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The Lines of Venezuela’s Chávez #25 – Like Sucre in Ayacucho!

By Hugo Chávez Frías

There, in Saint Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean land and part of the black Africa, I had to say it, within the framework of the 6th Petrocaribe Summit and I want to repeat it one more time: we are facing and fighting circumstances that need us all our attention, knowledge and effort to look for real and joint solutions to overcome the great crisis that currently affects the entire humanity. In this sense, once again, I want to remind our endless friend, our heroic commander, Che Guevara, who in 1964 sent a letter to Charles Bettelheim that read as follows: “A bit more developed than the chaos, maybe in the first or second day of the creation, I have a world of ideas that crashes, interlaces and sometimes organizes.”

This is all about – and I have interpreted this way- taking one, two, three or the necessary steps ahead chaos; but through everyone’s ideas and praxis based on them, as an alternative answer to the great barbarism that goes together with the ruling civilizing model, which affects everyone. This was the ruling spirit that impregnated the state of mind of those who came to Saint Kitts and Nevis: to take one more step ahead chaos because “Our countries do not have the capacity, by ourselves, to structurally transform the international economic order, but we do have the power to establish new foundations and construct our own economic relations,” as our friend the Cuban President Raúl Castro said in Cumaná. Petrocaribe is one of those new foundations to build ourselves again and hoist everyday the flags of our dignity, liberty and Caribbean greatness. Venezuela formulated three proposals to be analyzed and discussed: the first one is related to the food sovereignty of our peoples. In this regard, the urgencies make tasks to undertake unpostponable: “Produce food, science and dignity,” as Kléber Ramírez used to say. Food sovereignty! Is what we must pursuit and it implies the change of our patterns and relations of production and consumption.

The second proposal one consists on working on the map of potentiality and planning the productive enchainment in order to break the borders of every country; that’s true, but also to expand them in this Great Homeland we are all part of.

And the third proposal is related to the creation of a currency for the integration. Today, more than ever, we have to give birth to the weapons against exclusion and poverty.

Yes, socialism is like Rosa Luxembourg points out: “a historic product, coming up from its own experiences, in the course of its concretion,” there is no useful dogma, recipe or formula to establish its dynamics. This is why the criticism collective and permanent exercise is so important. Criticism cannot be replaced or delegated.

Criticism guarantees the fluidity that socialism needs to become true. If criticism were displaced by dogma, this one (criticism) would irretrievably hold back.

We know socialism cannot be decreed; It has to be jointly constructed and created. The critical and creative capacity – constructor and liberator of the people – is the one that gives life to a new society.

Rosa’s (Luxembourg) ideal of socialism is in force: “New Territory. A thousand problems. Only experience is capable of correcting and opening up new ways. Only unobstructed, effervescing life falls into a thousand new forms and improvisations, brings to light creative force, itself corrects all mistaken attempts.”

In Venezuela, we are walking on a new territory: the socialist territory. We have thousands of accumulated problems to be solved, which is the fateful inheritance of the capitalist model. Like Rosa Luxembourg says only experience is capable of correcting and opening up new ways. The experience is really critic.

Socialism is not exempted from wrong attempts, of mistakes. But if socialism were decreed and it becomes into dogma, recipe or formula, the wrong attempts and mistakes would not be really corrected and would multiply.

Then, all the spaces for critic discussions about our socialist experience are welcomed.

Those thousands of people who are part of this space for criticism par excellence are welcomed and they are and must represent the youth that assumes its revolutionary condition, which is the highest step of stair that any human being can aspire to; just as Che used to say. What a great joy knowing that after the PSUV’s organized journeys -to conclude this Sunday- we have been informed that more than one million young people have registered in the party. New blood, renewing fire, socialist attitude in the sacred terrain of the homeland.

