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The T800 and Sarah Connor Are Back and They’re More Mature, Just as Lethal

LONDON – Two iconic characters from the world of Terminator, Sarah Connor and the T-800, are making a return to the big screen after a 28-year hiatus. As Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise their roles as Connor and the killing machine, they might be more mature but they are just as lethal.

Coming back after such a long time was “very hard work,” Hamilton admitted during a talk with EFE.

The actress, who appeared in the first two movies of franchise, said she “feared” fans would compare her to the person she was all that time ago.

“I had to let that go because I can do the same amount of work but I can’t expect the same results with a body that’s 62 years old,” she said.

Directed by Tim Miller, “Terminator: Dark Fate,” which premieres on 31 October, continues off from “Terminator 2” and ignores the plots of the last three films in the series.

The latest installment tells the story of Sarah Connor joining forces with human-cyborg Grace (Mackenzie Davis) to protect Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) from a new Terminator (Gabriel Luna), who has traveled back from the future – the year 2022 – to kill her.

Amid the odyssey to save Dani, an aging version of the T-800 (Schwarzenegger) arrives on the scene and having lived alongside people for so long, he has begun to acquire human behavior.

“I really enjoyed the idea of being this killing machine but also having grown a conscious,” Schwarzenegger told EFE.

“Having been with humans enough time has made me develop my own mind and making decision that are very contrary to the way I was programmed.

“I think what made it fun this time is letting a little bit of the human being out of the machine,” said the actor. “And the humor of that was what made it entertaining.”

Hamilton pointed out that in this film Schwarzenegger’s character is “much more human that Sarah Connor and I think that is a lovely twist,” said Hamilton.

While both characters are stalwarts of the Terminator saga, the latest movie also sees new faces among the cast.

“Once we started shooting we were busy for 14 hours a day, so it was a challenge to maintain the sharpness of the fights throughout the shoot,” said Luna, who appears as a new Terminator model.

Besides all the action, issues like women’s empowerment also come into play, and unlike past installations the new movie places importance on the female characters for their own abilities and not just their reproductive capabilities.

Another element that comes into the mix is Mexican culture, with scenes of everyday life in the Latin American country and dialog between the characters taking place in Spanish.

“What was great about Tim, the director, was that he wanted to make it real,” said Colombian actress Natalia Reyes. “If it doesn’t make sense for those characters to speak English because their father doesn’t speak English, then let’s do it in Spanish.

“He tried to be really respectful with the Mexican culture and the Latinos that will go and watch the movie and I think that is also part of why I’m so proud of this movie.”

The movie was filmed in several locations in Spain, standing in for Mexico City.

“I think it honors all of the things that made the originals amazing but with a new director and with a new look I think people are going to be really excited,” said Canadian actress Mackenzie Davis.

“I’m a hardcore fan myself so I shoot you straight man, the movie is good.”


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