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  Top Story
Venezuela’s Maduro Announces Re-Launch of Cryptocurrency
State oil company PDVSA will begin selling crude in Petros, the leftist said in his State of the Union address, delivered to the Chavist-led National Constituent Assembly...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 1/24/2020   Chavistas March In Caracas, Opposition Fails To Hold Legislative Session
 1/20/2020   Pompeo: World Must Support Venezuelan Opposition’s Efforts To Oust Maduro
 1/20/2020   Venezuela Regime Killed Their Son Juan and Now Their Daughter Maria
 1/17/2020   Venezuelan Foreign Minister Reaffirms Strategic Partnership with China
 1/16/2020   The Petro, Venezuela’s Answer to Bitcoin?
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 1/26/2020   Medical Marijuana Creates New Economic Opportunities In Colombia
 1/24/2020   Americas Readies For Chinese New Year Celebrations Amid Coronavirus Concerns
 1/20/2020   Animals at Medellin Zoo Get Ice Cream To Help Them Deal With The Heat
 1/16/2020   Militants, Police Clash in Colombian Capital
 1/15/2020   At Least 555 Social Leaders Killed in Colombia since 2016
 1/25/2020   Mexico’s Underwater Sand Falls Retain Their Magic 50 Years On
 1/24/2020   Migrants Stuck In Mexico Awaiting US Asylum Hearings Grow Desperate
 1/24/2020   Ancient Lacquering Technique Lives On In Hands Of Mexican Women
 1/24/2020   Mexico’s National Guard Halts Advance Of Latest Wave Of Migrants
 1/24/2020   Reading Takes Off In Mexico With Library On A Plane
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 1/25/2020   India, Brazil Ties Get 15-Pact Boost during Bolsonaro’s Trip
 1/24/2020   Suffering Persists In Brazilian Town A Year After Mine Tragedy
 1/24/2020   Cachaca Looking To Mirror Tequila’s Global Success
 1/23/2020   Scorpions Gain Ground In Brazil’s Biggest Cities
 1/23/2020   Trade, Investment Tops Agenda as Brazil’s President Heads to India
 1/21/2020   Food Cards Distributed in Argentina to Tackle Hunger
 1/13/2020   Argentine Government Launches Program to Combat Hunger
 12/31/2019   Peronists Make Comeback in Argentina in 2019 amid Economic Crisis
 12/29/2019   Argentina Seeks To Bolster Finances Ahead Of Debt Talks
 12/25/2019   Travel Abroad Becomes More Expensive for Argentines
 1/25/2020   Bolivians Desire Peace as Festival of Miniatures Begins
 1/18/2020   Bolivian Firefighters Craft Pouches for Orphaned Koalas, Kangaroos
 1/15/2020   Bolivian Court Extends Terms of Interim Government, Legislature
 1/15/2020   Milk Bags Made into School Chairs, Desks as Part of Bolivia Recycling Program
 1/12/2020   Bolivia’s Morales Marks 2 Months in Exile
 1/12/2020   Haiti Remembers Victims on 10th Anniversary of Killer Earthquake
 1/11/2020   Ten Keys to Understanding Haiti a Decade after Catastrophic Earthquake
 1/10/2020   Haiti Still Bears Scars on 10th Anniversary of Killer Earthquake
 1/9/2020   34,000 Haitians Still Displaced 10 Years on from Quake
 1/8/2020   Puerto Rico Slowly Recovering Electrical Service as Post-Quake Aid Increases
  Central America
 1/25/2020   Students in Panama Video Chat with Astronauts in Space
 1/24/2020   Guatemala’s Age-Old Indigenous Theater Helps Youth Break Language Barriers
 1/20/2020   Young People Committing Suicide In Nicaragua Due To Social Crisis
 1/20/2020   Tourists Cook Food In Honduran Hot Springs
 1/17/2020   Honduran Migrants Head North in Search of American Dream
 1/26/2020   Chile’s El Teniente Copper Mine Uses Innovation To Compete
 1/16/2020   Pinochet Victims Join Chilean Protesters 3 Months into Crisis
 1/6/2020   Smoke from Australia Wildfires Traveling 6,800 Miles to Chile
 12/28/2019   Chileans Seek Answers after Protester Electrocuted
 12/27/2019   Chileans to Vote in April on Drafting New Constitution
 1/22/2020   Cuba Turns To Domestic Tourism, Allies Amid Drop In Foreign Visitors
 1/9/2020   Lawsuits Filed under Helms-Burton Act Experience Setbacks in Court
 12/21/2019   Tourism Minister of Cuba Named the Island’s Prime Minister
 12/21/2019   Moroccan Habanos Cigars Trigger Legal Battle with Cuba
 11/17/2019   Havana’s 500th Anniversary Festivities Go Out with a Bang
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 1/22/2020   Paul Venegas, The Ecuadorian Filmmaker Telling The Story Of Chinese Migrants
 1/19/2020   Ecuador Takes Positive Message to Davos in Wake of Protests
 1/11/2020   Ecuadorian Confronts Machismo in Play About Vasectomy
 1/7/2020   Opponents of Southern Ecuador Metals Mining Make New Push for Referendum
 12/23/2019   Nuns Work to Give Ecuador’s Abandoned Babies a Chance at Life
 12/24/2019   Storytellers Bring Christmas Cheer to Pediatric Hospital in Paraguay
 12/13/2019   Abandoned Jaguar Cub Brings Hope of Reproduction for Big Cats in Paraguay
 10/10/2019   Taiwan Plans to Expand Orchid Industry in Paraguay
 9/24/2019   Fires Threaten Delicate Ecosystem in Paraguay
 7/16/2019   Paraguay’s Taxi Drivers again at War with Uber
 1/26/2020   Peru Holds Legislative Elections
