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  Top Story
Hunger Increases for Third Straight Year in Latin America
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization said the hunger has affected 39.3 million people or 6.1 percent of the population in Latin America and the Caribbean...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 11/16/2018   Venezuela Crisis: 576 Failed Government Monopolies
 11/15/2018   TalCual: A Consultation to Save the Venezuelan Constitution
 11/13/2018   TalCual: Hyperinflation, Political Change in Venezuela
 11/12/2018   TalCual: Hunger, Insanity in Venezuela
 11/12/2018   Venezuela Oil Price Falls for 6th Straight Week
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 11/16/2018   Outbreak of Violence Seems Imminent on Colombian Pacific
 11/15/2018   Colombian Students, Workers, Indigenous People Mount Protests
 11/13/2018   Allure of Cocaine Stronger Than Fear of It on Pacific Coast of Colombia
 11/7/2018   Colombian Authorities Intercept Shipment of Poisonous Frogs
 11/2/2018   Explosion Rocks Prosecutorís Office in Colombiaís Third City
 11/18/2018   Mexican Drug Lord Hector Beltran Leyva Dies
 11/18/2018   Anti-Migrant Protest in Tijuana
 11/18/2018   ďAnti-MonumentsĒ Commemorating Tragedies Flourish in Mexico City
 11/16/2018   Authorities in Northern Mexico Declare Zero Tolerance for Migrants
 11/15/2018   Mexican Government Urges Migrants to Avoid Violence on US-Mexico Border
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 11/18/2018   Sculpture Donated by Pope Unveiled in Rio de Janeiro
 11/16/2018   Brazilís Economic Activity Expands 1.14% in First 9 Months of 2018
 11/14/2018   Temer Inaugurates Sirius Accelerator, Brazilís Biggest Science Complex
 11/13/2018   Brazil President-Elect Names Army Reserve General as Defense Minister
 11/12/2018   Bolsonaro Taps Economic Technocrat to Head Brazil Development Bank
 11/17/2018   Argentine Government Admits It Lacks the Means to Refloat Sunken Submarine
 11/17/2018   Families of Missing Crew Shocked after Argentina Finds Submarine
 11/17/2018   Argentinaís Missing Submarine ARA San Juan Found
 11/14/2018   Argentine Senate Starts Debating Budget Bill
 11/8/2018   China, Argentina to Sign 30 Pacts during Xiís Visit to Buenos Aires
 11/12/2018   Spain Pledges $28 Million a Year in Aid to Bolivia
 11/9/2018   Sculptors Honor Bolivian Colonial-Era Rebel Tupac Katari
 11/9/2018   Black-Market Gun Deal in Bolivia Turns Violent
 11/9/2018   Celebrity Skulls End Celebrations for the Dead in Bolivia
 11/8/2018   Scores of 12th-Century Funerary Bundles Discovered in Bolivia
 11/18/2018   Thousands Turn Out in Dominican Republic to Protest Decriminalization of Abortion
 11/15/2018   Guyanaís President Diagnosed with Cancer
 11/12/2018   Dominican Republic, Uruguay Sign Accords on Economy, Air Travel, Migration
 11/12/2018   Venerable Dominican, Spanish Universities to Collaborate
 11/9/2018   Six Hurt as Jetliner Makes Emergency Landing in Guyana
  Central America
 11/16/2018   New Zealand Police, Customs Seize 190 Kilos of Cocaine on Ship from Panama
 11/14/2018   More Than 7,000 Hondurans Have Returned Home after Abandoning Migrant Caravan
 11/11/2018   LGBT Migrants from First Central American Caravan Arrive in Tijuana
 11/9/2018   More Than 2,000 Migrants from Central American Caravan Leave Mexico City Headed North
 11/7/2018   Varela Says Shanghai Expo Should Include Family-Run Businesses
 11/15/2018   Chileans Given 2-Year Jail Term in Malaysia after Deal with Prosecutors
 11/14/2018   Chile Prosecutors Question Bishop Accused of Concealing Sexual Abuse
 11/14/2018   Chilean President Attends ASEAN Summit in Singapore
 11/14/2018   Malaysia Offers Reduced Murder Charges against Chilean Tourists
 11/13/2018   Probation for Chilean General in Pinochet-Era Murders Spurs Protest
 11/16/2018   Cuban Capital to Host Classic Car Show
 11/14/2018   Bolsonaroís Threats Prompt Cuba to Pull Out of Brazil Doctorsí Program
 11/11/2018   Cuba, Laos Sign Agreements on Economic Cooperation, Sports
 11/10/2018   Cuba President Visits Cu Chi Tunnels on Last Day in Vietnam
 11/9/2018   Cuban President Meets Vietnamese Counterpart, Seeks to Boost Ties
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 11/14/2018   Spain, Ecuador Cooperate on Counter-Terrorism
 11/11/2018   Quito Seeking Mexico, Chile Trade Pacts to Finalize Pacific Alliance Entry
 11/7/2018   Supporters of Jailed Ecuador VP Ask UN to Intervene
 11/2/2018   Ecuador Celebrates Day of Dead with Purple Drink, Bread Babies
 10/26/2018   Presidents of Ecuador, Peru Inaugurate 12th Binational Cabinet
 11/13/2018   Paraguay Probes Murder of Drug Lordís Attorney
 11/12/2018   Paraguay Floods Force 6,000 Families from Their Homes
 11/8/2018   Paraguayís Senate Honors Man Who Battled Stroessner Regime
 11/6/2018   Paraguayan Ministry Sets 2023 Deadline for Providing Homes for Flood Victims
 11/5/2018   Paraguay Analyzes Prisonersí Living Conditions to Improve Their Lives
 11/18/2018   Peruís Ex-President Garcia Requests Asylum in Uruguay
