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Tal Cual: The Victory of Capriles Radonski in Venezuela
There is absolutely no doubt that Henrique Capriles Radonski has achieved one of the most remarkable electoral exploits ever remembered in Venezuela. It easily grew till it got the dimensions of a heavily-armed Goliath supposedly invincible.

By Tal Cual

There is absolutely no doubt that opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski has achieved one of the most remarkable electoral exploits ever remembered in Venezuela. In only a few weeks, he went from at least a 15-point gap with respect to his Government contender to practically the same level, if not defeated on Sunday, just like many claim he did as they request a very reasonable vote recount, now with unprecedented pot-banging protests in the streets, to the amazement of all those who believed they were from their property all along for being what they denominated, the “people.”

And so he did. Let’s just set aside – for now – the problem of the uncertainty regarding the outcome on Sunday, which is facing the unscrupulous power of a lazy State, obscure complicities from a dishonest and indecorous National Electoral Council (CNE) and the use of blackmail in the death of Hugo Chávez, with which they not only tried to create an unbelievable and awkward emotional climate but to muzzle every criticism regarding the late President and his nefarious administration and all the disasters, lies and manipulations from his political heirs. A lonesome David who raised his voice in its due time, who jazzed up an opposition country that felt into depression for being silenced many times by using his indubitable charisma and a just, clear and courageous speech, one that packed streets across the nation with passionate followers.

And it grew and grew till it got the dimensions of a heavily-armed Goliath supposedly invincible. Just keep in mind that he took one million votes from staunch Chávez’s supporters who voted for the deceased leader on October 7 of last year, barely a few days ago. And that’s making history, good history.

But what Capriles Radonski achieved was something more than becoming just an extraordinary candidate, after all elections are just a juncture, and that is the birth of an authentic national leadership for the unquestionably loudest voice there is in the country. If someone wants a proof of this, just watch closely his calling for peace on Monday, all within democratic principles and a certain work outline, with actions in the streets and very precise goals, a fair claim for electoral transparency; this way he puts a timely and appropriate roadblock in the way before violence took over the rage of the people due to the atrocious electoral advantages the CNE has got for so long.

May God – and the little birds – help us to avert new populist strongmen for we are sick and tired of them, yet we salute an opposition that saw its traditional political instruments and parties being destroyed, one that has finally reached that other stupendous and decisive phenomenon called unity, that now has such a strong spokesperson who could give this nation some coherence and reasonable goals.

In order to understand the main role Capriles Radonski intends to play in the future, we should add to this, without a doubt, the congenital weakness from Chávez’s “chosen one,” also known as a “vote killer,” who has already lost a big part of his electoral inheritance, whose stammering speech, someone who is obsessively necrophilic, deliriously corny, has no true followers, and whose quality as a statesman seems not to go any further. We salute you, fellow Henrique!


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