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  Top Story
Latin America COVID-19 Cases, Death Toll Inch Closer to Europe’s
According to the John Hopkins University tracker, Latin America has reported more than 2.73 million COVID-19 cases so far, led by Brazil with 1.54 million infections...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 7/4/2020   US Reiterates Support for Venezuela’s Interim President Guaido
 7/3/2020   Venezuela Maduro Regime Strikes Out after UK Refuses Recognition & Return of $1 Billion in Gold
 7/3/2020   Opposition Lawmakers Run Risk of Prison Time in Venezuela
 7/2/2020   Three Snapshots of Venezuela’s Ongoing Crisis
 7/2/2020   Savvy Greek Shipowner Avoids Venezuela Gasoline Scam
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 7/5/2020   Colombia Probes Alleged Sexual Abuse of Indigenous Minors
 6/27/2020   Alleged Gang-Rape of Minor by Soldiers Sparks Outrage in Colombia
 6/26/2020   Colombian Soldier Captures Unique Color Photos of Korean War
 6/26/2020   Bogota Airport Adopts Biosecurity Measures for Eventual Reopening
 6/23/2020   Circus Offers Art, Food to COVID-19 Affected Neighborhoods in Bogota
 7/5/2020   President Obrador Pledges to Uphold Mexican Dignity during His Trump Visit
 7/4/2020   Mexican Deputies Seek Vote on Beauty Contest Ban
 7/3/2020   Americas’ Oldest-Known Ochre Mine Discovered in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula
 7/3/2020   17 Die in Clashes between Security Forces, Gunmen in Mexico
 7/3/2020   Upcoming AMLO-Trump Meeting Arouses Conflicting Opinions in Mexico
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 7/3/2020   Brazil Could Have over 8 Million Coronavirus Cases, Study Says
 7/2/2020   Plastic Curtain Allows Relatives to Hug Quarantined Elderly in Sao Paulo
 7/2/2020   Christ The Redeemer Pays Homage to Coronavirus Victims
 7/1/2020   Brazilian State Requires Masks in Bid to Slow Coronavirus Spread
 7/1/2020   Fires in Brazil’s Amazon Region Climb to 13-Year High for June
 6/21/2020   Argentina Protests Expropriation of Agribusiness Vicentin
 6/12/2020   Inside a Buenos Aires Hospital amid Argentina’s COVID-19 Outbreak
 6/11/2020   Protests in Argentina over Situation of Poor during Pandemic
 6/8/2020   Argentina Moves to New Quarantine Easing Phase in Buenos Aires
 6/4/2020   Argentina Marks 5th Anniversary of Gender Violence Movement
 7/2/2020   Living with Corpses: Anguish in Bolivia as Cemetery System Collapses
 6/25/2020   Unemployed Bolivian Bus, Taxi Drivers Resort to Panhandling amid Lockdown
 6/23/2020   Plasma Donation, Final Hope for COVID-19 Patients in Bolivia
 6/20/2020   Food Vendors Crying ‘We Want to Work’ Ask for Help in La Paz
 6/19/2020   Bolivia’s ‘COVID Angels’ Aid Coronavirus Fight in Hard-Hit Eastern City
 6/25/2020   Worst Sahara Dust Cloud in 50 Years Endangering Caribbean Air Quality
 6/24/2020   Zimbabwe Factory Gives Unique Twist to Caribbean Cigar-Making Tradition
 4/26/2020   Haitians Continue with Their Daily Lives despite Coronavirus Measures
 4/22/2020   Hunger Stalks Haitians Left Jobless By Covid-19 Mitigation Measures
 3/24/2020   Drive-Through Covid-19 Testing Station Helping Battle Virus In Puerto Rico
  Central America
 6/25/2020   Guatemalan Muralist Pays Tribute to Heroes Fighting the Pandemic
 6/21/2020   Sales Rocket as Face Shields Become Nicaragua’s Hottest Accessory
 6/19/2020   Panama Takes COVID-19 Fight Door to Door in Poor Neighborhood
