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  Top Story
Boat with Approximately 170 Tourists on Board Sinks in Colombia
Colombian authorities informed that at least nine people are dead and 28 missing after a tour boat sank in the Guatape reservoir...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 6/27/2017   Venezuelan Parliament Attacked after Clash between Security Forces, Lawmakers
 6/27/2017   Maduro Threatens to Take Up Arms If Venezuela Slides into Chaos, Violence
 6/27/2017   Venezuelan Journalists March in Caracas for Freedom of Expression
 6/27/2017   Three National Guards Shot during Protest in Venezuela’s Capital
 6/27/2017   Venezuela's Maduro Says Will Use “Weapons” if “Votes” Fail Him as Supreme Court Attacked by Helicopter (VIDEO)
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 6/27/2017   Colombian President Proclaims End of War with the FARC
 6/27/2017   Attack Kills 3 Police Officers in Colombia
 6/26/2017   Colombian Authorities Confirm 7 Dead, 13 Missing in Tour Boat Sinking
 6/26/2017   Family Outing Ends in Tragic Shipwreck in Colombia
 6/25/2017   Death Toll in Colombia Coal Mine Blast Stands at 13
 6/26/2017   Mexican Police Find Charred Body of Missing Journalist
 6/26/2017   Dora Upgrades to Category 1 Hurricane off Mexico’s Pacific Coast
 6/25/2017   Wave of Attacks Kills 14 in Mexican State of Veracruz
 6/24/2017   Pyrotechnic Explosion Leaves 1 Dead, 9 Injured in Mexico
 6/23/2017   Mexican Transgender Woman Dreams of Opening LGBT Retirement Home
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 6/27/2017   Brazilian President Plays Down Criminal Case against Him
 6/26/2017   Brazil’s President Accused of Obstructing Corruption Probe
 6/26/2017   Brazil Seeks to Pinpoint Origin of Cocaine-Laden Plane
 6/26/2017   Brazil’s J&F Talks with Cambuhy about Sale of Flip-Flop Maker Havaianas
 6/26/2017   Former Minister of Lula, Rousseff Sentenced to 12 Years in Petrobras Case
 6/26/2017   Death Toll Rises to 15 in Bus Crash in Argentina
 6/25/2017   At Least 12 Dead in Argentine Bus Crash
 6/21/2017   Argentina’s Insud Announces Biotech Investments Totaling More Than $80 Million
 6/21/2017   Remains of Ex-President Menem’s Son Exhumed in Argentina
 6/16/2017   International Delegation Visits Jailed Activist in Argentina
 6/26/2017   Bolivian Foreign Minister Has Great Expectations about Cuba Visit
 6/26/2017   Bolivia’s President Appoints an Acting Economy Minister
 6/24/2017   Bolivia Says Goodbye to Part of an 18,000-Year-Old Glacier
 6/21/2017   Bolivia’s President Joins Celebration of Aymara Year 5525
 6/16/2017   Bolivia Seeks International Respect for Migrants’ Rights
 6/22/2017   Dominican Authorities Burn 1.5 Tons of Drugs
 6/15/2017   Rice, from Basic Food to Ecotourism Resource in Dominican Republic
 6/14/2017   Authorities Make Large Drug Seizure in Dominican Republic
 6/14/2017   Dominican Republic Politician Urges Diplomatic Ties with China, Not Taiwan
 6/11/2017   In Low-Turnout Referendum, Puerto Rico Opts for US Statehood
  Central America
 6/27/2017   Five Nicaraguan Teens Working on Robot for International Contest
 6/27/2017   Fugitive Mexican Politician Accepts Extradition from Guatemala
 6/26/2017   US Nat-Gas Surge Proves a Boon to Expanded Panama Canal
 6/25/2017   Anticorruption Campaign in Panama Addressing Multiple Scandals
 6/22/2017   Panama a ‘Strong’ Regional Partner — Varela
 6/27/2017   Presidents of Chile, Argentina Sign Physical Integration Accords
 6/25/2017   Chile’s Karukinka Natural Park Offers Visitors Opportunity to Explore
 6/23/2017   Chile President Apologizes to Mapuche Indians for Past Injustices
 6/21/2017   Chile to Expel 9 Bolivians Held since March
 6/18/2017   Rescue Operation to Continue despite Flooding in Mine in Chile
 6/19/2017   Mexico Believes Cuba’s Tenacity Will Protect It from Trump
 6/19/2017   Cuba Rips Trump over Change in Policy toward Island
 6/17/2017   Cuban Government Says Any Attempt at Political Interference Is Doomed to Fail
 6/16/2017   Trump to Cancel Obama Orders on Cuba
 6/15/2017   White House Confirms Trump to Announce New Cuba Policy on Friday
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 6/27/2017   Ecuador Tells Taiwan Delegate Office to Change Name due to Chinese Pressure
 6/23/2017   Ecuador’s Correa Calls Assange Case a Historic Injustice
 6/23/2017   Ecuador Ex-President: Trump Has Set New Records for Stupidity
 6/22/2017   Science Tunnel Comes to Ecuador
 6/2/2017   Ecuadorian VP’s Uncle Said to Be Suspect in Corruption Probe
 6/27/2017   Peruvian Rebel Leader Stonewalls Court about 1992 Attack
 6/27/2017   Peru VP to Reinforce Bilateral Ties in Technology with South Korea
 6/24/2017   Peru Town with Cold-Weather Name Touts Itself as Venice of the Amazon
 6/23/2017   Hundreds of Firefighters Battle Massive Blaze in Peru
 6/22/2017   Exhibit Showcases Achievements of Ancient Peru Culture Known for Geoglyphs