 11/15/2018   Peruís Alan Garcia Reports for Questioning in Corruption Case
 11/14/2018   Spainís King Backs Less Polluting Fuels in Peru
 11/14/2018   Felipe VI Meets Compatriots on Second Day of State Visit to Peru
 11/13/2018   Felipe VI Urges Closer Relations with Peru: Together We Are More and Better
 11/12/2018   Mining Community Named Uruguayís Tourist Town of 2018
 11/6/2018   Uruguay Honors Poles for Their Contribution to Culture
 11/5/2018   Uruguay, China Celebrate 5 Years of Belt and Road
 11/2/2018   Uruguay Authorities Say No Serious Injuries in Prison Riot
 10/31/2018   EU Honors Uruguayan Foundation That Cares for At-Risk Infants
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 11/16/2018   Ibero-American Heads of State Begin Summit in Guatemala amid Migrant Crisis
 11/6/2018   Andean Nations Weigh Joint Procurement of Prescription Drugs
 11/6/2018   Latin America Turns to Sustainable Ranching in Face of Climate Change
 11/1/2018   Trump to Keep Pressure on Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua
 10/22/2018   Americas Media Group Approves Declaration on Press Freedom in Digital Era
 11/18/2018   Democrat Nelson Concedes Florida Senate Race to GOPís Scott
 11/18/2018   Trump: I Didnít Know Interim Attorney General Had Criticized Russia Probe
 11/18/2018   Trump Says Heís Weighing Up to 5 Staffing Changes, but May Make Only 2
 11/18/2018   Trump Says He Has No Need to Hear Audio of Khashoggiís Killing
 11/18/2018   San Diego Calm despite Thousands of Impatient Migrants in Tijuana
  World (Click here for more)
 11/18/2018   French Drivers Spark Broad Protest against Macron
 11/18/2018   Feminist Activists Interrupt Far-Right Memorial for Late Spanish Dictator
 11/18/2018   Franceís Macron: Strong, Sovereign EU Needed to Prevent Global Chaos
 11/18/2018   Israeli PM Thanks US for Voting against UNís Golan Heights Resolution
 11/18/2018   Germany Remembers Victims of War, Oppression on National Day of Mourning
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 11/18/2018   European Governmentís Bewildered by UKís Brexit Turmoil
 11/18/2018   May to Continue Negotiations on UKís EU Exit in Brussels
 11/18/2018   Bangladeshi Nobel Laureate Yunus Advocates Female Economic Emancipation
 11/18/2018   APEC Summit Ends without Joint Statement over China, US Division
 11/17/2018   The Outlook: UKís Window into a Less Globalized Economy
  Oil, Mining & Energy (Click here for more)
 11/18/2018   US, Allies Commit to Boosting Papua New Guineaís Power Grid
 11/16/2018   Growth Worries Threaten Copperís Luster
 11/16/2018   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $65.28
 11/14/2018   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $67.01
 11/14/2018   New Zealand Attempts to Recover Remains of 29 Miners, 8 Years after Disaster
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 11/18/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: A European Army or the Beginning of a New Era
 11/18/2018   Beatrice Rangel: The Lessons from the Armistice
 11/12/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: The Elections, Trump and the Sexes
 11/12/2018   Beatrice Rangel: The Rise of the Mafia State
 11/4/2018   Michael Rowan: A Solution for Terrorism and Populism
  Sports (Click here for more)
 11/18/2018   Cubaís Jaen, Castillo Win Marabana Marathon, Actor Will Smith Runs Half-Race
 11/18/2018   Spainís Brais Mendez Debuts with Tally for 1-0 Win vs. Bosnia Herzegovina
 11/18/2018   Swiss Pound Belgium 5-2 to Advance in Nations League
 11/18/2018   Zverev Upends Djokovic to Win ATP Finals Crown
 11/18/2018   Spanish Town of Cheste Hosts First 2019 Pre-Season MotoGP Training Runs
  Arts & Entertainment
 11/18/2018   Barack Obama Makes Cameo Appearance at Michelleís Book Promo
 11/18/2018   Former Serbian Jewel-Thief Pens Memoirs about Pink Panthers Criminal Gang
 11/17/2018   Pampered Pups Gather in Poland for International Dog Show
 11/16/2018   Michael Moore, Matt Dillon among Big Names for Havana Film Fest
 11/16/2018   Zara Heiress Weds Son of Argentine Fashion Designer in Private Ceremony
  Science, Nature & Technology
 11/18/2018   Astronomers Find Relationship between Colliding Galaxies, Black Holes
 11/16/2018   Giant Postcard in Swiss Alps Sends Message against Climate Change
 11/16/2018   Science Revises System of Units; Kilo Gets a Modern Measurement Makeover
 11/15/2018   Chilean Scientist Creates Photosynthetic Skin
 11/15/2018   Activists Urge South Korea to Stop Dumping Waste in Philippines
  Society (Click here for more)
 11/14/2018   Prince Charles Celebrates 70th Birthday Surrounded by Family, Friends
 11/4/2018   Conmebol Rejects Gremioís Libertadores Complaint, Suspends Gallardo for 4 Matches
 10/31/2018   Princess Leonorís 1st Public Words: Spain is a Parliamentary Monarchy
 10/31/2018   Duke and Duchess Bid Farewell to New Zealand in Maori Language
 10/30/2018   Prince William, Catherine Visit Members of UK Vocational Sports Initiative
  Job Openings in the Americas
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands

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