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  Top Story
Conservative Mario Abdo Benitez Wins Elections in Paraguay
The Superior Court of Electoral Justice said in a press conference that with the votes of fewer than 1,000 polling stations remaining to be counted, the victory of Abdo Benitez was “irreversible”...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 4/26/2018   TalCual: Oil, Maduro and the Military Mafia in Venezuela
 4/26/2018   Venezuela Claims Victory in $2 Billion Loss Over ConocoPhillips Expropriation
 4/25/2018   Venezuelan Presidential Challenger Accuses Maduro of Cheating
 4/25/2018   ICC Arbitration Awards ConocoPhillips $2.04 Billion for Venezuela Expropriations
 4/24/2018   Venezuela’s Maduro Blasts Rival’s Dollarization Proposal
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 4/25/2018   Colombian Bishop Blames Government, Armed Groups for Unrest
 4/24/2018   17 Hurt in Colombia Warehouse Fire
 4/24/2018   Colombia’s Santos Warns at UN That War on Drugs Not Won, Calls for Different Focus
 4/23/2018   Colombia Extradites Former Militia Chief to US
 4/20/2018   Ties with US, Nicaragua Dominate First Colombia Presidential Debate
 4/25/2018   Police Find 5 Bodies near Prosecutor’s Office in Mexican Resort City
 4/25/2018   Gunmen Wound 5 in Attack on School in Northeastern Mexico
 4/25/2018   Spanish PM Tells Mexican President His Country Is Loyal Partner
 4/24/2018   Suspect Arrested for Mexican Reporter’s Murder
 4/24/2018   Prosecutor: Missing Students in Western Mexico Were Murdered by Drug Cartel
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 4/25/2018   Agencia EFE Marks 50 Years in Brazil with Amazonia Photo Exhibit
 4/24/2018   Greenpeace, Brazilian Indians Demand That Government Establish Land Rights Quickly
 4/24/2018   Brazilian Police Investigate Lawmakers for Corruption
 4/24/2018   Brazilian Meatpackers Protest New EU Restrictions
 4/23/2018   Hundreds of Indians Camp Out in Brasilia Demanding More Government Respect
 4/25/2018   Argentine Bakers Give Away 5 Tons of Bread in Protest against Rate Hikes
 4/24/2018   Spain’s Copasa, Acciona Bid for Major Road Project in Argentina
 4/22/2018   Argentine Giving Relief to Businessmen Overwhelmed by Cash Flow Problems
 4/18/2018   Argentina Exports Lemons to US for 1st Time in 17 Years
 4/17/2018   Argentine Farmers Demand Access to Land
 4/25/2018   Bolivia Buys 1.8 Million Doses of Flu Vaccine following 12 Deaths
 4/24/2018   Bolivia to Develop Wind Power with Help from Denmark
 4/23/2018   “Don Quixote” Comes to Life in La Paz, Where Cervantes Wanted to Live
 4/17/2018   Bolivian 18th-Century Convent Re-Opens after Restoration
 4/16/2018   Bolivia’s Morales Calls on UN to Protect the Earth
 4/19/2018   Puerto Rico Senate President: Maria Showed Terrible Thing about Being a Colony
 4/18/2018   Puerto Rico Senate Opens DC Office Seeking Greater Political Influence
 4/13/2018   Dominican Teachers Protest Pay, Working Conditions
 4/11/2018   US Coast Guard Repatriates 50 Haitian Migrants
 4/10/2018   Dominican Republic Welcomes Its First Chinese-Owned Company
  Central America
 4/25/2018   Costa Rican Public Employees Strike over Tax Plan
 4/25/2018   Nicaraguans Seek to Return to Normal Life after 8 Days of Violent Protests
 4/24/2018   Catholic Church Agrees to Mediate following Violent Protests in Nicaragua
 4/24/2018   Nicaraguan Police: Two Officers Dead, 121 Injured During Protests
 4/24/2018   Husband of Slain Journalist Arrested in El Salvador for Her Murder
 4/19/2018   120,000 Students Challenge Chile’s New Conservative Government
 4/18/2018   Chile’s New President to Visit Brazil
 4/16/2018   Piñera Broadens Scope of Free Technical Education in Chile
 4/9/2018   Chile Announces Regularization of Immigrants
 4/5/2018   Officials Commemorate Bicentennial of Battle Sealing Chile’s Independence
 4/20/2018   Castropol Proudly Displays New Cuban President’s Spanish Roots
 4/19/2018   Raul Castro Leaves Presidency, but Remains at the Wheel in Cuba
 4/19/2018   Miguel Diaz-Canel Confirmed as Cuba’s New President
 4/19/2018   EU: Bilateral Ties with Cuba to Continue, Deepen with Castro’s Successor
 4/18/2018   Diaz-Canel Nominated as Cuban President to Replace Raul Castro
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 4/20/2018   Ecuador Holds Peace Marches in Honor of the Fallen and Kidnapped
 4/17/2018   Ecuador Identifies Pair Kidnapped near Colombian Border
 4/17/2018   Ecuador President Gives 10 Days to Capture Main Suspect in Press Team Murders
 4/13/2018   Ecuador’s President Says Abducted Journalists Are Dead
 4/13/2018   Ecuador President Demands Proof Abducted Reporters Are Still Alive
 4/24/2018   EU Electoral Mission in Paraguay Finds Room for Improvement
 4/21/2018   Final Polling Stations Receive Election Materials ahead of Paraguay Election
 4/17/2018   Costa Rican Ex-President Leads OAS Election Observers in Paraguay
