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TalCual: ENCOVI – The Mirror that Venezuela’s Maduro Does Not Want to Be Reflected In
In Venezuela, the poor today are poorer after 19 years of chavismo in power

By TalCual

The recent data released by the National Survey of Living Conditions of the Venezuelan Population (ENCOVI) once again showed that Venezuela’s social policies, of which chavismo is proud of, are a fraud, a scam, a farce, a colossal failure. Nothing but propaganda to fool a few people in the country and many around the world. The poor today are poorer after 19 years of chavismo in power.

The most dramatic thing is that this serious situation is happening after having counted on oil revenues that, if they had been invested properly, could have allowed the country to overcome many of its shortcomings. However, wastage and corruption, joined by inefficiency, made the country miss a golden opportunity.

The de facto Attorney General said this week that $15 billion have been lost in cases of corruption that are being investigated by his office (go figure how much that amount will be once he opens an investigation on every chavista group in the country.) These figures will break world records for sure, because there were corrupt governments in Venezuela, but in that category chavismo is the undisputed champion.

Income poverty rose by more than 5% to 87%. Since 2014, households in poverty situation grew by 38%; 9 of every 10 Venezuelans cannot pay their daily food; almost a third of the population cannot afford to have three daily meals; the homicide rate in Venezuela stood at 89 per 100,000 inhabitants, up 345% from 1998. Only 19% of pregnant women in the poorest stratum is controlled from the first month of pregnancy. What happened to the Barrio Adentro social initiative?

The x-ray of reality taken by local universities such as the Central University of Venezuela, Andrés Bello and Simón Bolívar is a proof of the bloody mess that any citizen of the country is suffering. One of the biggest lies of this huge fraud known as chavismo is that the country is a university powerhouse. It turns out that 60% of college-age young people do not study in any university.

There is plenty of data in this ENCOVI survey that proves it. The numbers are quite negative. Social programs anywhere in the world have to remain in the time in order to be effective and, to this end, must be sustainable, which forces a country to rely on a healthy economy. That is not the case of Venezuela, thanks to government policies.

This ENCOVI survey has proved once again that chavismo is a fraud. It has also proved that only the corrupt leaders of the so-called "socialism of the 21st century" have reaped the benefits. The people of Venezuela barely get the crumbs left by them.


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