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Script for “Terminator: Genisys” Brings Schwarzenegger Back to the Saga (VIDEO)

LOS ANGELES – Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to his role as the Terminator with the screenplay for the fifth installment in the film series including the cyborg character he first played in 1984, a semi-human robot that can regenerate itself but which is subject to the physical deterioration that accompanies aging.

The actor spoke with Efe about the launching of the new trailer for “Terminator: Genisys,” a film that will begin showing at U.S. theaters on July 1 with a plot that, once again, makes use of time travel to resume the futuristic battle between men and machines in which his character appears to be the only constant.

The film revisits events that have already been dealt with in previous episodes in the franchise created by James Cameron, including new characters but also familiar ones such as Sarah Connor and John Connor, although different actors will portray them.

Sarah Connor, originally played by Linda Hamilton, will now be portrayed by Emilia Clarke from “Game of Thrones,” and John Connor will be played by Jason Clarke from “Zero Dark Thirty,” the fourth actor to star as the leader of the human resistance to Skynet.

Although the pair of actors share the same surname in the movie and in real life, they are only related in the fictional tale.

“I feel fantastic. It was great when we started the rehearsals,” said Schwarzenegger, 67, who was absent from the most recent feature film in the series – “Terminator Salvation” (2009), filmed while he was governor of California – where only his image appeared.

“The main thing was for the script to be good. I really got excited when I read it, and then to begin rehearsing the character once again, training with weapons, working with the coordinators of the action scenes to be ready for the film. It was tremendous fun,” he said.

Without revealing the details of the plot, Schwarzenegger said that this time around the Terminator cannot use the time machine the other characters use because of his “metallic composition,” and so to take part in the film’s action he has to resort “to the longer road,” that is, to wait for the years to pass.

“That’s the reason why you see him age,” said the veteran Hollywood star, who added that the Terminator appears in the film at three different time periods.

The wrinkles, the grey hair and somewhat sagging skin are the result of the deterioration of the organic portion of the Terminator, but the decades he has spent among humans have not enabled the character to “become more human,” in any sense.

“He’s trying to understand them, but he’s not always successful. There’s a scene in which (Sarah Connor) hugs me because she’s going to meet me 30 years later. For the Terminator (hugging) makes no sense, it’s a waste of time. She is very emotional and he tries to understand but doesn’t completely manage to – he’s a machine,” the actor said.

When asked if he would be willing to play the Terminator again in yet another film, Schwarzenegger sidestepped giving an answer and said only that he was sure that “the franchise will continue.”


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