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Michael Rowan: Pledge of Allegiance
Political strategist Michael Rowan relates his truth of where we are in America.

By Michael Rowan

Eight score of years ago, the Civil War in Favor of Slavery -- the belief that black people are property whose lives do not matter – and Against the Union -- the belief that all people are created equal - was won militarily by the Union, but won politically by the Slaveholders, who thereupon suborned the 13th Amendment to the Constitution that freed the slaves, the 14th Amendment that protected civil rights, and the 15th Amendment that guaranteed black people the right to vote, by instituting local Jim Crow laws, including lynching and segregation, for a hundred years, which were only interrupted in the 1960s, after President John Kennedy, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kennedy were assassinated, prompting the stunned House and Senate to pass the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, which honored why We the People, praying together in mourning for America, dreamed again to form a More Perfect Union, a sacred task for human rights, which was assaulted again on January 6, 2021, a day which will live in infamy staining our democracy for time immemorial, as thousands of radicalized insurrectionists, wildly brandishing the Confederate flag and symbols of White Supremacy, were sent to march on the Capitol, lynch the Vice President, kidnap the Speaker, and force whoever was in the way to change the name of the winner of the presidential election, killing five Americans, turning the House and Senate chambers into two horrible crime scenes at the behest of a childish tantrum of a President bent on overturning an election he duly lost by seven million votes, and whose insurrection was astonishingly ratified by 139 cowering sycophants in the People’s House, and 45 more in the Senate, all to appease a tyrannical white minority in fear of losing power to Americans whose skin color differs from theirs, a minority twisted by an irrational, radicalized fear born in defense of slavery long ago, which still festers in the soul of invincible ignorance, and easily discriminates based on skin color, but knows no difference between fact and fiction, yet to which insurrectionists have pledged their Lives, their Fortunes and their Honor -- a pledge which was a tragedy in the times of Washington and Lincoln, but in our time, is simply a farce, So Help Me God.

Michael Rowan is an author and political consultant who has advised presidential candidates throughout Latin America, including Governor Manuel Rosales in Venezuela, President Jaime Paz Zamora of Bolivia and President Oscar Arias of Costa Rica. In the U.S., he has advised winning candidates in 26 states. He has been an award winning columnist for El Universal, The Daily Journal -- predecessor to LAHT -- and the Latin American Herald Tribune since the 1990s. He is the author, with Douglas Schoen, of The Threat Closer to Home - Hugo Chavez and the War Against America and the just released How to Prevent Trump from Doing to America What Chavez Did to Venezuela, published by Amazon Books.


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