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  Top Story
Northern Triangle Nations to Deploy Joint Anti-Crime Force in September
Central America’s Northern Triangle is one of the world’s most violent areas, with gangs, drug traffickers and organized crime as the key criminal actors...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 8/24/2016   Losing the Social Media War, Venezuela's Maduro Retreats Online
 8/23/2016   Venezuela Legislature Slams High Court for Annulling Its Work
 8/22/2016   Indicted for Drug Trafficking, Venezuela's Justice Minister Blames "Destabilizing U.S. Political Weapon"
 8/22/2016   Maduro Decorates Venezuelan Athletes Who Earned Olympic Medals, Certificates
 8/22/2016   TalCual: That Other Public Authority in Venezuela Called "Pranes"
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 8/19/2016   Colombian Forest to Honor 8 Million Victims of Armed Conflict
 8/12/2016   Colombia Government, FARC Want Involvement of Pope, UN in Peace Tribunal Process
 8/8/2016   GM Forecasts 14% Drop This Year in Colombian Auto Market
 8/5/2016   FARC to Begin Weapons Handover 90 Days after Peace Accord is Signed
 8/4/2016   Hundreds of Families Evacuated due to Floods in Eastern Colombia
 8/23/2016   Teachers Block Roads in Southern Mexico to Protest Reforms
 8/22/2016   Mexico Reduces 2016 GDP Growth Forecast to Between 2-2.6%
 8/22/2016   Former Mexican Gangster Writes Story of His Life for Youngsters
 8/22/2016   Mexican President Halts Talks with Teachers Until They Return to Classrooms
 8/22/2016   Mexican President Plagiarized Part of University Thesis, Investigation Shows
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 8/19/2016   Residents of Forested Horto Favela in Rio Given 90 Days to Leave
 8/19/2016   Tourists Overall Happy but Criticize Rio de Janeiro's 'Olympic Prices'
 8/18/2016   Brazil’s Rousseff Expects “Justice” in Impeachment Trial
 8/18/2016   Torrents of Cash for the Rio Olympics, Torrents of Sewage for Rocinha Favela
 8/18/2016   Homeless Movement Protests against Temer at Olympic Football Semifinal
 8/23/2016   Argentine Fruit Growers Give Away Produce to Protest “Pitiful” Prices
 8/22/2016   Over $35 Billion Invested in Projects in Argentina, Macri Says
 8/22/2016   European Parliament President on State Visit to Argentina
 8/17/2016   Macri Pays Tribute to Argentine Independence Hero San Martin
 8/16/2016   Argentine E-Business Aims to Create 5,000 More Jobs in 5 Years
 8/23/2016   Bolivia Buys French Radar Defense System for $216 Million
 8/23/2016   Amparo Carvajal, the Spaniard Fighting Tirelessly for Human Rights in Bolivia
 8/23/2016   Female Climbers Live “Historic” Experience in Bolivia
 8/18/2016   Bolivian Museum Displays Indigenous Offerings to Thank Mother Earth
 8/16/2016   Inca, Tiwanaku Treasures Handed Over to Bolivian Government
 8/22/2016   IMF Completes Reviews of Curacao & St Marten
 8/17/2016   Hundreds Evacuated from Burning Ferry off Puerto Rico
 8/16/2016   Dominican President Vows to Create 400,000 New Jobs during 2nd Term
 8/11/2016   Police Arrest 120 in Puerto Rico for Drugs, Weapons Sales
 8/10/2016   Dominican Guilty in Puerto Rico - US Nationwide Identity Theft Scheme
  Central America
 8/23/2016   Ex-Attorney General of El Salvador Arrested on Corruption Charges
 8/19/2016   Nicaragua Battles to Control Fire after Oil Tank Explosion
 8/13/2016   Northern Triangle of Central America to Create Joint Force against Crime
 8/9/2016   Costa Rican Police Arrest 78 Taxi Drivers in Anti-Uber Protests
 8/6/2016   Stiglitz Quits Expert Panel Created in Wake of Panama Papers Leak
 8/23/2016   Chile Plans Publicity Events at China's Great Wall & Pearl River
 8/22/2016   Chile’s Communist Lawmakers File Suit against Pinochet Widow for Fraud
 8/17/2016   Ex-President Lagos Launches Web Site to Modify Chilean Constitution
 8/5/2016   Chilean Photojournalist Acquitted on Weapons Charges
 8/4/2016   Chile Students Stage New Protests against Proposed Education Overhaul
 8/22/2016   Cuba and Iran Seek to Strengthen Economic Ties
 8/18/2016   Japanese Prime Minister to Visit Cuba in September
 8/17/2016   Madonna Celebrated Her 58 Birthday Strolling Down Old Havana Streets
 8/16/2016   At Meeting in Havana, Evo Morales Finds Fidel “as Lucid as Ever”
 8/13/2016   Fidel Castro Calls for “Preserving the Peace” on 90th Birthday
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 7/12/2016   Ecuadorians Need “Seismic Awareness” to Coexist with Earthquakes
 7/6/2016   Ecuadorian Police Oust Dozens of Cubans Demanding Visas from Quito Park
 7/5/2016   Ecuador Studying Payment Accord for Awarding $96 Million to Chevron
 7/5/2016   Ecuador Seeks Financing for Pacific Refinery from South Korea
 6/29/2016   Ecuador to Review Ties with Brazil If Rousseff Ousted
 8/18/2016   New Peru Government Presents Management Plan, Requests Confidence Vote in Congress