 6/8/2020   Ex-Salvadoran Colonel Stands Trial in Spain over 1989 Jesuit Killings
 6/3/2020   El Salvador Reopens Construction Sector Between Tropical Storms
 6/22/2020   Chile Emerges as New Coronavirus Hotspot
 6/4/2020   Chileans with Eye Injuries from 2019 Protests Left in Limbo amid Pandemic
 5/27/2020   Around 15% of Coronavirus-Positive Chileans Remain at Work
 5/13/2020   COVID-19 Slump Sees Revival of Pinochet-Era Soup Kitchens in Chile
 4/29/2020   More Than 400 Bolivians Camp Out at Chile Consulate Demanding Return Home
 6/11/2020   Coronavirus Crisis Deepens Cuba’s Chronic Economic Woes
 6/9/2020   Medical Brigade Returns to Cuba after Helping Italy During COVID-19
 6/4/2020   US Sanctions on Remittances Threaten Key Income Source for Many Cubans
 5/22/2020   Cuba Contains COVID-19 with Multi-Pronged Approach
 5/19/2020   The Cuban ‘Tourists’ Trapped in Russia
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 6/29/2020   Sapara Indigenous People: Visions of Survival
 6/13/2020   Trove of 5,000-Year-Old Artifacts Returns to Ecuador
 6/5/2020   Quito Turns to Bicycles to Avoid COVID-19 Infections
 5/25/2020   Ecuadorians Defy Government, COVID-19 to Protest Austerity
 5/22/2020   Ecuadorian Loses Parents, Husband and Brother to Coronavirus in 5 Days
 6/23/2020   Hundreds of Vehicles Congregate in Asuncion against Corruption, Reform
 2/1/2020   Paraguayan Artisans Strive to Preserve Traditional 60-Striped Poncho
 12/24/2019   Storytellers Bring Christmas Cheer to Pediatric Hospital in Paraguay
 12/13/2019   Abandoned Jaguar Cub Brings Hope of Reproduction for Big Cats in Paraguay
 10/10/2019   Taiwan Plans to Expand Orchid Industry in Paraguay
 6/27/2020   Peru’s Biggest Gay Club Turns into Grocery Store with a Difference
 6/22/2020   Prisoners Unite to Remove COVID-19 from Largest Jail in Latin America
 6/11/2020   Ethnic Discrimination Widespread in Peru
 6/2/2020   Peru’s Sex Workers Find Themselves at Life-or-Death Crossroads amid Lockdown
 5/18/2020   Pan Am Village: From Athletes’ Lodging to COVID-19 Center in Record Time
 5/12/2020   Uruguay Government: We’re Showing World What We Can Do in Difficult Times
 5/1/2020   Historic Uruguayan Wines Preparing to Hit World Market despite Pandemic
 4/29/2020   Uruguay Lab Develops COVID-19 Test Tubes That Ensure Accurate Results
 4/22/2020   Mujica: The Most Sensitive Human Organ Is Not The Heart, It Is The Pocket
 4/11/2020   Uruguay Repatriates 112 Australians, New Zealanders From Virus-Hit Ship
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 7/3/2020   Pandemic Outpaces Testing Capacity in Latin America
 7/2/2020   Over 2.7 Million Businesses in Latin America to Close due to COVID-19, ECLAC Says
 6/30/2020   Hardships of Native American Women Exacerbated by Pandemic
 6/27/2020   Fear of Health Infrastructure Collapse Grips Americas as Pandemic Intensifies
 6/24/2020   COVID-19 Cases in Latin American Tripled in a Month
 7/5/2020   US Commemorates Fourth of July amid Pandemic Crisis, Racial Divisions
 7/3/2020   US Congress Approves Sanctions on Chinese Companies That Threaten Hong Kong
 7/3/2020   ‘Blacks Lives Matter’ Street Mural Takes Shape in Lower Manhattan
 7/2/2020   US Puts Brakes on Economic Reopening as Daily Infection Tally Hits New High
 7/2/2020   Longtime Epstein Associate Arrested in US
  World (Click here for more)
 7/5/2020   Tokyo Incumbent Governor Koike Tops Election Exit Polls
