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  Top Story
Venezuelan Opposition Rolls Out Plan for Transitional Government
The priority of the prospective transitional government would be addressing what MUD describes as a humanitarian crisis resulting from high inflation and shortages of medicines and consumer goods...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 7/20/2017   Two Protesters Killed in Opposition General Strike in Venezuela
 7/20/2017   LIVE VIDEO NOW: JOIN CSIS and MARIA CORINA MACHADO for a Discussion on Venezuela
 7/19/2017   Venezuela Opposition Outlines Transition as Journalist Scoops Maduro on Offensive New “Security” Plan
 7/18/2017   Protesters, Security Officers Clash in Caracas
 7/18/2017   Venezuela's Maduro Convenes National Defense Council
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 7/20/2017   Colombia Marks Independence Day
 7/17/2017   Colombia Seeks Renewed Relations with Cuba, with Emphasis on Doing Business
 7/17/2017   Disputed Lands in Colombia’s Conflict Areas Will Have Titles in 6 Years
 7/14/2017   Colombia Government Hopes to Start Recovery of 300-Year-Old Galleon This Year
 7/11/2017   Coffee Industry Discusses Its Future at World Coffee Producers Forum
 7/19/2017   Mexican Police Expand Search for Missing Spanish Woman
 7/19/2017   3D-Printed Prosthetics Changing Lives of Low-Income Mexicans
 7/18/2017   Mexican Candies, a Sweet Mestizo Heritage from Days of the Spanish Conquest
 7/18/2017   Authorities from Spain and Mexico Work to Solve Spanish Woman’s Disappearance
 7/15/2017   Mexicans Protest Lack of Progress in Probe of Journalist’s Murder
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 7/19/2017   Brazilian Judge Freezes Lula’s Bank Accounts
 7/19/2017   Cold Wave Blamed for 2 Deaths in Brazil
 7/18/2017   Polar Blast Brings Snow, Record Low Temps to Southern Brazil
 7/18/2017   Brazilian Court Denies Lula’s Initial Appeal of Prison Sentence
 7/16/2017   Ecological Park Risen from City Dump Brings Peace to Rio Shantytown
 7/19/2017   Economic Growth Not Benefiting Everyone in Argentina, President Says
 7/18/2017   Argentine Central Bank to Keep Interest Rates High to Lower Inflation
 7/18/2017   Buenos Aires Jewish Community Demands End to Killers’ 23 Years of Impunity
 7/17/2017   Argentina’s New Defense and Education Ministers Sworn In
 7/13/2017   Argentina Celebrates 70 Years of Women’s Voting Rights
 7/4/2017   Bolivia Says Chile Violated Hague Court Rules, Will File Counterclaim
 7/3/2017   Bolivian Government Reports Death Threats against President
 6/29/2017   Bolivian Leader Celebrates Return of Soldiers, Customs Agents Held in Chile
 6/26/2017   Bolivian Foreign Minister Has Great Expectations about Cuba Visit
 6/26/2017   Bolivia’s President Appoints an Acting Economy Minister
 7/6/2017   Photographers Share Looks at Daily Life in Dominican Republic
 6/30/2017   Panel: Awarding of Dominican Power-Plant Project to Odebrecht within the Law
 6/30/2017   Casa de España: 100 Years Preserving Spanish Heritage in Santo Domingo
 6/22/2017   Dominican Authorities Burn 1.5 Tons of Drugs
 6/15/2017   Rice, from Basic Food to Ecotourism Resource in Dominican Republic
  Central America
 7/19/2017   US Judge Again Denies Panamanian Ex-President’s Request for Bail
 7/17/2017   12 Hurt as Protesting Students Evicted from Honduran University
 7/17/2017   Guatemala Extradites Fugitive Former Governor to Mexico
 7/16/2017   Weddings in a Tropical Forest, Costa Rica’s Latest Trend
 7/11/2017   Taiwan, Panama Close Embassies, but Retain Free Trade Agreement
 7/19/2017   ATLAS Renewable Energy Inaugurates First Large-Scale Solar Park in Chile
 7/16/2017   Over 71,000 Homes without Power in Chile’s Capital following Snowstorm
 7/15/2017   Snowstorm in Chilean Capital Causes 1 Death, Power Outages
 7/10/2017   Cabbies Snarl Traffic in Chilean Capital to Protest Uber
 7/9/2017   Chile Contradicts Bolivia’s Morales on Case of 2 Detained Carabineros
 7/14/2017   US Has Nothing to Teach Cuba about Human Rights, Raul Says
 7/11/2017   UN Human Rights Expert Makes 1st Official Visit to Cuba
 7/10/2017   Cubans to Elect Lawmakers Who Will Choose New President
 7/6/2017   Two Japanese Training Vessels Dock in Havana
 7/3/2017   Monument to Cuban National Hero Unveiled in Chilean Capital
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 7/10/2017   Ecuador’s Correa Leaves with Parting Shot at Successor
 7/4/2017   Ecuador’s Exports to EU Rise 20% after Trade Accord
 7/2/2017   Ecuador Moves to Rescue Wetlands Damaged by Man
 7/1/2017   Over 3,770 Aftershocks of Ecuador’s Massive 2016 Quake Registered to Date
 6/30/2017   Ecuadorian Glacier Threatened by Climate Change
 7/19/2017   Peru Refinery to Rely on Crude Produced in Ecuador, Colombia
 7/17/2017   Strong Quake Strikes Southern Peru
 7/17/2017   Peruvian Authorities Destroy Thousands of Marijuana Plants