 1/23/2020   Cheap Video Selfies Favoured By Candidates In Peruvian Elections
 1/21/2020   Extreme Right Rises In Peruvian Politics
 1/21/2020   Indigenous Trans-Woman Makes Unprecedented Bid For Peruvian Legislature
 1/19/2020   Former UN Chief Javier Perez de Cuellar Celebrates 100th Birthday in Lima
 1/26/2020   Comb, Trumpet, Doll From Auschwitz On Display At First LatAm Holocaust Museum
 1/13/2020   Food, Supplies, Fuel Being Sent to Antarctica on Uruguayan Ship
 1/10/2020   Uruguay’s River Honey, the Bee’s Knees
 1/7/2020   Spanish Navy Ship Arrives in Uruguay to Mark Circumnavigation Anniversary
 12/24/2019   Uruguayan Agricultural Research Center Boasts Unique Offerings
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 1/23/2020   Transparency Expert: Latin America Failing to Fight Corruption
 1/18/2020   US: Latin America Will Be Mired in Dependency, Debt, Corruption If It Leans on China
 12/13/2019   Passion and Talent Make All the Difference in Latin America’s eSports
 12/9/2019   Latin America Looks to Create Best Conditions for Doing Business with China
 12/5/2019   Mercosur Warns against Protectionism, the Ideologies of the Past
 1/25/2020   Trump Legal Team Says Impeachment Aims To Overturn 2016 Election
 1/25/2020   Democrats Wrap Up Opening Arguments in Trump Impeachment Trial
 1/25/2020   Trump Campaign against Envoy to Ukraine Roils Impeachment
 1/24/2020   Trump Vies For Votes Of Religious Conservatives At Large Anti-Abortion Rally
 1/24/2020   Democrats: Trump’s Conduct Is Not America First, It’s Trump First
  World (Click here for more)
 1/26/2020   Auschwitz Survivors Warn World Not To Forget The Holocaust
 1/26/2020   Rescue Efforts Continue As Turkey Quake Death Toll Rises
 1/26/2020   India Displays Military Might At Parade With Brazil’s President In Audience
 1/26/2020   North Korean Leader’s Aunt Reappears Years After Her Husband’s Execution
 1/25/2020   Deadly Earthquake Strikes Turkey
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 1/23/2020   Dutch Tech Gets Caught Up in China-US Tug of War
 1/23/2020   Farming Slowly Recovers in Japan’s Disaster-Hit Fukushima Region
 1/23/2020   Anti-Corruption Efforts Stagnating in Asia-Pacific, Transparency Study Says
 1/23/2020   Japan Records 2nd Straight Year of Trade Deficit in 2019
 1/22/2020   Apple Leisure Group Aims For 30 Hotels Resorts In Spain
  Oil, Mining & Energy (Click here for more)
 1/17/2020   Court Orders Suspension of Japan Nuclear Reactor over Safety Concerns
 1/16/2020   Iran Enriching More Uranium Than Before Deal, Rouhani Says
 1/16/2020   Iran Says European Nations Succumbing to US Tariff Threats on Nuclear Pact
 1/15/2020   Israel Starts Exporting Gas to Egypt
 1/14/2020   France, Germany, UK Trigger Dispute Mechanism in Major Test for Iran Deal
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 1/20/2020   Carlos Alberto Montaner: What to Do with the Cuban Regime?
 1/20/2020   Beatrice Rangel: Choosing the Suicide Weapon
 1/13/2020   Carlos Alberto Montaner: The Rebellion of the “Giles”
 1/13/2020   Beatrice Rangel: Beyond Impeachment, Despair Reigns in America
 1/6/2020   Carlos Alberto Montaner: The End of Cuba's Communism
  Sports (Click here for more)
 1/26/2020   Kobe Bryant Dead In Helicopter Crash, TMZ Sports Reports
 1/26/2020   Real Madrid Beats Valladolid 1-0, Takes Control Of 1st Place In La Liga
 1/26/2020   5 Mountaineers To Attempt Winter Everest Climb
 1/26/2020   Djokovic, Federer Cruise Into Quarterfinals
 1/25/2020   Valencia Upend Barcelona 2-0
  Arts & Entertainment
 1/26/2020   “Pain And Glory” The Big Winner At Spain’s Goya Awards
 1/25/2020   Peppa Pig Makes Way for Mickey Mouse as China Welcomes Year of the Rat
 1/24/2020   Hectic Life And Work Of Keith Haring Explored
 1/24/2020   Ricky Martin Premieres New Song ‘Tiburones’
 1/23/2020   Former “Sopranos” Actress Tells Jury Weinstein Raped Her Nearly 30 Years Ago
  Science, Nature & Technology
 1/26/2020   China Begins Developing Vaccine As Coronavirus Death Toll Rises To 56
 1/26/2020   China Locks Down First City Outside Coronavirus Epicenter
 1/25/2020   Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 41 as China Scrambles to Contain Outbreak
 1/23/2020   WHO: Coronavirus Outbreak Has Not Yet Become A Global Health Emergency
 1/23/2020   Huge Scotty T-Rex Dinosaur Skeleton Arrives In Scotland
  Society (Click here for more)
 1/18/2020   Harry and Meghan to Give Up Royal Titles
 1/16/2020   Prince Harry in 1st Public Appearance Following Stepping Back Announcement
 1/13/2020   Queen Gives Prince Harry, Meghan Time to Carve Out New Role
 1/13/2020   Thai King Orders Changes in Royal Motorcades to Avoid Disruptive Traffic Jams
 1/12/2020   Queen Schedules Meeting with Senior Royals to Discuss Sussexes’ Future
  Job Openings in the Americas
 4/16/2019   Deputy Director and Senior Fellow - Americas Program - CSIS
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador

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