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French Author: Church is a Massively Homosexualized Structure

PARIS – The Catholic Church is a massively homosexualized structure, a French journalist and author claimed in an interview with EFE on Monday.

Frederic Martel, who was set to release his new book “Sodom” focusing on what he describes as the hypocrisy of a clerical caste that is overwhelmingly homosexual but fiercely opposes same-sex relations in public, spoke to EFE at a cafe in Paris’ bustling gay neighborhood of Le Marais, where he himself resides.

“Homosexuality is the explanation behind the majority of the Church’s problems over the past 50 years,” Martel said. “The Church’s homophobia can be explained by the high level of homosexuality among the clergy.”

The journalist and sociologist, who previously authored titles such as “Global Gay” or “Smart,” said that a book like “Sodom” could only have been written by someone who was a member of the LGBT community and did not reside in Italy nor depend on the Vatican, as such a controversial subject would lead to certain retribution.

“You need to know the codes,” he said.

Martel spent four years interviewing over 1,000 people and traveling to more than 30 countries, although he spent the most time in Rome, where he said he found his best sources.

One of those sources, a former Church official, told him that the gay community represents 80 percent of the Vatican hierarchy, or – in their own private slang – 8 out of 10 are “part of the parish.”

“The gayest priests and cardinals are the ones most interested in defending celibacy,” Martel said. “Their stance against condoms or prohibiting sex before marriage can also be explained by the homosexual question.”

The release of “Sodom,” which is set to hit bookstores across 20 countries next Thursday, coincides with an upcoming summit gathering the heads of the world’s episcopal conferences focused on preventing sexual abuse of both minors and adults.

Martel claimed that this problem can also trace its roots back to the prevalent repressed homosexuality of many priests.

“There’s no link between homosexuality and sexual abuse, but in the specific case of the Church, it’s mostly committed against males, be they underage or adults,” he said.

The reasons for the scandals of widespread abuse and cover-ups that have rocked the Church over the past few years, the French author said, could be found in orthodox Catholicism’s particular brand of masculinity, as well as the efforts to protect the institution through a culture of secrecy and self-preservation.

According to Martel, most bishops who protect priests they know have committed abuse do so because they want to avoid being outed as gay themselves, a form of leverage that many predators take advantage of.

In his book, the journalist explores the alleged sexuality of several high-ranking ecclesiastical officials, including cardinals and even pontiffs.

He even went as far as linking the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI in 2013 to his supposed attraction to men.

“I call it ‘Fifty Shades of Gay.’ It may be non-practicing homophilia, sensibility, or a homosexualized culture,” he added.

The book analyzes the distortion between a public moral position and the private lives of many members of the clergy who found in priesthood an escape valve in the face of the impossibility of fully embracing their sexual preferences in a hostile environment that rejects anything other than normative heterosexuality as unnatural, ungodly and immoral.

“My book provides the key about the phenomenon’s structures and roots,” Marcel boasted. “The Church is damned if it doesn’t change.”


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