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TalCual: Rosneft as "Queen of Venezuela"?
It seems that another piece of Venezuela’s sovereignty has been sold to the Russians after the government struck a major deal with oil major Rosneft to develop new gas fields without it paying a dime in VAT and import taxes

By TalCual

It is regrettable that the geopolitical sphere still lacks the sufficient communication and pedagogical development, on the part of democrats, to convey effectively to the entire Venezuelan society the comprehension of its effects.

Well, a few days ago that den of iniquity, known as the National Constituent Assembly, evidenced our precarious condition of being a "Republic of Limited National Sovereignty." This entity has "formalized," through a decree, the exemption of Value Added Tax (VAT) and import tax payments of Russian energy giant Rosneft, which constitutes a partial amendment of the protocol on cooperation of strategic projects between the Russian Federation and Venezuela.

It turns out that the so-called "constituyentistas," or members of the Constituent Assembly, have formalized not so long ago something that was not decided in Caracas, but in Moscow, when President Vladimir Putin announced in June plans of Rosneft to develop two new gas fields on the continental shelf of Venezuela, referring specifically to the Patau and Mejillones gas fields, located in the north of the Paria Peninsula, Sucre state, thus modifying from that month an agreement signed with Venezuela in 2009, a modification that provides for the waiver of these payments. It is worth mentioning that the magnitude of these concessions is allowing Russia a immeasurable access to natural gas market in the American continent. It should be noted that the fields given away to the Russians in Sucre state contain 6.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, or twice as much as the reserves of Colombia.

And what very little has been said is that Citgo is also involved; let me explain: Rosneft injected money into the regime of Nicolás Maduro (about $6.5 billion to PDVSA) in exchange for future oil deliveries, providing that the debt is canceled by the end of 2020. It turns out that in 2016, in violation of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Maduro mortgaged Citgo to Russia for that multi-million dollar loan, with 49.9% of shares through the so-called PDVSA 2020 bond as collateral, as is registered in a Delaware court, which makes it feasible for the Russians to take control of Citgo as early as next year, and in this way get to the very heart of their enemy, the U.S.; that is why the government of Donald Trump is blocking the transactions of the said bond, preventing Citgo from falling into the hands of 2020 bondholders today, and tomorrow into the hands of the "Russian bear."

What is the "chavomadurismo" bragging about when speaking of sovereignty and other nonsense, when today Venezuela has become the feast of a mafia empire? Maduro is protecting himself with the hand-over of the economic health of a nation, where today its population suffers from social devastation in the middle of a geopolitical dance.

And here is Rosneft, which has been denounced for sending contaminated oil to half of Europe, as the guardian in Venezuela of the interests of a disarmed empire coming out of the shadows of the now defunct Soviet KGB. Rosneft has turned Venezuela into the victim of Putin’s global power ambitions. What can the Venezuelan people do to free themselves from this tight "bear hug"?


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