 7/5/2020   Torrential Rains in Japan Leave 34 Dead and Whole Towns Cut Off
 7/5/2020   Stalemate Continues between London and Brussels in Brexit Negotiations
 7/5/2020   Croatians Head to Polls in National Elections amid COVID-19 Rebound
 7/5/2020   New Zealand’s Ardern Kicks Off Poll Campaign with Job Promise
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 7/4/2020   UK Seeks to Boost Economy by Reopening Pubs, Eateries
 7/3/2020   Japan Asks US to Extradite 2 Men over Ghosn’s Escape
 7/2/2020   US Jobless Rate Falls More Than Expected in June; Nearly 5 Million Jobs Created
 7/1/2020   Pakistan Announces Aviation Reforms after Fake Pilot License Scandal
 7/1/2020   Japan’s Plastic Addiction Begins to Cost Money
  Oil, Mining & Energy (Click here for more)
 7/3/2020   Unemployment, Poverty Behind Myanmar Jade Mine ‘Tragedy,’ Suu Kyi Says
 7/2/2020   At Least 162 Killed in Myanmar Jade Mine Collapse
 6/25/2020   Iran Defiant amid Fresh US Sanctions over Venezuela Oil Trade
 6/19/2020   Nuclear Watchdog Presses Iran over Hindering Nuclear Inspections
 6/10/2020   Eight Killed, 10 Trapped after Coal Mine Explosion in Northern Afghanistan
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 6/29/2020   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Dominican Republic - Elections and Corruption
 6/29/2020   Beatrice Rangel: Cities Come to the Rescue of Capitalism
 6/22/2020   Carlos Alberto Montaner: The “Official” Truth is Useless
 6/22/2020   Beatrice Rangel: Venezuela - Anschluss Executed!
 6/15/2020   Michael Rowan: Trump Aggravates a Flawed American Democracy
  Sports (Click here for more)
 7/4/2020   Chelsea Beats Watford 3-0 to Stay in Top 4
 7/4/2020   Bayern Tops Leverkusen 4-2 to Win 20th German Cup
 7/4/2020   Vissel Kobe Loses at Home in J-League Restart
 7/3/2020   Atletico Madrid Thumps Mallorca 3-0 in LaLiga
 7/3/2020   German Cup: Bayern Seeks Domestic Double; Leverkusen Wants to Lift Curse
  Arts & Entertainment
 7/5/2020   Rapper Kanye West Announces US Presidential Bid
 7/4/2020   Artists Create ‘Sky Without Borders’ for Detained Immigrants in US
 7/4/2020   Goldie Opens Bangkok Gallery to Showcase Urban, Street Art from Around World
 7/3/2020   Celluloid’s Last Stronghold
 7/3/2020   Kites Fly over Nile amid Pandemic
  Science, Nature & Technology
 7/4/2020   First Spanish City Back in Lockdown after COVID-19 Rebound
 7/3/2020   India Determined to Launch COVID-19 Vaccine despite Warnings from Experts
 7/3/2020   Pakistan Foreign Minister Tests Positive for COVID-19
 7/3/2020   South Korea Faces Second Wave of COVID-19 Infections; Japan Cases Spike
 7/2/2020   India Opens its First Plasma Bank in New Delhi to Tackle COVID-19
  Society (Click here for more)
 7/2/2020   Meghan Markle Felt ‘Unprotected’ by UK Royal Family, Court Documents Say
 6/13/2020   Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Official Birthday Without Crowds or Pomp
 6/10/2020   UK’s Prince Philip Celebrates Quiet 99th Birthday at Windsor Castle
 6/3/2020   Spanish COVID-19 Health Workers Win Prestigious Princess of Asturias Award
 5/30/2020   Belgian Prince Tests Positive for COVID-19 after Illegal Party in Spain
  Job Openings in the Americas
 4/16/2019   Deputy Director and Senior Fellow - Americas Program - CSIS
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador

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