 7/14/2017   Peru Divided by Ex-President’s Imprisonment Pending Trial
 7/13/2017   Peru Judge Orders 18 Months in Jail for Former President Humala, Wife
 7/19/2017   Uruguayan Pharmacies Start Selling Recreational Marijuana
 7/14/2017   Uruguayan Pharmacies to Start Selling Recreational Marijuana
 7/13/2017   Former Uruguayan President Mujica’s Health “Improving Slowly,” Wife Says
 7/11/2017   Uruguay’s Mujica Stable after Brief Hospitalization
 7/10/2017   Punta del Este Celebrates 110th Birthday as Uruguay’s Resort Gem
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 7/20/2017   Uruguay Calls for Closer Trade Ties between Latin America, China
 7/18/2017   Almagro Urges All Nations in America to Join Forces against Terrorism
 7/18/2017   Paraguayan Farmers Press Demands for Debt Forgiveness
 7/18/2017   Uruguay Promotes Latin America-China Business Summit on Swing through Bolivia
 7/17/2017   EFE to Help Prepare Next Generation of Paraguayan Journalists
 7/20/2017   Bipartisan DREAM Act Aims to Aid Undocumented Youth in US
 7/20/2017   US AG Says He Plans to Stay On despite Trump Criticism
 7/20/2017   Turkey Publishing Locations of US Bases in Syria, Pentagon Warns
 7/20/2017   US Senator John McCain Diagnosed with Brain Tumor
 7/19/2017   Trump Jr. to Face US Senate Committee Next Week
  World (Click here for more)
 7/20/2017   Thai Supreme Court Hands Opposition Leader 1-Year Prison Term for Defamation
 7/20/2017   EU Presses UK for Clarity on Brexit Divorce Bill before Talks Can Progress
 7/20/2017   Polish Parliament Passes Controversial Supreme Court Reform Bill
 7/20/2017   Duterte Visits Marawi First Time since the Beginning of IS Conflict
 7/20/2017   Ram Nath Kovind to Be 14th Indian President after Taking 65% of Votes
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 7/20/2017   Tunisian PM Defends Anti-Corruption Struggle before Parliament
 7/20/2017   Weekly US Jobless Claims Fall by 15,000
 7/20/2017   Ex-South Korean President Skips Graft Hearings over Ill Health
 7/20/2017   Wanda to Use Income from Sale of Tourism Projects to Pay Off Debt
 7/20/2017   Japan Central Bank Pushes Back Date to Achieve 2% Inflation to 2019
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 7/19/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $46.45
 7/18/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $46.80
 7/17/2017   Spanish Parliament Speaker Ana Pastor Presides Spain Day at EXPO 2017
 7/17/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $46.40
 7/14/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $45.66
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 7/17/2017   Beatrice Rangel: Venezuela, Oil and a Spanish Tradition
 7/13/2017   Michael Rowan: Facts Don't Matter in Venezuela or the USA
 7/10/2017   Beatrice Rangel: Caribbean Geopolitics Rejects Somaliazation of Venezuela
 7/6/2017   Beatrice Rangel: Strange Bedfellows
 6/26/2017   Beatrice Rangel: What the Follow the Money Principle Tells Us about the Crisis in Venezuela
  Sports (Click here for more)
 7/20/2017   O.J. Simpson Granted Parole
 7/20/2017   Top-Seeded Caroline Garcia Upset in Gstaad
 7/20/2017   Barguil Wins Final Mountain Stage; Froome Sets Eyes on Champs-Elysees
 7/20/2017   West Ham Reaches Agreement with Leverkusen to Contract Javier Hernandez
 7/20/2017   Rocchi to Referee UEFA Super Cup Match between Real Madrid, Man United
  Arts & Entertainment
 7/20/2017   Spanish Authorities Exhume Remains of Dali for Paternity Test
 7/20/2017   Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Found Dead
 7/20/2017   Guatemalan Designer with Down Syndrome Challenges Prejudices
 7/20/2017   An Ibero-American Film Could Enjoy Same Success as “Despacito,” Spaniard Says
 7/20/2017   South Korean Court Sentences K-Pop Idol for Smoking Marijuana
  Science, Nature & Technology
 7/20/2017   Pollution Worsened in China in the First Half of 2017
 7/20/2017   New Excavations Suggest Humans Reached Australia 65,000 Years Ago
 7/19/2017   Thailand Was Largest Exporter of Shark Fins during 2012-16, NGO Says
 7/19/2017   Japanese Researchers Confirm Coral Bleaching in World’s Northernmost Reef
 7/19/2017   Over 29,000 People Affected by Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Japan since June
  Society (Click here for more)
 7/20/2017   EFE’s President Says Press Must Inform, Criticize, Even Applaud the Powers
 7/20/2017   UK’s Duke, Duchess of Cambridge Cox Rival Crews in Germany
 7/19/2017   Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Touch Down in Germany for Three-Day Visit
 7/17/2017   UK’s Prince William, Family Begin State Visit to Poland, Germany
 7/17/2017   Spain Gives Order of Isabella the Catholic to Kazakh President
  Job Openings in the Americas
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 8/14/2015   US Attorney in El Salvador

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