 6/27/2017   Uruguay Close to Landing an Opening to Japanese Meat Market
 6/26/2017   Uruguay to Install 3,300 Security Cameras, President Says
 6/21/2017   Uruguay Sees Irrigation Management as Future Investment Opportunity
 6/21/2017   Foreign Investors in Uruguay Tout Its Bright Future
 6/20/2017   European Investment Forum in Uruguay to Promote Trans-Atlantic Ties
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 6/27/2017   French Experts to Study Viability of Lock System at Itaipu Dam
 6/26/2017   Paraguay Seeks to Boost Trade with Taiwan
 6/25/2017   Former Paraguayan President Robbed at Madrid Hotel
 6/22/2017   Latin America, Europe Encouraging Push in Mutual Trade Relations at Uruguay Forum
 6/22/2017   EU Hoping to Speed Up Trade Talks with Mercosur
 6/27/2017   Republican Divisions Force Postponement of Healthcare Bill Vote
 6/27/2017   US Adds China to List of Human Trafficking Offenders
 6/27/2017   Three CNN Journalists Resign after Writing Story Connecting Russia, Trump Campaign
 6/27/2017   Moscow: US Threats to Syria over Potential Chemical Attack Are Unacceptable
 6/27/2017   North Korea Calls Trump’s America First Policy Contemporary Nazism
  World (Click here for more)
 6/27/2017   German Apartment Building Evacuated due to Fears of London-Style Cladding
 6/27/2017   Turkish Troops Mobilized in Northern Syria
 6/27/2017   Nigerian University Digs Trench to Prevent Boko Haram Attacks
 6/27/2017   Nicola Sturgeon Shelves Second Scottish Independence Vote to Focus on Brexit
 6/27/2017   67 Children Die of Malnutrition in Ethiopia in June
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 6/27/2017   US Imposes New Duties on Canadian Softwood Lumber
 6/27/2017   IMF Cuts 2017 Economic Growth Forecast for US
 6/27/2017   Three Lithuanian Banks Fined for Violating Economic Sanctions on North Korea
 6/27/2017   UK’s Queen Elizabeth II Gets 8% Pay Rise to $104.9 Million for 2018-19
 6/27/2017   EC Imposes Record-Breaking Fine on Google for Giving Illegal Advantages
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 6/27/2017   Oil Spill in Spain’s Canary Island Resort Destination Checked, Some Escaped
 6/27/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $43.14
 6/23/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Sinks to $42.58, Lowest Level since Mid-November
 6/22/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Continues Downward Trend, Falls to $43.14
 6/21/2017   Egypt Sends 1 Million Tons of Fuel to Gaza amid Power Crisis
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 6/26/2017   Beatrice Rangel: What the Follow the Money Principle Tells Us about the Crisis in Venezuela
 6/12/2017   Beatrice Rangel: Why Trump Will Last and Lopez Obrador Marches to the Mexican Presidency
 6/5/2017   Beatrice Rangel: The Case Against Violence or the Moral Superiority of Venezuela's Opposition
 6/5/2017   Michael Rowan: Washington’s Sanctions on Venezuela
 5/29/2017   Beatrice Rangel: The Americas Bade Farewell to Brain Power
  Sports (Click here for more)
 6/27/2017   Latin America’s Female Tennis Players Lack Discipline, Mexico’s Gavaldon Says
 6/27/2017   Striker Bertrand Traore Joins Lyon on 5-Year Contract for $11 Million
 6/27/2017   Italy Goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu Leaves PSG for Torino
 6/27/2017   Andy Murray Pulls Out of Exhibition Game with Hip Problem
 6/27/2017   Rain Stops Play for Djokovic, Pospisil in Eastbourne
  Arts & Entertainment
 6/27/2017   Swedish Actor Michael Nyqvist Dies
 6/27/2017   Spanish Actor in Brazil Faces Challenge of a Lifetime in “Les Miserables”
 6/27/2017   Art Created by Michael Jackson’s Chimp, Other Apes on Display in Miami
 6/26/2017   Spanish Judge Orders Exhumation of Salvador Dali’s Corpse for Paternity Test
 6/24/2017   Mexican Actress Becomes Hollywood’s Rising Star (VIDEO)
  Science, Nature & Technology
 6/27/2017   Cisco Says Global Cyberattack Is New Ransomware Called Nyetya
 6/27/2017   Facebook Now Has 2 Billion Users Worldwide
 6/27/2017   US Preparing to Help Victims of Global Cyberattack
 6/27/2017   Mass Cyberattack Hits Dozens of Institutions, Companies in Russia, Ukraine
 6/27/2017   Almost 95% of Spain’s Population Breathes Contaminated Air, Ecologists Say
  Society (Click here for more)
 6/22/2017   UK’s Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Leaves Hospital
 6/21/2017   EU Awarded Spain’s Prestigious Princess of Asturias Award for Concord
 6/21/2017   Saudi King Names Son Mohammed bin Salman as New Crown Prince
 6/13/2017   EU’s Erasmus Program Celebrates 30th Anniversary, Nine Million Exchange Students
 6/9/2017   Japan Approves Law Allowing Emperor Akihito to Abdicate
  Job Openings in the Americas
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 8/14/2015   US Attorney in El Salvador

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