Museum Tests Public’s Response to Pharaonic Sound and Light Show
 12/19/2014   Aspirin, Ibuprofen May Protect Against Skin Cancer
 12/19/2014   “Anti-Corruption” Chosen Word of the Year by Chinese Netizens
 12/19/2014   Taiwan and South Korea Control More Than Half the Production of 12-Inch Chips
  Society (Click here for more)
 12/17/2014   Princess Charlene of Monaco “Crazy in Love” with Her Newborn Twins
 12/17/2014   Pope Francis Celebrates His 78th Birthday
 12/12/2014   Belgium Pays Last Respects to Queen Fabiola
 12/11/2014   Monaco Announces New Crown Prince
 12/9/2014   British Royals Visit 9-11 Memorial on Their Last Day in NYC
  Job Openings in the Americas
 12/5/2014   OAS and Canada Scholarships to Study Research on Drugs Available
 11/11/2014   Bloomberg Reporter Job in Buenos Aires
 10/7/2014   Live and Work in the USA -- Register for FREE for a US Diversity Visa
 9/24/2014   US Attorney for Puerto Rico
 9/19/2014   Bloomberg Economy/Government Reporter Job In Venezuela

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