I send you boys my words of blessedness and commitment with future. I know that with your rebel spirit, the party wins and joyfully prepares for the victories to come. We all exalt thanks to your decision and you can count on the spaces to lay the foundations of ideas and actions for the consolidation of the socialist commitment. We expect from you the fresh wind and the eagerness that helps us to keep raising the moral spirit of the country. It is all about being humanly noble and worthy; and aware that we are sovereign. To achieve this, their north must be focused on the ethical transparency, which must encourage every revolutionary person. From now on, you assume together with the Venezuelan people, the creation of a reason and a moral that opens the future. Then, let’s go together to embody – like thinker María Zambrano, used to say, “an overwhelming reason and a moral, a creative pureness full of strength, which is not afraid of leaving without being in touch with reality and does not avoid every day’s combat.” Welcome to the great house of socialism.

After many failed attempts in the human history, people use to insist that sheltering the socialism dream means to play a bet to utopia. However, something very dangerous is hidden behind that statement: on the one hand, a discouragement that ends in a cruel conformism; and, on the other hand, a devastating hit to the revolutionary impetus that must daily encourage us. Ten years ago, we hoisted here the sail towards the coast of shared happiness. We have done a lot but there is still a lot to do. We have to convince ourselves that something is true: we are going to delete the letter “u” from the word utopia.

But to delete that “u” and allow us sowing the socialism among us as life experience, we have to stop in the circumstances that mark this purpose.

To put some elements into consideration I would like to establish a basis on some ideas of the Mexican Philosopher Adolfo Shánchez Vázquez in his book Entre la Realidad y la Utopía.

To think and dare to conceive socialism is to give answer to some punctual matters: who, where, how, and about of socialism. Until now I have repeatedly asked Where socialism is, but for Shánchez Vázquez it is necessary to widen the field of interpretation.

It is vital to first state the human quality of those who will make socialism possible. Which their ethical profile is, the cultural and spiritual composition of men and women assuming the historical challenge of going making the sovereign exercise of People’s Power. This is critical for the human being is the beginning and the end of our efforts. In this connection we count on a huge advantage: the liberator heritage of our founders containing the strength and the ethics as foundations no only of being Venezuelan, but also the spirit that transforms History.

Secondly, we have to accurately define where, the contexts where we are urgently called to implement socialism. No place must be stranger in this sense. Every place likely to be elevated in terms of socialist principles must be populated and embodied by the actual socialist exercise. We have to irrigate with the fairness spirit and practice the factories, fields, fishing centers, industries, universities and schools, the street, the barrios, there must be no place where the socialist initiative is not working. Every one who is totally committed to necessarily bequeath his heirs a truly socialist homeland must become a tireless fighter in this battle for life.

Thirdly, and not less important, we must continue insisting in the forms, the how, that we have been advancing with the consolidation of communal councils and the birth of the socialist communes; we have to concentrate on these organization strategies to the point it crosses the cultural changes towards a socialist horizon.

This is the core in which a big part of the efforts has to be deepened: the daily exercise that is more and more decisive to conceive the power in the hands of the people. Justice will be reached only by giving power to the people.

And last but not least, it is necessary to have in mind what really has to be transformed in this transition to socialism, its fields of action. there is no doubt that we have to move forward to a definite dismantling of all the forms of oppression that are still present in the traditions of capitalist order surrounding us, either in the possession of the means of production and in the criminal management of the ways of work relations in the prevalent productive structure. In this connection, we have to think about actual, imaginary and cultural oppressive ways. To advance in socialism means to take off the burden of domination from upon all human spaces so the complete autonomy and real independence can reign.

Finally, I think it is important to think in an aspect that Shánchez Vázquez does not take into consideration and on which I have been reflecting: How much time will it take to create the conditions for a socialist living’ And I answer with no doubt: It will take us the whole life to complete this sublime work. However, it is urgent to make the actions coincide with the humanly established horizons, within the time we are living by chance. We have to separate the urgent from the necessary, so the socialist destiny starts having a sense. We cannot permit any delay in these efforts; together we have to boost the changes and we have to have in mind that the conquers our people sacredly demands do not stand more delays.

‘In the delay remains the danger’, recalls the president, general and Ecuadorian people’s martyr, Eloy Alfaro.

Always in the offensive, with winners pace.

Like Sucre in Ayacucho!

The Homeland, Socialism or the Death!

We will win!

Hugo Chávez Frías has been the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela since taking office in February of 1999.

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