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TalCual: Transition to Democracy in Venezuela is Coming Soon
Venezuela is in an apparent political deadlock, but this dilemma will be resolved in a peaceful, constitutional and electoral manner once a change of government becomes a reality as Venezuela completes its transition to democracy

By TalCual

Today, Venezuela is in an apparent political deadlock. On the one hand, a government led by Nicolás Maduro that looks weak and is seen as illegitimate as a result of fraudulent elections, only sustained by a military leadership that for 20 years has usurped power for its own benefit and, on the other, a government led by Juan Guaidó, endorsed by the Congress (aka National Assembly or AN) as the only power that has not lost its legitimacy, assuming a transition process as set out in the Constitution and endorsed by the vast majority of free and democratic countries in the world.

This dilemma will certainly be resolved in a peaceful, constitutional and electoral manner as we have pointed out plenty of times before. The change of government will become a reality once the military leadership that sustains the precarious Maduro administration uses the only reasonable solution left: negotiation. Embarking on ideology-charged epic adventures is not possible, for what motivates this military leadership is not ideology, but the corrupt and criminal pragmatism that has been drying up the country in order to maintain its privileges. These people have no principles and no moral. That is the reason why it is not possible that they will be able to resist the existing internal and external pressures for much longer. In the end, they will negotiate their way out.

The change will be peaceful because the democratic sectors want it to be that way. This is why the route of protest and peaceful demonstrations keep evading the constant provocations of a desperate Government that fuels the rage of radical sectors in order to divert the struggle toward violence, with which they feel like fish in water. They repress and consistently violate the human rights of a large number of Venezuelans, even children. They have even caused deaths without any justice at all. But nobody buys provocation.

The vast majority of opposition parties, NGOs, associations and unions that comprise the so-called Broad Front such as Soy Venezuela (I am Venezuela) and the Concertación por el Cambio (agreement for change); the people suffering the scarcity of food and medicines, all social sectors led by Juan Guaidó are taking this change process with moderation, credibility and breadth. International support has been key to putting a government used to saying no to the democratic sectors of the country and making a mockery of the dialogue processes that have been previously carried out in its place.

The change will be constitutional, because in the face of the power vacuum prevailing in the Republic, only the legitimacy of the AN can, in an institutional manner, conduct a transition process to stabilize the institutions and legitimize a new government.

The change will be electoral because, only with transparent and democratic elections, overseen by impartial institutions, the Venezuelan people can freely express themselves and elect those who will lead the country’s destiny through the timetable established by the Constitution without intimidation or compulsion. That being said, transition to democracy is coming soon.


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