 8/16/2016   Four Dead, 68 Injured in South Peru Earthquake
 8/15/2016   Quake in Southern Peru Leaves at least 4 Dead
 8/4/2016   Peru’s President and Ministers Work Out before Cabinet Meeting
 7/29/2016   Peru’s New President Leads Independence Celebration
 8/18/2016   Southcom Head Calls for Human Rights in Latin America
 8/2/2016   Uruguay to Attend China Fair Seeking Infrastructure Investment
 8/1/2016   Uruguay to Sign Free Trade Agreement with Chile
 7/29/2016   Uruguay Reports 12,000 People Infected with HIV
 7/28/2016   Uruguay, U.S. Renew Teacher Exchange Program
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 8/24/2016   Japan's Princess Mako to Visit Paraguay in September
 8/22/2016   Paraguay Receives 46 Million Euros from European Union to Improve Education
 8/18/2016   Latin America Well Placed to Prosper, Business Group Says
 8/18/2016   Pink Trumpet Tree Wins Conservation Contest in Paraguay
 8/17/2016   70,000 Paraguay Flood Victims Return to Their Homes
 8/24/2016   US Sends Climate Change Advisor to China Ahead of Obama's Visit
 8/24/2016   USA Confirms North Korean Missile Launch from Submarine
 8/23/2016   Obama Promises Aid to Help Louisiana Fully Recover from Flooding
 8/23/2016   Biden Accuses Trump of Not Understanding What It Means to Be a NATO Member
 8/23/2016   Latino Voting Power Even Greater Since 30% Are Independents, Study Says
  World (Click here for more)
 8/24/2016   EU Says Turkey Must Clarify Whether it Accepts Membership Conditions
 8/24/2016   Israel Demolishes 3 Palestinian Residential Structures in the West Bank
 8/24/2016   Former Burmese President Steps Down as Political Party Chief
 8/24/2016   Bank Shuts Down Thousands of ATMs after 12 Million Baht Malware Theft
 8/24/2016   Israel Offers Help to Italy in Wake of Earthquake
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 8/24/2016   Australia's Qantas Closes Financial Year with Record Profit
 8/23/2016   Tourism Falls 6.4 Percent in Paris in First Half of 2016
 8/23/2016   Volkswagen Settles Dispute with Car Parts Suppliers
 8/23/2016   French PM Valls Says Deficit to be Less than 3 Percent in 2017
 8/22/2016   Volkswagen Halts Production in Several Factories across Germany
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 8/24/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $45.34
 8/23/2016   At Least 1 Dead, 3 Seriously Injured in Romanian Refinery Fire
 8/23/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $46.04
 8/22/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $46.82
 8/22/2016   5 Arrested for Planning to Blow Up Georgian Gasoduct
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 8/21/2016   Beatrice Rangel: Why Leaders Should Pay Heed to the Dawn of the Reign of APATE
 8/14/2016   Beatrice Rangel: Historic Disconnects
 8/14/2016   Michael Rowan: Doing the Math in Venezuela
 7/31/2016   Beatrice Rangel: Rio -- Demystifying the Olympic Games
 7/24/2016   Beatrice Rangel: The Luddite Syndrome in the Americas
  Sports (Click here for more)
 8/24/2016   Poll Shows 59 Percent in Favor of Selling Real Madrid James Rodriguez
 8/24/2016   PSG Will Receive $197 Million to Promote Tourism in Qatar
 8/24/2016   Olympic Flag Arrives in Tokyo, Host City of 2020 Olympics
 8/24/2016   Indonesian Athletes Receive Heroes Welcome on Streets of Jakarta
 8/24/2016   Rio Olympic 2016 Inspired Mural Sets New Guinness World Record
  Arts & Entertainment
 8/23/2016   Spanish Village Hosts World’s Smallest Film Festival
 8/23/2016   Less Time under the Sun, More under the Moon to See the Taj Mahal
 8/23/2016   Mother Teresa's Legacy Continues in Calcutta and Across the World
 8/22/2016   Prince Had Improperly Labeled Pills Containing Fentanyl at Home
 8/22/2016   Last Winner of Palme d’Or to Open Film Fest Gent (VIDEO)
  Science, Nature & Technology
 8/24/2016   China Shows Images of Space Probe Set to Travel to Mars in 2020
 8/24/2016   Spanish Doctors Successfully Replace Cancerous Gluteal Muscle with Back Muscle
 8/24/2016   Large Watermelon-Sized Pearl Re-Discovered and Exhibited in Philippines
 8/23/2016   Illegal Logging in Mexico Monarch Butterfly Reserve Falls 40%
 8/23/2016   NASA Reconnects with STEREO-B Spacecraft after Nearly 2 Years
  Society (Click here for more)
 8/9/2016   Japan's Emperor Wanted to Announce Abdication Plans in 2015
 8/8/2016   Akihito’s Unprecedented Decision: A Chronology of Royal Abdications
 8/8/2016   In Rare Speech Japan's Emperor Akihito Hints at Abdication
 8/8/2016   Japanese Emperor Akihito to Talk about Future Abdication on TV
 7/29/2016   Japanese Emperor Plans to Deliver Speech on his Abdication in August
  Job Openings in the Americas
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 8/14/2015   US Attorney in El Salvador
 6/8/2015   Kazakhstan Announces Contest for Foreign Journalists

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