 4/12/2018   Presidential Challenger Says Paraguay Needs Genuine Rule of Law
 4/11/2018   Paraguay Presidential Hopeful Signs Pro-Life Pledge
 4/24/2018   Peruvian President Says Rise in Poverty Is Unacceptable
 4/15/2018   Peru Deems Americas Summit a Success despite Absence of Trump, Maduro
 4/12/2018   Peru President Urges Businesses to Help Boost Development, Fight Corruption
 4/10/2018   Peru Court Postpones Consideration of Ex-President’s Bid to Get Out of Jail
 3/27/2018   China Hopes to Bolster Cooperation with Peru after Change of President
 4/24/2018   BBVA Seeks to Encourage Uruguay’s Fintech Sector
 4/20/2018   Uruguay Showcases Investment Potential at America Business Forum
 4/11/2018   Iranian and Uruguayan Business Sectors Strengthen Ties in Montevideo
 4/4/2018   Uruguay, UAE Sign Agreement on Free Movement of Citizens
 3/30/2018   Uruguay Headed for a Historic Year in Tourism
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 4/17/2018   Messi, Neymar Leading Campaign for School Lunches in Latin America
 4/17/2018   IMF Expects Latin America to Grow 2%, Boosted by Recovery in Brazil
 4/13/2018   Ivanka Trump Announces $150 Million for Female Entrepreneurship in Latin America
 4/12/2018   Cuban Government Supporters Boycott Civil Society Meeting in Lima
 4/12/2018   Uruguay Hosts Velas LatinAmerica 2018 Regatta
 4/26/2018   US to Retain Legal Aid Program for Undocumented Migrants
 4/26/2018   Macron Believes Trump Will Scrap Iran Nuclear Deal
 4/25/2018   California Nabs Suspect in Serial Killings
 4/25/2018   Macron Warns against Isolationism, Trade Wars in Speech to US Congress
 4/25/2018   Protesters Urge Supreme Court to Strike Down Trump Travel Ban
  World (Click here for more)
 4/26/2018   Seoul, Washington to Halt Military Drills on Day of Inter-Korean Summit
 4/26/2018   Offenses Involving Knives, Sharp Instruments Up 22% in UK
 4/26/2018   Philippines Confident of Resolving Diplomatic Crisis with Kuwait
 4/26/2018   At Least 13 Children Killed as School Bus Collides with Train in India
 4/26/2018   Philippines Closes Boracay Island for 6 Months
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 4/26/2018   UK Car Production Falls as Overseas Demand Declines
 4/26/2018   Sales of Galaxy S9, Memory Chips Help Samsung Post Record Profit
 4/26/2018   Australia Fines Ford $7.6 Million over Complaints Handling
 4/26/2018   Samsung Net Profit Rises 52.11% in Q1
 4/25/2018   South Africa’s Ramaphosa Faces 1st General Strike
  Oil & Energy (Click here for more)
 4/26/2018   OPEC Crude Basket Drops under $71
 4/25/2018   US Crude Stocks Rise by 2.2 Million Barrels
 4/25/2018   18 Dead, 41 Injured in Oil Well Fire in Indonesia
 4/25/2018   Japan’s Justice Ministry Opens Probe into Kobe Steel Data Tampering
 4/25/2018   OPEC Crude Basket Rises over $71
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 4/23/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Cuba and the Impossible Task of Miguel Díaz-Canel
 4/23/2018   Beatrice Rangel: Heck of a Lady, Barbara Bush!
 4/16/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Colombia's FARC are Caught Red-Handed
 4/16/2018   Beatrice Rangel: The End of Hemispheric Summitry
 4/8/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Brazil and the Globalization of the Fight Against Corruption
  Sports (Click here for more)
 4/26/2018   Messi Can Trademark His Name for Sports Brand, EU Court Rules
 4/26/2018   Thunder Avoid Elimination as Westbrook Scores 45 Points
 4/26/2018   James Saves Cavaliers, Puts Them One Win Away from Semifinal
 4/26/2018   Lucas Trejo Takes Monagas to 1-0 Victory over Defensor Sporting
 4/26/2018   Palmeiras Defeats Boca 2-0, Advance to Round of 16
  Arts & Entertainment
 4/26/2018   Surfing and Beach Fashion Rocks Sao Paulo Fashion Week
 4/26/2018   Peru’s Annual Fashion and Design Fair Opens in Lima
 4/25/2018   Oliver Stone Denounces US Middle East Policy during Visit to Iran
 4/25/2018   Baroque Music Revives in Bolivia’s Chiquitania
 4/25/2018   Lifelike Dinosaurs Set to Perform in Japanese Capital
  Science, Nature & Technology
 4/25/2018   Arizona Park Uses Microchips to Deter Cactus Thieves
 4/25/2018   Noise Pollution, a Threat to City Birds
 4/25/2018   EU Outlines $24-Billion Investment to Bolster AI, Robotics by 2020
 4/25/2018   Inuka, the Only Polar Bear Born in the Tropics, Dies in Singapore Zoo
 4/25/2018   China Plans to Launch Group of New Space Satellites around 2020
  Society (Click here for more)
 4/25/2018   Young UK Royals Attend Anzac Memorial in London
 4/24/2018   Gun Salutes around the World Greet Arrival of UK Queen’s 6th Great-Grandson
 4/24/2018   Felipe VI of Spain Awards King of Spain International Journalism Prizes
 4/23/2018   World Gets 1st Glimpse of UK Royal Baby
 4/23/2018   Jailed Egyptian Photojournalist Receives UN World Press Freedom Prize
  Job Openings in the Americas
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands

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