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Omar Chaparro: The Platinos Are a Clear Example of Ibero-American Unity

LOS ANGELES – From film to television via radio, Omar Chaparro has achieved success a thousand different ways, but now the Mexican is taking on a new challenge: to be the master of ceremonies at the 7th Platino Xcaret Awards for Ibero-American film.

“We Latinos have the power to get together and do something with a lot of heart … These awards are a clear example of Ibero-American unity and I’m very excited to be part of it,” he told EFE.

After an outstanding 2019, in which he triumphed with films such as “No Manches Frida 2,” “Como Caido Del Cielo” and “Tod@s Caen,” Chaparro is to present the Platino Gala on May 3 at the Xcaret Gran Tlachco Theater in Mexico.

How do you face the challenge of presenting the Xcaret Platino Awards for Ibero-American film?

I accept it with great enthusiasm because I know the importance of these awards. If I’m honest, it took me by surprise. When they asked me I said: “The Platinos? They are our Oscars.”

It’s a true gift for me (…). I am very excited and enthusiastic to take part and we are going to put on a great show.

Santiago Segura and Cecilia Suarez were the presenters last year. How do you feel about taking over from them?

A little under the pressure, really. For me, Santiago Segura is one of the best actors and comedians in Ibero-America. It is a very big responsibility, but I am going with the flow. And as they say, “God never gives us challenges that we can’t do.” I’m going to approach it in the best possible way, while still being myself: try to have fun and be as professional as possible.

Some awards, such as the Oscars, have decided not to have a presenter. What should a good master of ceremonies have?

Oh, hell (he laughs). Maybe I say things that a presenter should have and I don’t have them. “A presenter must be tall, handsome …,” and I don’t have any of that (he smiles).

Honestly, I think first of all they must be authentic. The most difficult thing to do, not only at the awards but in life itself, is to be authentic: discover exactly who you are, what you want to be and dare to take off your masks and be yourself. In the end, that is when people have more empathy and connect better: when they are being honest and authentic.

And I will be very well covered as I will have a very large team of writers, producers, directors … These awards should be made like a film: as a team and without individual stars.

You were a guest in 2019. What surprised you the most?

See so many stars from so many countries, all so different, and many times they don’t know each other (…). Cecilia Suarez is very famous in Mexico, but perhaps they don’t know her so well in Argentina. These awards are a universal, homogeneous celebration, for everyone to enjoy and understand.

How do the Xcaret Platinos help unite the Latina industry?

They put us in the spotlight. It allows us to be seen not only in Latin America but also Hollywood and other countries can see that Latinos have the power to come together, to unite, to unify and to do something with a lot of heart.

In the United States some people, especially certain politicians, talk about the shortcomings of Hispanics and Latinos, specifically Mexicans, or what the president (Donald Trump) said that they were only thugs and rapists.

But Latinos have an enormous quality that is creativity. We are a bit disorganized sometimes, we like to party, a little irresponsible (he smiles), but when we join in a common goal we can beat the best. These awards are a clear example of Ibero-American unity and I am very excited to be part of it.

And how do you see the Ibero-American panorama with respect to Hollywood?

We begin to accept and look at our own qualities as Latinos, to tell our stories honestly and without being presumptuous. A few decades ago, we tried to copy the giant, to imitate what Hollywood was doing, but with our budgets it is impossible to even get close.

But when we start telling our stories from our angle, from our side, they watch us. TV series like “Money Heist” or “The House of Flowers” make me very proud.

2019 was a very successful year for you. What do you think about it?

I am reaching an age when I do not like to wait for them to speak to the office to say that there is a good script. I try to go out, search, create, even write or get together with people who are really motivated and want to dream.

I’m going to start producing a movie criticizing the immigration problem in the US, do a drama. It is called “The Wingwalker” and is Alonso Alvarez’s debut work.

I’m also writing a script with Martha Higareda, taking advantage of this duo that, God bless, people have accepted so much.

One of the things that your fans most admire is your versatility. Do you have any special challenges to meet?

Being so hyperactive has always been a two-edged sword: radio, television, theater … I am not trying to be presumptuous: I simply believe that you are born with this inner child who has music inside and you have to follow that music.

I have been wrong, I have made mistakes, but I have always followed my heart. Right now I want to focus my career on film, series and music, but tomorrow I don’t know: if I wake up wanting to be a boxing champion, maybe I’ll do it (he smiles).


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