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TalCual: Diosdado, It Is You Who’s a 'Neoliberal'
Diosdado Cabello, who plays second fiddle to Nicolás Maduro, made serious allegations against the late founder of TalCual, Teodoro Petkoff, referring to him as a traitor and “neoliberal”

By TalCual

Diosdado Cabello, who plays second fiddle to Nicolás Maduro, talked about the late founder of TalCual, Teodoro Petkoff, in his weekly press conference with the "profundity" that characterizes all his public interventions. Actually, he used two words to do so: traitor and “neoliberal.”

By the way, he already made this kind of "allegations" against Petkoff when he fell sick and now that he passed away. He never did when the founder of this media spoke and wrote his mind.

In the first case, he claimed that Petkoff promoted the armed struggle against the government of Rómulo Betancourt in the early 1960s and then betrayed those who engaged in it. Taking up arms against the government of Betancourt was never a personal decision of Petkoff, but of the leadership of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV). Those who took up arms did so voluntarily, nobody forced them.

Giving up the armed struggle was also a decision of the directorate of the PCV, not Teodoro, who was convinced that having given up the democratic struggle had been the biggest mistake of his entire political career. By the way, the overwhelming majority of those who participated in the coup d’état that took place on February 4, 1992, were deceived by their promoters; they were not there voluntarily as they were unaware of what they were involved in.

With regard to the neoliberal part, to chavismo neoliberals are those who impoverish peoples and make a minority richer. Those who privatize health services and education, those who worsen the conditions of workers, those who violate human rights.

Today, education and health services in Venezuela are more privatized than ever. Going to a public hospital implies paying for all medicines and/or treatments that may be required to regain health. In order for students to go to class, their parents have to do miracles, thanks to chavismo.

With regard to human rights, there are 470 political prisoners in Venezuela and countless refugees in embassies or exiles. Torture has been institutionalized by the country’s security forces and the detention of any person may be due to the whim of any chavista leader.

Petkoff was a minister during the second government of Rafael Caldera (1996-1999) and led the plan of economic adjustments in the country. During his first year at the helm of the Ministry of Planning, inflation set a new record and hit 103%. It dropped to 37% in the following year.

That kind of inflation is something that the majority of the population coping with one of the greatest hyperinflations in the world misses a great deal today. In today’s Venezuela, the poor are getting poorer and some people well connected with the Maduro government are getting richer.

On the workers side, their unions have been disregarded, several of their leaders, such as Rubén González, are behind bars and social benefits are simply miserable. In the last year of the second government of Caldera, the minimum monthly salary was $376. Today, including food vouchers, is only $3.84, with which their purchasing power is reduced to cosmic dust. Obviously, Petkoff was not the "neoliberal" one. It is you, Diosdado!


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