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Beatrice Rangel: The Gifts of Christmas!!!!!!

By Beatrice E. Rangel

This was a rather generous Christmas season in the Americas. South America seems to have come back to its senses and has chosen to enhance democratic freedoms while starting the rough yet rewarding process of building viable economies.

The US approach to collective leadership in world affairs seems to have begun to take ground.

Rule of law could perhaps flourish in the near future should nations in the Hemisphere continue to fight impunity.

In ancient times, Viking kings would gather their people around burning logs beginning the day of the solstice and repeating the ceremony for twelve days. The heathen festival was known as Yule.

Every day a petition would be presented to the Sun God whose return was expected with hope and joy. Petitions were meant to preside each month for the upcoming year.

Depending on the righteousness of community members, petitions would materialize or fail to do so.

Failures demanded sacrifices to appease the Gods. Petition receipts, on the contrary, would trigger celebration. So let’s celebrate the Yule gifts received this year by Latin America:

  • Mexico conquered politically complex structural reforms in the key development areas of education; energy and telecoms. Whatever drawbacks of the Pena-Nieto administration, reforms guarantee passage into history;
  • The US quietly and effectively built consensus around climate change thereby initiating the long march towards the new and rewarding age of green development;
  • The Caribbean is finally realizing that structural reforms are unavoidable and desirable. Jamaica is already cropping benefits from initial reforms. Stay tuned for Trinidad, Barbados and the Lesser Antilles;
  • Colombia continues to be an investment grade economy in spite of enhanced and persistent efforts by the FARC and ELN to jeopardize economic performance;
  • Cuba will soon trade heavy Venezuelan crudes for US cracked and fracked sweet light crudes;
  • In a break with its past, Panama is cleaning up government from secular corruption and repositioning its oceanic lane;
  • With the support of the World Bank Group, competition authorities were able to decartelize economic activities in several Latin American countries reducing by 30% the cost of low income family living baskets in those countries;
  • Uruguay started judicial proceedings against Eugenio Figueredo, the uncontested king of Copa America in the aftermath of FIFA’s indictments. This ends the reign of impunity among leaders of the beautiful game;
  • The Transpacific Trade Partnership saw the light creating a trade corridor that is bound to surpass NAFTA in 5 years, as it brings together the economies of 12 nations representing 40% of world output or US $28.5 trillion. Canada. The US, Mexico, Peru and Chile are the winners in this deal;
  • Brazil’s anti-corruption drive triggered by graft at Petrobras is paving the road for an upcoming era of institutional development and economic growth;
  • Argentina decided to give itself a good government, choosing Mauricio Macri as president so that he acts as the very much needed Peronist exorcist;
  • Venezuelans started the long, bumpy and sacrifice-riddled road to reconquer democracy with -– for a change -- the support of the international community which had been enthralled for a decade by the Scylla and Charybdis of Bolivarian mythology.
Taken together, these blessings could perhaps give hope to those who believe that Latin America is about to truly take-off in terms of economic and political development, so as to resemble more the Chilean model than the Banania model.

We should be grateful to Yule 2014!!

Beatrice Rangel is President & CEO of the AMLA Consulting Group, which provides growth and partnership opportunities in US and Hispanic markets. AMLA identifies the best potential partner for businesses which are eager to exploit the growing buying power of the US Hispanic market and for US Corporations seeking to find investment partners in Latin America. Previously, she was Chief of Staff for Venezuela President Carlos Andres Perez as well as Chief Strategist for the Cisneros Group of Companies.

For her work throughout Latin America, Rangel has been honored with the Order of Merit of May from Argentina, the Condor of the Andes Order from Bolivia, the Bernardo O'Higgins Order by Chile, the Order of Boyaca from Colombia, and the National Order of Jose Matías Delgado from El Salvador.

You can follow her on twitter @BEPA2009 or contact her directly at BRangel@amlaconsulting.com.

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