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Chávez’ Lines – The Multipolar World: The New World
We cannot continue reproducing, as if we were blinds, the miserable logic against the ecologic order and the minimal life conditions in society: a logic stealing the future and demolishing our identities. It is the imperial, capitalist logic

By Hugo Chávez Frías

Once this long tour has ended, there are many valuable reflections into which we need to go deeper.

I returned more convinced than ever that it is absolutely possible, and necessary, to bring down the political, economic, cultural and military hegemony that the Yankee empire wants to impose on the world. Noam Chomsky is not wrong when he radically brings up the great dilemma of our time: hegemony or survival. If we do not bring down the imperial hegemony, the world will collapse into barbarism.

We cannot continue reproducing, as if we were blinds, the miserable logic against the ecologic order and the minimal life conditions in society: a logic stealing the future and demolishing our identities. It is the imperial, capitalist logic. We are obliged to walk other paths without giving up the particular processes of each people.

Faced with this ambush that tries to deviate us from our path, we must create mew forms of association and encourage our own resistance strategies. Resistance and multiple creation turn fate into awareness, as French writer André Malraux used to say.

Therefore, Venezuela continues and will continue fighting, with the same consistency, for the creation of a multipolar world. Now well, the multipolar world we want is not around the corner.

This tour has allowed me to clearly look at the panorama.

I want to resume what I said in the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia: Today we can say that the world has stopped being unipolar. But there is not a bipolar world, nor are there clear signs of the creation of four or five great poles of world power. It is clear, for instance, that the organization of Our America in one single political block is not in the immediate horizon: It will not come true in the short term. But the same happens in Africa, Asia and Europe.

What we do can currently see is a number of growing geopolitical cores on the map of a world that we could now call the New World. It is a multipolar world as the transition to multipolarity.

The acceleration towards the transition to multipolarity will depend on the political clearness, will and decision made by the countries in each core.

The forces that want to leave us behind in history want to keep us scattered by following the same perverse game, whose ill-fated results we already know. Nevertheless, with this long journey, and by crossing the borders of three continents and opening our liberating heart to the world, we fulfilled the sacred duty of deepening the inexorable pact among the peoples which share the same fate and hopes, and bet on equal destinies.

It will be difficult for them to silence the multiple chants sang by multiple nations, which, face with the hegemonic globalization imposed by capitalism, have started to build counter-hegemonic globalizations. Here I use the terms of Portuguese Professor and Intellectual Boaventura de Sousa Santos when, in his book Epistemologies of the South, he proposes us to think about a new multinational democratic movement. In this sense, I felt, with the same spirit among the fraternal peoples of Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iran, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Russia and Spain, that isolated efforts are not enough to fight the world crisis.

The affinities we found in fraternal countries are going to contribute to the march we share. Likewise, the new and multiple agreements we have endorsed are an additional sign that we are willing, with all the strength history demands, to grow by keeping the compass firmly oriented towards the achievement of our peoples' happiness.

The commitment is huge, and so is our determination to not let us be swallowed by the dark forces trying to accumulate extreme wealthy for a few people to the detriment of million of human beings. This huge and inhuman asymmetry must be radically changed; otherwise, there will not be life for anyone in a not too distant future


Last week marked the 36th anniversary of the Chilean tragedy. I think that one of the lessons we can learn from it is the following: It is fundamental for imperialism and the dominant class to preserve the capitalist system, no matter if they have to sweep democracy away. Comrade Salvador Allende was model democrat, yet they committed the most atrocious crime against him and his people on September 11, 1973.

Allende was the pioneer of the change of time experienced today by South America. Thus, those who have said that the path proposed by the Popular Unity was mistaken are wrong. Socialism does not mean rupture of democracy and the rule of law, but its full achievement.

It has been eight years of 11 September 2001. Unforgettable. How to forget the day when the most brutal imperial scaling. No one can question the official version –presented by Bush – about the events occurred in New York. Bu the most terrible thing was that this attack was used as excuse to provoke a “war against terrorism;” which has allowed the empire to run over peoples and sovereignties with impunity. This happened with Afghanistan and Iraq. There is also the apartheid the Palestinian people live in the hands of the Israeli state as a demonstration of those who are really the world terrorists.


Assuming as a useless pretext their reject to the Organic Education Law (LOE Spanish acronym), some minority sectors want to plot the beginning of the scholar year. What is it behind? The muddy interests of a little group of mafias that have always taken education as a business. This is why they do not want the teacher state to play its role.

It is clear: the counter-revolution uses no matter what in its bungler try to heat up the streets no matter how. Once again, they will defeat.

The Venezuelan people, the parents, teachers and especially the students will not allow the scholar year to be in danger.

I want to urge the people to the active defense of the LOE, read it; know it better, and off course to spread it. It is a legal law necessary for to achieve the mot important of the goals: the education as liberating and transforming praxis.

I also urge people to follow the path pointed by father Bolívar. “Nations will march towards the apex of their greatness at the same pace as their education”

Homeland, socialism or death! We will defeat!

Hugo Chávez Frías has been the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela since taking office in February of 1999.

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